The Best Wide Angle Lens For Canon M50 Cameras!

With the Canon m50 seeing exponential growth in its core user base right now due to its low price point in the market and outstanding performance, we are constantly seeing large number of people reaching out and asking for advice on various camera accessories. With the m50 being a very popular camera body for both the photography and videography communities while also having an absolutely massive vlogger user base, we have seen more and more people asking about the best wide-angle lens for Canon m50 to ensure that users get the best possible image quality available without breaking the bank.

Now, with the Canon m50 being using the Canon EF-M mounting system, the native lens options for the camera are pretty limited right now but there is some solid hope in the Canon EF-M 11-22mm. It is a solid wide-angle lens that will mount directly to your Canon m50 and offer you some excellent wide-angle image quality for all of your photography, videography, and vlogging needs.

Since its release onto the market, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has gone from strength to strength amongst the Canon community and has managed to earn itself a great reputation that shows no signs of slowing down in growth any time soon. On top of this, a few popular vloggers have recently published gear videos on YouTube and confirmed that they use the Canon EF-M 11-22mm as their lens of choice so it has seen a sudden surge in growth over the last few weeks.

Now, that said, there are some non-native wide-angle lenses out there that are still pretty solid options but will require you to also use a EF-S to EF-M adapter to actually mount it to your Canon m50. If you are willing to use a non-native wide-angle lens with your Canon m50 via an adapter then we would recommend that our readers also check out the Canon EF-S 10-18mm as it is a solid little lens with great image quality.

That said though, in our opinion, the best wide-angle lens for Canon m50 owners on the market at the time of writing is definitely the Canon EF-M 11-22mm. Due to this, we will be taking a more in-depth look at the 11-22mm lens throughout the rest of the article and not mentioning the 10-18mm anymore. We want to go into why we feel it is the best option and try to help as many of our readers who own the m50 and looking for a wide-angle lens as possible so will be focusing on our primary recommendation only.

Performance And Functionality

One of the main advantages of the Canon EF-M 11-22mm over some of the other options on the market is that it offers outstanding performance for the Canon EF-M range of cameras ensuring that you are getting the absolute best wide-angle image quality possible. With the Canon m50 being such a popular camera body amongst the travel vlogging community, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm ensures that you are able to capture those epic wide-angle landscape vistas that you see on your journeys with ease.

The lens offers a solid sharp and crisp image quality to allow you to capture even the smallest of details during use too and offers some great performance as a general walk-around lens or for group photographs as well as any other wide-angle work that you may have. That said though, from what we can tell, the majority of people are using the Canon EF-M 11-22mm for landscape work and getting some excellent results with it.

If you are using your m50 for photography then the Canon EF-M 11-22mm offers some solid panoramic performance too as well as some solid slow pan video footage image quality for the videographers too. With social media becoming more and more important for any photography, videography, vlogging or social media influenced business, the 11-22mm offers you epic photography to share with your followers to keep your engagement high.

The variable focal length of 11-22mm is perfect for any wide-angle niche with the Canon m50 offering some solid versatility too. We have seen the lens used to capture some great looking street photographs of people out and about on their travels as well as some solid architectural photographs too. We feel that it is safe to say that no matter what you are planning to be doing with your m50, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has you covered and should easily be able to meet your needs.

Although we have seen a few people comment on the low light performance of the lens due to it having a f/4–5.6 aperture, in all fairness, it really is not bad. Although it won’t be usable for something like astrophotography, we are confident in saying that the aperture range on the lens should easily be enough to meet the needs of our readers who use the m50 as their go-to camera body of choice.

Although not its primary purpose due to its wide-angle field of vide coming in at 102°10’–63°30′ we have seen some interesting portrait photographs captured with the lens but there are many better options on the market for portraits. The portraits are usually foreshortened sure to the field of view but the lens does offer some solid bokeh manipulation to get that nice blurry background to naturally draw the eye to the subject of your photograph if required.

The autofocus system on the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is the Canon focus adjustment system that is solid and ideal for both photography and videography. Although some of the older systems were perfect for photographs, their autofocus adjustment clicks could often be picked up by the on-camera microphones and contaminate your video work. This is not the case with the Canon EF-M 11-22mm and the Canon m50 onboard microphone or any mounted external microphone should not pick its adjustments up.

Although the lens does have a solid intermediate-level price tag, it offers some solid professional-level performance and gets you the best possible image quality available for anyone on a budget wanting a solid wide-angle lens for their Canon m50. Due to this, a large number of photographers and videographers have chosen to share their own dedicated reviews of the camera. Skimming over a few of them offers some solid insight into the lens and how well it is performing for other users with some other Canon m50 users sharing their own experiences too.

User Interface And Control System

Although the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is an intermediate level wide-angle lens, Canon have been sure to emphasize the ease of use of the lens to ensure that anyone will be able to get the most out of it. This ensures that if you usually use your Canon m50 for vlogging or something like that but want to try your hand at wide-angle photography or videography, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is extremely easy to learn to allow you to quickly get to grips with it.

It is essentially as close to a plug and plays lens as you are going to get so you simply mount the lens to your m50 and go off and capture your content as required. The autofocus is solid and can do a great job by itself but the manual focus ring on the lens is also great for those who like to manually focus their lenses too. The manual focus ring is very smooth and easy to turn too while also having a nice level of resistance to prevent you from over-focusing and allow you to accurately tweak the ring as required.

Although not needed for some niches, things like Landscape photography can really benefit from having a solid Cpl or ND filter mounted to your lens to help deal with glare or have longer exposures. The Canon EF-M 11-22mm comes with a 55mm lens filter thread meaning that lens filters are very easy to source as the 55mm thread size is a very popular option amongst lens manufacturers.

We tend to always recommend the Gobe filter range to our readers as they tend to be cheaper than Tiffen and Hoya while also offering excellent levels of performance. Due to the price point of the lens, we would also recommend that you try to use a UV filter when possible to add an additional layer of protection to your forward lens element.

Although rare, accidents will inevitably happen and it is usually better for a $40-$50 UV filter to break than the forward lens element or aperture blades on a $400 lens. This is where a decent UV lens filter comes in as you mount it to your lens threads and it will protect your forward lens element without having a negative effect on your image quality. On top of this, the Gobe range tends to be double-threaded too so you can mount additional lens filters to their UV filters without having to remove it from your lens too.

Build Quality And Design

As you would rightly expect from Canon, especially at this price point in the market, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm comes with a great build quality as standard with the lens being very tough and robust. As we touched on above, a large number of the Canon m50 owners that we see reaching out are often traveling vloggers who will be traveling around with all of their camera accessories in their bags on a regular basis.

The touch and robust build quality of the Canon EF-M 11-22mm ensure that the lens is easily able to take any bumps or knocks while in your bags without accidentally breaking any time soon either. This offers the user peace of mind that their new lens will last them for many years to come and is not going to break on its first outing or end up taking a knock that results in a costly repairs bill.

Considering the performance and robustness of the lens, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is also surprisingly lightweight too meaning that it is really easy to add to your luggage with minimal risk of going over your baggage allowance too. This helps to ensure that you can travel around with all of your camera accessories in your bags without having to pay any additional baggage fees too.

The actual construction of the lens is solid with a metal construction, high-quality glass for the lens elements with a design based around twelve elements, in nine groups with seven circular aperture blades. This combined with the 11-22mm focal length is perfect for getting the highest possible image quality for your wide-angle work at this price point in the market.

Our Verdict

That brings our article going over what we feel is the best wide-angle lens for Canon m50 cameras to an end. Although there are a few options as we mentioned back at the start of the article, in our opinion, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is the obvious option and should be everyone’s primary consideration. It offers excellent image quality, has a very fair price tag offering great bang for your buck and will make an excellent addition to your Canon m50 camera accessories,

We know that we mentioned this earlier but we would just like to remind any of our readers who have not yet made their mind up that the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has a ton of reviews online that you can read. Getting that independent, third-party insight into the performance of the lens from people who have used it in pretty much every wide-angle photography and videography niche imaginable can really help to show why the lens has the excellent reputation that it enjoys.