The Best Travel Lens For Canon M50 Cameras!

Our regular readers will probably already know that we are huge fans of the Canon m50 due to its small size, lightweight, low price tag, and outstanding image quality. All of this has made the m50 one of the most popular travel-friendly mirrorless cameras on the market right now and although there is some solid competition from the Sony Alpha range, we are not surprised that the user base of the m50 is steadily increasing with each passing month.

Due to the camera having an absolutely massive core customer base from both the photography and videography communities we constantly see people reaching out with a number of different questions. People always want the best image quality possible out of their camera and we have noticed more and more people asking about the best travel lens for Canon m50 cameras over the last month so have decided to make this the subject of today’s article.

Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers who own the m50 and are looking to add a travel lens to their collection of camera accessories as possible. Although there are a few contenders, in our opinion, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is definitely the best option by far and already has a number of people using it as their go-to travel photography lens. It offers some excellent image quality while also being a native EF-M lens allowing it to mount directly to your Canon m50 without having to purchase any additional adaptors or converters too.

The excellent image quality, great focal length range, and massive amounts of versatility have made the Canon EF-M 11-22mm a very popular lens amongst the community and it just keeps on increasing its user base. With it being such a great lens with a massive user base, it is not surprising that the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has managed to earn itself a great reputation with both the photography and videography sides of the house that just keeps on getting better and better.

As we know we have a number of readers who always like to know as much as possible about any new potential camera accessory purchase, we are now going to be taking a more detailed look at the Canon EF-M 11-22mm and what it has to offer you and your Canon m50. We are hoping to help show why it should be your primary consideration when looking to add a travel lens to your collection of camera accessories and why it is worth every cent. In our opinion, it does beat the competing lenses on the market in pretty much every area when looking for a general-purpose travel-friendly lens for your m50 and will make a solid addition to your kit.

Performance And Functionality

The performance and functionality is one of the main reasons that the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has managed to establish itself as one of the dominant lenses on the market for the Canon m50 as it can be used in a massive number of popular niches and provide you with outstanding image quality. The 11-22mm focal length on the lens is perfect for landscapes, vlogging, selfies, street photography and pretty much all other types of general travel photography that you may run into while out and about on your adventures.

With the Canon m50 being such a popular camera body amongst the vlogging community, it is great to have a lens that you can use for both your travel photography and travel vlogging all in one without having to switch your gear and waste time throughout the day. The aperture of f/4-5.6 is a little darker than some of the snappy prime lenses on the market right now like the Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 but in our opinion, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm and its versatility make it a much better all round travel lens than the Canon EF-M 22mm f/2. On top of this, we are confident that f/4-5.6 will be able to meet the need of the majority of our readers anyway to help you get the best photographs possible while out and about even when working in low light.

Although the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is able to offer you some of the sharpest, cleanest, and crispest image quality going at this price point in the market, it also offers you some excellent bokeh manipulation that you can use to your advantage for your photography too. You are able to quickly and easily tweak the bokeh to blur out your backgrounds to naturally draw the viewers eye to the subject of your photography and bring the whole image together nicely.

All of this all comes together to offer you one of the best run and gun camera lenses on the market right now that is perfect for pretty much any situation that you may find yourself in while you are out and about traveling. The auto-focus technology on the lens really ensures that you can quickly and easily switch between subjects and let the auto-focus do its thing to keep your image quality crystal clear and everything in focus without having to waste time too.

On top of this, the focus adjust auto-focus system that Canon have developed is very quiet and as close you are going to get to being totally silent with the technology that we have available. This ensures that you are able to use the auto-focus technology on the lens with your Canon m50 when capturing your video content without having to worry about the auto-focus motor contaminating your audio track. Nether the on-camera microphone or an external microphone mounted to your m50 hot shoe mount will be able to pick up the auto-focus motors adjusting keeping your audio track as clear as possible.

When you take all of this into consideration, it is clear to see why the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is such a popular lens amongst both the photography and videographer communities and just keeps on going from strength to strength too. On top of this, many of the people who use the lens with their camera have chosen to publish their own independent reviews sharing their experiences and thoughts on the lens. In our opinion, those are well worth skimming over as they are great sources of third-party opinions on the performance of the lens and the image quality it can provide you offering some excellent insights into its performance.

User Interface And Control System

Canon has been sure to put a high priority on the ease of use of their EF-M lenses and everything about the Canon EF-M 11-22mm has been designed from the very start to be as straight forward and easy to use as possible. As a large number of people upgrade to the Canon m50 from something like the Canon g7x or Sony rx100 series of cameras that have a fixed lens, a large number of people reading this may never have used a detachable lens before. If this is the case for you then the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is very easy and user friendly and its control system will likely allow you to get excellent image quality out of it with minimal hands on experience.

We have already touched on the auto-focus system on the lens above and how well it performs in pretty much every situation that you may ever need to use it in. Although many people will be taking advantage of this, a number of our readers will also want to tweak their focus levels on the lens manually at times too. The manual focus ring on the lens is very easy to use and the wide-angle focal range on the lens allows you to easily get it in focus during use too. The ring does have a slight level of resistance to it but in our opinion this is fine as a low level of resistance can actually help to improve custom tweaks to your focus that you make.

Just like the manual focus ring, the manual zoom ring is also very easy to rotate as required to adjust the zoom of the lens while also having a similar level of resistance on it too. Both of the rings are rubberized to allowing you to get maximum rotation on each ring with just your finger tips even if your hands are wet or cold too. This ensures that no matter what conditions you are out traveling in, you should always be able to make the tweaks you require to your lens to get the image quality you need.

Build Quality And Design

As you would expect from a modern Canon lens, the build quality on the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is outstanding and Canon have came on a long way from some of their older lenses that had a number of issues from around a decade back. Canon has done a great job of improving on the weaknesses of their build quality of their lenses while also managing to keep them as small and lightweight as possible too.

If you are planning on traveling around a whole bunch with your camera accessories and your Canon m50 then this is a massive selling point for the Canon EF-M 11-22mm as its lighter weight and smaller build than some compeating lenses on the market score it an absolute ton of points. Depending on exactly what you are doing, this can be a total godsend as we know more and more travel vloggers are getting into one bag travel so have to get all of their gear into one backpack making space and weight a premium.

Although the Canon EF-M 11-22mm is light, it is also tough and robust too and we are confident that the lens will easily be able to take any punishment coming its way during use without having any issues. This ensures that it wont break anytime soon and that the lens will be able to last you for many years to come and serve both you and your m50 well. The actual construction of the lens is based around twelve elements split into nine groups with seven aperture blades all working perfectly together. This is why you are able to get beautiful imagery with nice and soft backgrounds that are free from chromatic aberration.

One last point that we want to make is that the Canon EF-M 11-22mm comes with a 55mm lens filter thread for any of our readers wanting to pickup a UV, ND, or Cpl lens filter too. As the 55mm thread size is very commonly used with lens manufacturers, pretty much every lens filter brand offer their filters in this size making it very easy for you to pick up any lens filters that you require for the lens too.

Our Verdict

That brings our article covering what we feel is the best travel lens for Canon m50 cameras on the market right now to a close. As we hope we have managed to show, the Canon EF-M 11-22mm offers an absolute ton of versatility and is ideal for the vast majority of travel work that you may be doing with your Canon m50 while out and about. It offers you some of the best image quality going for this price point and we are confident in recommending that any of our readers who own the Canon m50 add the lens to their camera accessories.

Although we have mentioned this earlier in the article, we just want to quickly point out that there are a large number of third-party reviews of the lens online that you can read. Skimming over a few of them is well worth it in our opinion as they offer some excellent insight into the lens and its performance as well as what you can expect out of the lens when using it.