The Ultimate Zomei Z699C Review!

With more and more people getting involved in photography, videography, vlogging, streaming, and social media influencing, we have noticed more and more people reaching out for budget-friendly tripods that offer great performance for their price tag. In addition to this, we have noticed more and more people reaching out for a dedicated Zomei z699c review over the last few months too so we have decided to kill two birds with one stone as we feel that the Zomei z699c is an excellent little budget-friendly tripod that offers intermediate-level performance without you having to break the bank.

Since its release onto the market, the Zomei z699c has gone from strength to strength amongst the community and shows no signs of its growth slowing down anytime soon. Although a few years back, people would instantly discount the Zomei tripod range due to its low price tag, the word has since got out that they offer solid performance for the lowest possible price tag and that they are not another low-quality low price tripod brand. We feel that this is the main reason that their range of tripods is seeing more and more growth with each passing month and why tripods like the Zomei z699c are leaving the compeating tripods in this price point for dust.

Although the Zomei z699c offers some solid levels of image stabilization and decent general-purpose performance, its main selling point is the versatility the tripod offers in our opinion. Zomei has done a great job of making sure that the z699c pretty much has you covered for any task you may have and that you can use the tripod in any niche or situation that you may find yourself in when capturing your content. This has enabled the z699c to grow one of the best reputations amongst the entry-level tripods and ensured that the z699c has cemented its customer base for years to come.

We have no doubt that adding the z699c to your collection of camera accessories will help to improve the levels of image quality that you can capture due to the image stabilization offered by the tripod. If you are involved in a niche where you have to travel around on a regular basis than the small, light travel tripod design and build of the Zomei z699c works in your favor making it the obvious option too. We will not be taking a more in-depth look at the Zomei z699c and what it has to offer you as well as why we feel that it is the best tripod in its price bracket by a long shot.

Performance And Functionality

Time was that anything close to the one hundred dollar price point in the tripod market would be a total waste of time for anyone doing any type of paid, professional-level work in photography or videography but thankfully, times have definitely changed. Zomei, in particular, have built their whole brand around offering the very best tripod possible with the lowest possible price tag and is the main reason that the z699c and the rest of their tripod range are dominating right now.

Another thing that they have managed to take advantage of is various developments in metal alloys that some compeating brands have not used. The Zomei z699c is predominantly made from an aluminum and magnesium alloy that allows the tripod to be as light as possible while also being very strong and robust at the same time. This allows the z699c to easily support camera loads of up to an including thirty-three pounds of total camera payload weight without issue. This is one of the highest maximum load capacities available of all entry-level price point tripods on the market right now ensuring that you are able to mount some of the heavier camera rigs to the Zomei z699c without issue if needed.

The Zomei z699c also offers users a great operating range from just under fourteen inches up sixty inches while still supporting the full maximum load capacity of the tripod without any fluctuation depending on the height you are using it at. This is another advantage that the z699c has over some of the compeating tripods that will specifically say that the maximum load capacity can drop when using the tripod over a certain height. This allows you to get your camera as low as needed for some excellent macro photography shots while also being able to use it at eye level if needed too ensuring you get the excellent image stabilization it offers at all times.

The Zomei z699c can also support longer, heavier telephoto lenses with your camera body too scoring it some additional points over the compeating lenses on the market. This is due to the long-reaching legs on the tripod that allow you to spread the total weight of your camera rig and balance it as required to keep the center of gravity of the tripod true with ease. This just adds to the already impressive versatility that the tripod offers you as it allows you to use it effectively in a large number of niches with lenses that other tripods on this price range can struggle with.

The Zomei z699c also features a fully detachable leg that offers full monopod functionality too allowing you to reduce the size and weight of your camera accessories if required but still offer you some solid image stabilization. If you are planning to go off and hike to a remote location through rough terrain then this is a great feature as it can help reduce the size and weight of what you have to carry yet still offer some solid image quality via using the monopod to mount your camera once at your destination.

This all comes together with the low price point of the Zomei z699c to offer you one of the best budget-friendly tripods ever made in our opinion. The z699c can easily compete with some of the older higher price point tripods on the market right now without having the price tag they have. This is due to Zomei taking advantage of modern technology to ensure that their customers get the very best product at the lowest possible price.

It is easy to see why the z699c has proven to be such a popular product amongst the photography, videography, vlogging, streaming, and social media influencing communities too and still sees exponential growth in its core customer base. This is why so many of the people who use the tripod have chosen to publish their own independent reviews of the tripod. In our opinion, skimming over those for the external, third-party insight that they offer is well worth your time and effort as they cover pretty much every niche and situation that you may ever have to use your Zomei z699c in and offer some valuable insight into the performance of the tripod too.

User Interface And Control System

Zomei has ensured that everything on the z699c is as straight forward and easy to use as possible as the vast majority of the target market for the tripod will be entry-level photographers and videographers. Zomei has done everything they can to make sure that even if you have never used a tripod previously, you will easily be able to set the z699c up and get the most out of it without having to even look at the user manual that comes with the tripod. We are confident that the vast majority of our readers will easily be able to take the Zomei z699c out of its box once delivered and set it up within minutes and be ready to go and capture your content.

As the tripod uses the standard quarter-inch mounting thread, you can mount an aftermarket panhandle tripod head if you wish for improved panoramic photography or slow pan videography. The standard ball head that comes included with the Zomei z699c is great relative to its price point and offers some solid performance for the vast majority of photography and videography niches though and is very easy to use.

The included quick-release plates with the Zomei z699c are solid and allow you to quickly and easily mount or unmount your camera body of choice within seconds if needed. Depending on the photography and videography niche that you are working in, this can end up saving you an absolute ton of time over the course of a photography or videography session. The system uses the standard Manfrotto design and allows you to go from handheld photography or videography to tripod within seconds.

The twist-lock leg locks on the Zomei z699c perform very well and although traditionally the vast majority of the twist-lock systems on the market would offer a slightly lower quality of stability over the flip-lock systems. That said though, the newer twist-lock design like the one on the z699c offers a solid lock once established while also offering you the speed and ease of use that the twist-lock system has always offered you.

Unlike the vast majority of other entry-level tripod brands on the market right now, Zomei has actually sat down during the design process of the z699c and ensured that they put the bubble level in a location that is easy to see even once your camera body is mounted to the tripod. So many of the other budget-friendly tripods on the market put their bubble level in a location that can be difficult to read once you mount your camera to your tripod but with the Zomei z699c, you can quickly and easily glance down to see if your tripod and camera rig is level or not without having to waste time.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to the design of the Zomei z699c, they have tried to make the z699c as travel tripod friendly as possible by keeping the design as small and compact as possible with a build that is very lightweight for the maximum load capacity that the tripod can support while offering you the best levels of image stabilization possible. That said though, other than making everything smaller and more compact, there really is not much different about the actual design of the Zomei z699c.

When it comes to the actual build quality of the Zomei z699c they have blown it out of the water in our opinion. The tripod is available in the cheaper and more popular aluminum/magnesium alloy variant as well as the less popular carbon fiber variant that has a slightly higher price tag. Now, although both of the variants are great, we would recommend that our readers go with the aluminum variant of the tripod.

The carbon fiber variant of the tripod comes in at around double the price of the aluminum Zomei z699c but the majority of people will be upgrading to something like the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 when they want a long term carbon fiber tripod. Although the Zomei z699c is a solid addition to your camera accessories, chances are, in three years or so you will be wanting something like the MT055CXPRO3 so there is no need to go with the carbon fiber variant of the Zomei z699c in our opinion.

The Zomei z699c also has a solid counter weight hook at the base of its central column to allow you to mount additional weight to your tripod when using it outside. If you are working outside in windy conditions then this is a godsend and can help prevent your tripod from accidentally blowing over during use by adding additional counterweights to the counterweight hook on the tripod.

The rubber feet at the base of the three legs on the Zomei z699c are solid too and help keep it stabilible when using it on slippy or wet surfaces too. So many of the entry-level, budget-friendly tripod on the market right now just use plastic feet that offer no real benefit but the rubber feet on the z699c are pretty solid in all fairness to them.

Our Verdict

That brings our ultimate Zomei z699c review to an end and we hope that our article has been able to help any of our readers who are looking for a great, cheap tripod that offers solid image stabilization allowing you to capture the best image quality possible for your content. We are confident that adding the Zomei z699c to your collection of camera accessories will be a solid investment in your gear and serve you well in the vast majority of niches and situations that you may find yourself in.

As we touched on earlier in the article, there are an absolute ton of independent reviews from third-party photographers and videographers online for the Zomei z699c that you can read if you wish too. In our opinion, taking a few minutes to at least skim over a few of them is well worth the time and effort as they offer excellent insight into just how well the Zomei z699c performs and the levels of image stabilization that the tripod is able to provide for you.