How To Stop Cats Pooping On Artificial Grass With Ease!

There’s nothing worse than forking out to deck your lawn out with the latest artificial grass only for the local cats to start using it as a litter box. Not only does this waste a ton of your time due to you having to go around and clean up after the cats do their business but cat poop also has a strong PH that can end up changing the color of your artificial grass and ruin your new lawn.

We have seen a number of people reaching out and asking questions like how they can stop cats from pooping on artificial grass. It would seem that this is a wider spread problem as more and more people seem to be reaching out with each passing month. Due to this, we have decided to focus on the various ways that you can protect your artificial lawn from cats and never have to deal with this again.

We have settled on four different methods that have all proven to be successful at keeping cats at bay. Each of our methods below has its own strengths and weaknesses that you are able to use to your advantage. There is absolutely no need to implement all four of our recommended methods below and we have listed them in descending order of effectiveness too. We would imagine that the vast majority of our readers who are having problems with cats pooping on their artificial grass will be able to implement our first suggestion and have the problem dealt with.

Pest Away Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

First up we have the Pest Away Ultrasonic Cat Repeller that is without a doubt the best option to protect your artificial grass from cats as it simply keeps them off your lawn completely meaning they are never actually on it to relieve themselves. In our opinion, investing in a solid cat deterrent system is the best option for the vast majority of people and its only weakness is if you are the one who owns the cat but we have methods for if you are the cat owner below.

Although there are a few systems like this available, in our opinion, the Pest Away system is definatley the best one and it does an excellent job to stop cats from walking onto your lawn. Since its release, it has managed to grow an excellent reputation for itself amongst people who need to keep cats off their property. The system works by detecting motion and then unleashes a blast of ultrasonic sound and/or strobe lights to scare any cats on your property.

The ultrasonic sound does not have any effect on humans and the system can be tweaked so if you do have a pet dog then it will not have an effect on your dog either.  The Pest Away system has a proven track record of being able to quickly teach cats that your yard, garden, and lawn are out of bounds for them to break their habit of coming back.

The whole system is waterproof, very easy to install, and extremely lightweight too. This means that anyone will be able to install in to protect their lawns and that its maintenance-free, set and forget system will protect their artificial grass from unwanted cats. The final point that we want to make is that the whole system runs on two nine-volt batteries and a pair of cheap batteries will keep the system powered for a long period of time. If you would like to know more about how well the Pest Away system performs, we would highly recommend that our readers check out some of the independent reviews that have been published about how well it performs.

Scat Mats

Although we feel that the Pest Away system covered above is the best system for the majority of people by far, if you do own the offending cat then its range may cause issues with your cat while it is in the house. This is where the hugely popular and extremely effective Scat Mats come in to create a solid barrier around your fake grass to prevent the cats from pooping on your artificial grass.

The design of the mats makes it easy for humans to step over it to get onto the artificial grass without issue whereas the much smaller strides of a cat will end up standing on the mat and being deterred from walking any further. Although a few brands have started to make Scat Mats, we feel that the Homarden mats are the best and they have the largest customer base and the best reputation going at the time of writing.

They have an excellent reputation for keeping dogs, cats, squirrels and pretty much any other animal of your lawn. We also see a large number of people trying to totally cover their lawn with Scat Mats, not only does this massively hike the price tag up but this is also massively overdoing it. For a small animal like a cat, you can easily get away with a single ring of the Scat mats around the edge of your lawn and it should easily keep animals off your fake grass.

Scat Mats are also extremely easy to fit and you simply put them in place and they are instantly effective, their main drawback is their price tag as a larger lawn can end up needing a large number of Scat Mat packs that rapidly increases the price. If you have a small or medium-sized lawn though they can usually be used without issue and without breaking the bank. If you would like to know more about how well Scat Mats are performing for other people then we would highly recommend that you check out some of these reviews that have been posted by other people using them.

Cat Mace

Next up on our list, we have good old Cat Mace that is extremely easy to use but does run out meaning you will have ongoing costs. Depending on the size of your lawn and the weather in your local area, you may have to purchase more mace on a monthly basis. Additionally, the effectiveness of the mace really does drop off if you live in an area that gets large amounts of rainfall too.

This is why cat mace has such a controversial reputation as it can be close to useless if you see daily rainfall. If you do live in an area with regular rain then either of the two options above will be much better at stopping cats from pooping on your artificial grass. That said though, if you do live in an area that is usually dry or sees rain once or twice a week, a decent cat mace can be well worth trying.

There are a large number of different products on the market and each of them requires slightly different methods of application. Most of them are based around spraying them over your lawn meaning that they are very easy to apply and provide your lawn with protection from cats. In this day and age, modern cat mace is totally safe to use in your garden too as it is plant safe so if you are growing flowers too then it poses no risk to them at all.

Pet Correctors

Next up we have a Pet Corrector Spray and in all honesty, we would highly recommend that you go with either of the options above as they are both much more efficient at preventing cats from pooping on your artificial grass. In fact, the only reason that we have included pet corrector sprays is that a few people have posted their own reviews of the sprays for keeping animals off their lawn.

Now, these sprays are extremely popular for training poor behavior out of pets and although there are a number of cat owners being able to train cats using these sprays, the success rate is much higher when trying to train a dog. On top of this, if you are trying to stop random cats from the neighborhood from going on your fake grass then it is unlikely that they will be exposed to the Pet Corrector Sprays to understand the connection between the sound and the cat walking on your lawn.


That brings our article to an end and we hope that you have found it helpful and that we have been able to stop cats pooping on your artificial grass. We have mentioned the areas where each of the methods are strong and weak above to try and ensure that you are able to work out what will be the best option for you to protect your lawn.

Like we mentioned above, the vast majority of our readers should easily have their needs met by picking up something like the Pest Away Ultrasonic Cat Repeller as it offers some excellent protection and coverage to keep cats of your lawn while also having a low price tag too.