The Best Yongnuo Flash For Nikon Cameras!

Although Canon and Sony are currently outselling them at the time of writing with their sales lead increasing month on month, Nikon still has an excellent reputation and massive core customer base made up of photographers and videographers. Although the sales of the Nikon camera range are decreasing, we doubt that they are going to disappear fully anytime soon and we always see people reaching out and asking for advice on different camera accessories for camera from the Nikon range.

Although usually for specific camera bodies, one of the more frequent questions that we have seen people asking is based around the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras. As our regular readers will probably know, we are actually massive fans of both the Yongnuo and Godox camera ranges and feel they don’t get the credit they deserve. They offer some excellent, budget-friendly flash units that offer some solid performance and can definitely help to improve your flash photography image quality.

Although it would depend on the niche you are working in as well as the type of flash photography you are actually doing, in our opinion, the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras is definitely the Yongnuo yn560 iv. It is an excellent little flash unit that offers tons of versatility due to its feature list and offers some of the best flash photography image quality you are going to get from the Yongnuo. On top of that, its less than one-hundred dollars while also being able to compete with some flash units almost double its price too.

Due to this, the Yongnuo yn560 iv and its older variants have managed to become one of the most popular flash units on the market right now seeing strong customer growth with each passing month. The yn560 iv has also managed to earn itself one of the best reputations for a camera flash unit that we have ever seen too. With the low price and great performance, we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon so we are confident in recommending that our readers add the Yongnuo yn560 iv to their collection of camera accessories.

As the Yongnuo yn560 iv is our primary flash unit recommendation for our readers from the Yongnuo, we will not be taking a more in-depth look at the yn560 iv and what is has to offer you and your Nikon camera body of choice. Although there are a few other solid flash units in the Yongnuo range, we feel they are either price too highly or lack the large amount of versatility that the yn560 iv offers to knock it off our top spot and prevent it from becoming our primary recommendation.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

As we mentioned above, the Yongnuo yn560 iv is the latest variation of their extremely popular yn560 range of external camera flashes and comes with all of the latest technology. This results in the absolute best flash photography performance available for the price point of the yn560 iv and ensures that you are getting the best image quality possible without breaking the bank. Yongnuo has packed the yn560 iv full of little features to achieve this, some of which are usually only found on the higher price point combating flash units too.

The flash unit fully supports manual mode, multi-mode, slave 1, and slave 2 operations while also coming with the Yongnuo 2.4g wireless technology allowing you to easily add the yn560 iv to a multi-flash setup if required. The yn560 iv is fully compatible with all of the wireless flash triggers on the market from Yongnuo but it is also compatible with a large number of wireless flash triggers from compeating brands too such as Godox and Neewer. This allows you to create a multi-flash set up in your studio or as part of your flash photography rig without you being tied down to one single brand of flash while supporting sixteen wireless channels.

The yn560 iv operates at GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm making it ideal for the vast majority of flash photography sub-niches right out of the box without the need for any customization at all. The flash also fully supports both manual and automatic zoom mode too from 24mm up to 105mm and although this is a pretty standard range for this price point, the automatic zoom mode outperforms many of the compeating flash units. Although some of our readers may never actually need the automatic zoom mode on the flash, this is commonly a weak area in flash units at this price point but the Yongnuo yn560 iv comes with some solid automatic technology to help score it points over the compeating units on the market.

One of the only weak areas of the Yongnuo yn560 iv is that it uses a fixed flash recycle time of three seconds due to potentially having overheating issues when being used for longer periods of time with a shorter flash recycle time. This overheating issue has plagued everything from the original Yongnuo yn560 to the third variant but Yongnuo decided to just remove the variable flash recycle time for the fourth variant as a hard fix to stop the issues from happening.

We can definitely see why they have done this as the majority of these issues are actually down to the photographer using a high flash power output with a fast recycle time for long periods of time without letting the flash unit cool. Yongnuo specifically warns its users about this in the user manual so the easiest way to prevent it is to simply lock the flash recycle time to three seconds rather than let the user control it.

Now, we would imagine that three seconds will be fine for the vast majority of our readers but if you are wanting a flash unit with a variable flash recycle time then we would highly recommend the Godox tt350n. It offers a fully variable flash recycle time from 0.2 seconds up to 2.2 seconds due to the excellent overheating technology that Godox have developed. This feature alone is why we feel that the Godox tt350n is the best flash unit in this price point and beats the Yongnuo yn560 iv but we know that some people do prefer the Yongnuo brand and will not require a faster flash recycle time anyway.

Yongnuo has put some work in on the power consumption of the flash unit over the older variants of the yn560 range and you can now expect around two hundred flash activations out of the yn560 iv when using a set of fully charged, decent batteries. This is around average but still an improvement on what the yn560 iii offered as it seems to randomly spike and dip in power consumption resulting in a wide range of possible battery life possibilities.

If you are dead set on going with a flash unit from the Yongnuo range for your Nikon camera body then we hope it is clear that the performance of the yn560 iv pushes it to the front of the queue. We have no doubt in our mind that it will be able to help improve your flash photography performance and ensure that you are able to get the absolute best image quality possible during use. It is easy to see why so many photographers use the yn560 iv as well as why so many of them have chosen to publish their own glowing reviews of the flash unit too.

User Interface And Control System

The Yongnuo yn560 iv has the standard flash unit control system that the vast majority of entry-level flash units on the market use these days based around its LCD panel, a couple of buttons, and a directional pad to allow you to tweak the flash to get the performance that you require. Everything has been designed to be as simple, straight forward, and user friendly as possible to allow you to easily get to grips with the flash unit. If you are looking for your very first external flash unit then this makes the yn560 iv ideal as it lets you pretty much use the flash right out the box without you having to waste a whole bunch of time reading the user manual.

The buttons and directional pad on the flash unit as all solid and register your touch well, even in cold conditions where some other flash units on the market can struggle sometimes. This scores the yn560 iv some additional points to help make it your flash unit of choice and on top of this, the LCD panel has a solid backlight too ensuring that you can clearly see the display in low light conditions. Although you would think this would be a basic feature, some brands still use a low-quality backlight on their LCD panels making it an absolute pain to actually see the information on the screen.

The Yongnuo navigation system on their flashes has rightfully received some constructive criticism in the past as it was an absolute nightmare to use with key settings being in random locations causing you to waste time scrolling to them to make any changes. Thankfully, a few years back Yongnuo totally overhauled their navigation system well before the Yongnuo yn560 iv was released and its menu is very easy to navigate with the most commonly tweaked settings being closer to the start of their respective menus.

Although some flash units in the Yongnuo range have had issues with their power button before, the yn560 iv, as well as all of their other modern flash units, use their newer power button. This new system is much more responsive to touch and actually powers the flash unit down when pressed rather than leave you wondering if the flash will actually turn off or not. This was a common issue with some of their older flash units where you would press the power button to turn the flash off only for nothing to happen and to burn your batteries while your flash was in your bag.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to design, there really is not much left to innovate when it comes to flash units, there are the two sitting types, the solid unit and the head and body with the Yongnuo yn560 using the head and body design that we prefer. This design offers the advantage of being able to tilt and pan the head of your flash unit independently of your camera to let you bounce your flash unit as required. Although there are a very small number of niches where a solid unit where the head and body of the flash are fixed is a better option, the vast majority of niches will be better off with a head and body design.

Another area that lets the Yongnuo yn560 iv down compared to the Godox tt350n is the battery housing. The Yongnuo yn560 iv uses the two by two battery housing whereas the Godox tt350n uses the one by four housing helping to reduce heat transference between the batteries and prevent the flash unit from overheating. This is why the tt350n offers you a variable recycle time as it has a much lower heat transference rate helping the flash unit to dissipate heat quickly.

As the Yongnuo yn560 range has had issued with overheating with its older variants, we really don’t see why Yongnuo never implemented the one by four battery housing. It is a quick and easy way to help reduce the chances of the flash unit overheating and score points over the competition and we really thing that Yongnuo missed a trick with this. Although the yn560 iv does have some basic overheating protection, something this simple should definitely have been added as standard in this day and age.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best Yongnuo flash for Nikon cameras on the market right now. Although we would recommend that any of our readers go with the Godox tt350n instead due to it being a better over all flash unit at a very similar price point, if you are dead set on going with something from the Yongnuo range then the Yongnuo yn560 iv would be our recommendation.

The Yongnuo yn560 iv is definitely one of the best flash units from their range and we are confident that it will be able to help improve your flash photography image quality and make a solid addition to your camera accessories. In addition to that, there are a large number of independent reviews online that you can read for some third-party insight into its performance and what the flash unit can offer you too.