The Ultimate Zomei Q555 Review!

At the time of writing, the entry-level, budget-friendly, travel tripod space is an absolute minefield having been filled with low quality, overpriced products that are not worth your time or money. With more and more people getting involved in travel vlogging, videographer, photographer, or being a social media influencer, the market for a cheap travel tripod is increasing exponentially and we are seeing more and more people reaching out for assistance with each passing month.

Thankfully though, there is hope amongst all of the chaos with a few gems among the rough. Due to seeing so many people reaching out for advice on the best entry-level tripod as well as a large number of people asking for a dedicated Zomei q555 review we have decided to kill two birds with one stone and publish today’s article. In our opinion, the Zomei q555 is the best entry-level travel tripod on the market right now by a long shot and should be your primary consideration overall current compeating tripods.

The Zomei brand is constantly going from strength to strength and similar to how the big brother to the q555, the Zomei z699c is dominating the market in the one hundred to two hundred dollar tripod price bracket, the Zomei q555 is absolutely dominating the market in the sub-one hundred dollar market place. The excellent image stabilization helping to improve your image quality and low price tag make it a low brainer and an absolute ton of photographers and videographers have added the q555 to their collection of camera accessories.

As you can probably guess for a tripod with such a large number of people using it, the q555 has also managed to quickly earn itself a great reputation amongst the community that just keeps on getting stronger with each passing month. After seeing so many compeating brands release low-quality tripods to try and challenge the dominance of the q555 over the last year or so, we doubt that anyone is going to be able to knock it off the top spot any time soon either.

This is why we are confident in recommending the Zomei q555 to our readers for anyone on a tight budget who is looking to add a great, cheap, travel tripod to their camera accessories. The versatility of the tripod makes it a great option for the vast majority of niches and situations you will likley find yourself in and we will not be taking a more in-depth look at the q555 and what it has to offer you throughout the rest of the article.

Performance And Functionality

One of the main advantages that the Zomei q555 enjoys over the majority of the compeating entry-level travel camera tripods on the market right now is that it has an absolutely massive maximum load capacity for its size and price. The q555 is easily able to support camera payloads of just under eighteen pounds of total camera payload weight with ease. This ensures that it can be a solid addition to your camera accessories if you use a heavy DSLR camera setup.

On top of this, the design, construction, and massive load capacity of the tripod also ensure that you are free to use a longer and heavier lens with your camera body of choice if needed too. Another common problem with many of the smaller and lighter camera tripods in this price point is that they can have issues with their center of gravity if you mount a longer lens to them. Thankfully, Zomei has been quick to weed this out on the q555 from the very start allowing you to use any lens you require with the tripod without issue.

The q555 also offers a working height ranging from just under twenty-three inches to just under sixty-three inches. This keeps the tripod ideal for any low angle photographs or video footage that you require while also ensuring that it has a great maximum height for any eye-level work you require without the tripod itself being large, bulky, or heavy either.

Although this will depend on the niche that you are working in and what you actually need your Zomei q555 for but the included ball head with the tripod is surprisingly good quality for its price tag too. It offers a full three hundred and sixty-degree rotation that is ideal for a ton of work. That said though, it can be a little difficult to do any slow pan video or panoramic photography with the included head. If you will be panning on a regular basis then purchasing a cheap pan head to use with the tripod can be a great investment but is far from essential for most people.

The three legs on the q555 are all individually adjustable allowing you to set them as required at 25, 50, or 80-degree angles to ensure that you always get a solid, firm position for your tripod to stabilizer your camera body. This is also ideal for niches such as macro photography where you will be wanting to warp your tripod into some unique positions to get your camera lens up close and personal to the subject of your photographs or videos too. The legs can also be fully inverted and fold back up to one hundred and eighty degrees when the tripod is not in use too making it much easier to store for travel.

Unlike the vast majority of the compeating entry-level tripods on the market right now, the Zomei q555 also offers a fully invertible center column to allow you to get the absolute best image quality from your low angle photography with ease. This is one of the areas where the competition definatley struggle so if you are planning on doing a bunch of low angle work on a regular basis then this can be a godsend.

With so many of the features that the Zomei q555 offers as standard not being available on the compeating tripods in this price range, it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular options and dominates the sub-one hundred dollar price bracket. On top of this, many of the photographers, videographers vloggers, and social media influencers who use the q555 have published their independent reviews that you can read or skim over.

If you do have the time available, taking advantage of those independent insights into the performance of the q555 can definatley be worth the time investment in our opinion. As they have been left by external users of the tripod they offer a unique opinion from people sharing their experiences with the tripod in pretty much every single niche that you can think of.

User Interface And Control System

Zomei has done a great job of taking the constructive feedback onboard from their earlier generations of entry-level tripods that had a complicated user interface. The new streamlined system that Zomei uses on the q555 is very straight forward and stresses ease of use while offering maximum functionality.  This means that even if you are brand new to using a tripod the system on the q555 will be very easy to learn and not need to you to waste a bunch of time going through the user manual.

As we touched on earlier in the article, the included head with the q555 is great for the price point offering surprising quality and performance. On top of this, the system on the head makes it very easy and straight forward to actually balance your camera rig as required when mounting it to your tripod. This allows you get your kit set up in the shortest possible timeframe making it ideal for work where you will be moving around between various locations on a regular basis throughout the day.

Another advantage of the Zomei q555 is the bubble level location on the ball head, Zomei has actually thought about the location of where they wanted to put the bubble level rather than just put it in any random location. This is a common issue with cheaper tripods and once you have a bulky camera rig mounted to the tripod they can often cover the bubble level. This can make it a total pain to let you quickly glance down and check that your tripod and camera rig are level. With the bubble level on the Zomei q555 having been placed in an easy to see location, this is not a problem and a quick glance will let you know if your rig is level or not.

The Zomei q555 also uses the flip-lock leg locking system as standard too rather than the twist-lock system. Although the twist-lock system does tend to be quicker, the simple locking system on it on the cheaper, entry-level tripods can have issues with actually keep its lock in place. This is why we prefer the flip-lock system on the cheaper tripods as it gives you the confidence that your legs are actually locked in place and that your tripod will be able to support the weight of your camera setup.

The final point that we want to make when it comes to the user interface system for the Zomei q555 is that its quick release plate system is the same that most tripods use that implement the Manfrotto design quick release plates. This means that you are able to switch your camera set up between your Zomei q555 and a gimbal or just regular handhold use within seconds without wasting time. Another great thing about the Zomei quick release plate system is that spare plates are readily available and easy to source if required too.

Build Quality And Design

The Zomei q555 follows the standard travel tripod design to ensure that it requires as little space as possible while also offering the best possible image stabilization that you can get for the price. The q555 is also made from an Aluminum and Magnesium alloy that keeps it as light as possible while also ensuring that it is as robust and tough as possible. This ensures that if you are traveling around on a regular basis this helps give you peace of mind that the q555 can take all the bumps and knocks coming its way while in your bag moving around.

The base of the central column on the Zomei q555 also has a counterweight hook as standard to allow you to hang heavyweight from the base of the tripod in heavy wind when working outside. This ensures that you can still get out and about even in heavy wind and add that adds stability to the tripod by hanging your backpack from the counterweight hook to prevent it from accidentally blowing over and keeping your camera rig safe.

The final point that we want to make about the build quality of the Zomei q555 is that it comes with rubber feet as standard on the base of each of its three legs. Although you may think that this is the industry standard, many of the tripods in the sub-one hundred dollar price bracket still use plastic feet that can end up slipping and compromising stability when using your kit on slippy surfaces. The rubber feet on the q555 really help to minimize the effects of this and ensure that you are getting the best possible image stabilization no matter where you are using your camera and tripod.

Our Verdict

That brings our ultimate Zomei q555 review to a close and as you can probably guess, we are big fans of the Zomei Q555 and feel that it is a great, cheap tripod that can help to improve the image quality that you can capture with its image stabilization. Adding the q555 to your camera accessories can be a solid investment for any entry-level photographer or videographer who is looking to purchase a solid travel tripod.

Although we touched on it earlier in the article, we would also like to quickly remind our readers that there are a large number of independent reviews of the Zomei q555 online that you can read if you wish. They have all been published by third-party independent photographers, videographers, vloggers, and social media influencers sharing their experiences of using the q555 and can help you see just how much of a bargain the q555 presents.