The Best Vlogging Lens For Canon M50 Cameras!

When Canon confirmed the release of the Canon m50, a large number of vloggers who were using the extremely popular Canon g7x became very excited about having a solid mirrorless camera to upgrade to. Not only does the Canon m50 offer all of the same great features that the Canon g7x offers vloggers but it also offers an external microphone input jack as well as changeable lenses. This is a massive selling point for many of the vloggers out there as you can now tweak your lens to meet the situation that you are in.

Due to this, we have seen an absolute ton of vloggers who use the Canon m50 as their camera body of choice reaching out and asking a number of questions based around the best vlogging lens for the Canon m50. As we know we have a fair few readers who use the m50 as their camera of choice, we have decided to make this the subject of today’s article. Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers as possible and help you add a solid lens to your collection of camera accessories that will get you the best image quality possible.

Although one of the few weaknesses with the Canon m50 is that it uses the EF-M mount making it a pain to find solid lenses for certain niches sometimes but thankfully, vlogging is nothing of them. In our opinion, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is an outstanding little vlogging lens that will mount natively to your m50 without you having to purchase any additional convertors to jerry-rig the mount. The focal range, aperture, and image quality of the lens are al excellent and make it the perfect vlogging lens in our opinion.

There are already a large number of vloggers who have added the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 to their collection of camera accessories and the lens is seeing solid growth amongst the community with each passing month. With its excellent build quality and great performance, it should not be surprising that the lens has managed to earn itself a great reputation too that just keeps on getting stronger with each passing month.

We know that some of our readers like to know as much as possible about any new potential addition to their collection of camera accessories. Due to this, we will be taking a more in-depth look at the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 and what it has to offer your m50 and your vlogging content throughout the rest of the article. That said though, you can check out the current prices for the lens Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens, Black - 7568B002 if you don’t have the time to read the rest of the article.

Performance And Functionality

The performance and functionality that the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is the main thing that sets it apart from the competing EF-M lenses on the market right now when it comes to vlogging. Although the lens itself has been designed as more of a wide-angle lens, everything about it is ideal for use as a general-purpose vlogging lens. The focal range is perfect for multiple types of vlogging and you are able to use the lens from everything from talking directly into your Canon m50 to actually vlog to capture some b-roll footage to capturing more fast-paced clips that you want to share with your followers.

The extremely sharp image quality on the lens ensures that users will be getting the absolute best image quality possible during use and as most YouTubers know, in this day and age where YouTube is becoming more and more competitive, image quality can really help grow your channel. It offers you an advantage over the competing channels out there using lower quality lenses and can help to convert a viewer into a subscriber.

As we touched on, the lens has a focal range of 11mm to 22mm offering some solid variation for different types of vlogging. In one flip you might be holding your Canon m50 in your hands while walking around with the lens being a little closer to you and then in the next clip be sat down with your camera mounted to a tripod being a little further away. The 11mm to 22mm focal range allows you to tweak the focus of the lens to ensure that you are in frame while also offering you some solid background capture too.

If you are involved in something like travel vlogging and actually want to share your travels with your viewers and show them the breathtaking sights that you see then this alone can make the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 your default option. We have seen a number of travel vloggers in amazing locations taking advantage of the wide field of view (102°10’–63°30′) to not only capture epic slow panning video clips of their location but also vlog with the sights behind them too.

We have seen a few people comment on the f/4-5.6 aperture of the lens but for vlogging, this will not be an issue. The vast majority of vloggers will use some form of video light when recording their video footage if they are in a low light location anyway. This helps to cover you against the only real weakness of the lens as everything else in it is outstanding and for use as a vlogging lens, an f/4-5.6 aperture really is not a problem.

The lens also offers you some solid bokeh manipulation too allowing you to tweak your field of view and blue your background to draw the views attention to the subject. This is perfect for selfies for platforms such as Instagram and other social media networks too as the majority of vloggers are also active on a large number of social media networks. The excellent photography potential of the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 also ensures that you can capture some breathtaking photographs with your Canon m50 too allowing you to capture different types of content with the same lens.

The minimum focusing distance of the lens is just under half a foot making the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 ideal for vlogging as the autofocus system will easily be able to track you and ensure that you are in focus when recording your content too. One thing that we absolutely love about the lens is that Canon have used their focus adjustment autofocusing system that performs very well but does not have those annoying clicks when the autofocus motors kick in.

With some of the competing lenses on the market, these clicks can sometimes be picked up by your on-camera microphone or external microphone and contaminate your audio track. The autofocusing system on the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 does not have this issue and is as close to silent that you are going to get at this price point in the market. This ensures that your audio quality is perfect and not spoiled by the autofocus system on your lens helping provide your viewers with the best possible video quality.

It really is easy to see why the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 has managed to rapidly grow the core user base of vloggers that it has. There are a large number of Canon m50 users who use the use the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 with their m50 for vlogging and many of these vloggers have published their own reviews of the lens. These reviews are well worth reading over in our opinion as they offer some great insight into just how well the lens performs for vloggers in pretty much any situation or niche that you may be working in.

User Interface And Control System

The Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 has been designed to be as straight forward and user friendly to use as possible to try and ensure that anyone from the photography, videography, or vlogging communities are able to add it to their collection of camera accessories, mount it to their camera, and easily get to grips with the lens no matter their level of experience.

We are pleased to report that we feel that Canon has done a great job with this and that the lens is very straight forward. We are confident that anyone new to using attachable lenses after upgrading to the m50 from something like the g7x will be able to mount the lens and start vlogging with their m50 within minutes of taking the lens out of the box. We doubt that many of our readers will even need to read the user manual that comes with the lens either due to it being so straight forward that you will only need to read the manual if you want to take advantage of the more advanced features.

Although we have mentioned the autofocus system above in the performance section of the article, we feel that some of our users will be using the manual focus ring at times too. Although the autofocus will likely be the better option for the majority of your actual vlogging content if you are wanting to capture some beautiful photographs while on your adventures, we feel the manual focus ring will be useful.

Thankfully, the manual focus ring on the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is very smooth and easy to rotate too with just enough resistance to accurately tweak your focus as required. Although the majority of modern lenses from the last five years or so offer this level of control, some of the older lenses had a terrible manual focus ring that was very clunky to use.

Build Quality And Design

Just like all of the other Canon lenses on the market, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 has an outstanding build quality and Canon have done an excellent job of ensuring that the lens is as touch and robust as it possibly can be without being too big or heavy. This is another reason that we recommend the lens to any of our readers who use the Canon m50 for vlogging. The lens can easily be added to your backpack without having to take up too much space or add too much weight.

If you are working in the travel vlogging niche then this is ideal as it can prevent you from going over your luggage allowance and having problems with having to pay additional fees for your bags being too heavy. The robust nature of the lens also ensures that it can easily take any publishment coming its way from the bumps and knocks while in your bags during transit too. When you are folding out this much money, you want to know that the lens is going to last you and everything is solid on the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 and very tough.

The construction of the lens is based around twelve elements split down into nine groups with seven blades to offer the absolute best image quality possible for this price point. Like we mentioned earlier in the article, it is hard to find weak points with the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 due to everything about it being so good and the build quality is a large reason that it is able to offer such a high level of performance. Although the lens comes with a price tag for the lower end of the intermediate price bracket, it definitely competes with some of the lenses in the high end of its price range with ease.

The lens also comes with a 55mm lens filter thread and we would highly recommend that our readers at least purchase a UV Filter to add some additional protection to the forward lens element of your lens. A decent Cpl filter can also be another solid lens accessory that you can add to your lens kit if you are planning to use the lens to capture landscapes in addition to general vlogging. We always recommend that our readers go with the Gobe filter range due to it offering professional-level performance with the lowest possible price tag.

Our Verdict

That brings our article going over what we feel is the best vlogging lens for Canon m50 cameras to a close. As we have touched on throughout the article, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 simply blows the competing lenses out the water in our opinion when it comes to a vlogging lens for your m50. It offers excellent image quality and the versatility that the lens offers is excellent ensuring that it will be able to handle the majority of the things that you need to record with it.

We just want to quickly remind our readers that there are a large number of independent reviews of the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 online that you can read if you wish. They have all been published by third-party photographers, videographers, and vloggers who have added the lens to their camera accessories and decided to share their experiences. They are well worth reading in our opinion and offer valuable insight into just how good this lens actually is.