The Ultimate Organic Coffee For Keurig K-Cup Pod Machines!

More and more people are starting to make the switch over to an organic lifestyle due to there being a number of benefits associated with consuming organic products. If the last few years are anything to go by then we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon and only expect this trend to increase in popularity as the months come and go. As coffee is consumed by around two-thirds of adults on a daily basis, it really is not surprising that we see so many people reaching out and asking for advice on the best organic coffee products on the market.

The benefits of choosing a certified organic option range from being free from synthetic fertilizers and prohibited pesticides as well as also being free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs too. Not only can this result in a better all-round taste in your coffee but it is also beneficial to the local ecosystem where the coffee is grown as well as usually having a higher level of antioxidants for additional health benefits to you.

With the Keurig coffee maker range being such a popular option, we often see people specifically reaching out about their K-cup range so we have decided to focus today’s article on what we feel are the best organic coffees for Keurig K-cup machines. We have a number of suggestions below with all of them being organic while most of them are also fair trade and eco-friendly too. All of our suggestions have managed to earn an excellent reputation amongst the organic coffee drinking communities that just keep on getting stronger and stronger as the months come and go.

SF Bay Organic Coffee

In our opinion, the absolute best certified organic coffee company that offers a range of K-cup pods is SF Bay Organic Coffee and their popularity would suggest that the organic coffee drinking community also agree with us. Their organic Keurig K-cup coffee pods have proven to be a massive hit with the community and they have one of the largest core customer bases of organic coffee-drinkers going.

In addition to their massive range of flavors, each with their own unique great taste, the SF Bay Organic Coffee rang is also fully eco-friendly with the actual pods being compostable and fully biodegradable helping them score additional points over the rest of the brands on our list. On top of this, they are also fair trade certified coffee makers ensuring that the farmers who grow their coffee beans are paid a fair wage.

All of this adds up to the SF Bay K pod range being the best organic coffee for Keurig machines in our opinion and with the excellent reputation that the pods have amongst the community, we feel that the vast majority of K pod users who have tried the SF Bay coffee agree with us. As we mentioned above, the SF Bay Organic range also supports the largest range of flavors at the time of writing to offering the following K pods to ensure you get the perfect tasting organic cup of coffee every time. Although SF Bay offers some excellent flavors, we have noted the flavors that we would highly recommend that you try below:-

Although we know that decaf is not everyone’s cup of coffee, SF Bay offers one of the better organic decaf coffee pods for Keurig machines on the market right now. Additionally, on top of this, they also offer their decaf k cups in a number of different flavors too rather than just offering the one. All in all, it really is easy to see why the SF Bay K cups are dominating the market when it comes to organic coffee as they simply blow the compeating brands out of the water in every way in our opinion.

The Organic Coffee Co

Next up and coming in at a solid second place when it comes to organic coffee K cups is The Organic Coffee Co and their organic K cup range. They are another great coffee company that are USDA certified organic, fair trade-friendly, and grow their coffee responsibly. Just like the SF Bay K cups covered above, the Organic Coffee Co K cups are fully compostable too making them a very eco-friendly option.

Although their core customer base is still steadily growing, we feel that the SF Bay Organic Coffee range has managed to pull away and take the top spot as they offer so many different flavors to meet the needs of every pallet. At the time of writing, the Organic Coffee Co offers the following four flavors of organic Keurig K cup coffee pods but we expect more flavors to be added soon.

  • Breakfast Blend
  • French Roast
  • Gorilla Decafe
  • Java Love – Highly Recommended!

The Organic Coffee Co offers some of the best single origin organic coffee k cups on the market right now with their coffee beans being certified USDA Organic as well as kosher coffee bean compliant too. The coffee beans are all ground and packaged fresh as soon as possible to get the K cups out to customers and offer some of the best tasting organic coffee available right now.

Newman’s Own Organics

Coming in at third place for what we feel are the best organic coffee brands for Keurig K cups is the Newman's Own organic range that have really taken off over the last year or so and are still growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Newman’s Own is another great coffee company that provides both certified organic coffee that is also fair trade certified. Although at the time of writing, their actual cups are not compostable, they have committed to changing this over the next eighteen months to ensure their products are as eco-friendly as possible.

This is one of the only reasons that we have put the Newman’s Own K cups in third place and put SF Bay Organic Coffee and The Organic Coffee Co covered above in at first and second place as the SF Bay and Organic Coffee Co cups are already fully biodegradable. We have every confidence in Newman’s Own as coffee makers and are confident that they will reach their goal of making their own K-cup pods biodegradable as soon as possible too.

Even with that said, Newman’s Own really do produce an excellent cup of coffee using organic and ethically sourced coffee beans that have managed to earn them an excellent reputation that is growing at an exponential pace right now. At the time of writing, they don’t have a range as varied as the SF Bay decaf organic coffee range and are limited on flavor options but we have heard that Newman’s Own will be adding some new flavors to their range soon. They also offer a great tasting decaf organic coffee K cup that has proven to be a hit amongst the community if decaf is what you are looking for.

Amazon Fresh Organic Fair Trade K-Cups

Next up we have the Amazon Fresh Organic K cups that are a relative newcomer to the market but are managing to rapidly gain a market share and establish themselves amongst the competition. As this new Amazon venture is essentially the new kid on the block, at the time of writing they only offer two single origin, organic K cups, their Peru Organic Fair Trade and their Sumatra Organic Fair Trade that both taste great.

Although the coffee tastes outstanding, we feel that the Amazon Fresh range do drop points for anyone who is trying to be as eco-friendly as possible as at the time of writing, their K cups are not compostable so do leave a footprint. Although we were unable to find any confirmation as to if they are trying to switch over to biodegradable K cups we would guess that they are and are just trying to get an initial foothold on the market before developing a compostable K cup.

If you hate weak coffee then chances are, you will be a big fan of both of these great organic K cups that are full-bodied with a very strong, delicious flavor resulting in an excellent cup of coffee. Being certified fair trade you know that you are also supporting a brand that is doing everything that they can to try and ensure that their farmers are getting a fair wage.

Green Mountain Coffee

Next up we have Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and their certified organic coffee K cups that have managed to carve out a decent market share while earning a decent reputation amongst coffee drinkers. Although the actual coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters tastes great, it can be an absolute nightmare to find, even on Amazon. We hope that they stram line their marketing soon as it is a great coffee company that offer some excellent organic k cups.

One drawback for the eco-friendly coffee drinker is that the actual cups are not biodegradable and we have not seen anything from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to suggest that they are working towards this as one of their goals. This is why we feel that our readers should definitely be considering the SF Bay Organic Coffee range as their cups are fully biodegradable and they offer their coffee is pretty much every flavor you could ever think of.

Victor Allen Organic Peruvian K-Cups

Next up we have the Victor Allen Organic Peruvian K-Cups and we really don’t know why we see so few people actually mentioning these as they taste so good! We would guess that the limited flavors hold them back as most people like to try new options but if you like mild, smooth organic coffee, the Victor Allen range can be worth trying out.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing the actual cups, are not compostable but the great taste, low price, and fact that they are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and USDA certified organic seems to help keep customers coming back while the customer base of these underrated K cups slowly grows their awareness and customer base.

Death Wish Coffee

Last but not least we have Death Wish Coffees Organic K Cups that are rapidly earning a name for themselves as being the best strong organic coffee available at the time of writing. We feel that this is why their Valhalla Java has a smaller yet extremely loyal following of organic coffee drinkers who love their super-strong coffee that is hard to find anywhere else at the time of writing.

The Death Wish coffee company definatley have seemed to have found their niche and are doing a great job of marketing it and growing their core customer base who seem to rage about it on social media as well as in one of the many independent reviews that have been posted for it. Although the actual K cups are not compostable, they are fully recyclable helping to minimize the footprint of the product on the environment.

The Valhalla Java is certified fair trade and USDA certified organic too making them the only one of the coffee makers on the market right now to focus in on the strong organic coffee Keurig K-cup coffee pods market. As the majority of coffee drinkers tend to prefer a milder blend, this does somewhat isolate the potential growth for the range but if you prefer your stronger cups of coffee then the Death Wish K cups are definatley worth checking out in our opinion!


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best option for any of our readers who are looking for the best organic coffee for Keurig k-cup pod machines to a close. In our opinion, the SF Bay Organic Coffee range absolutely dominate the niche and rightly so too. They offer some of the best tasting organic coffee available at the time of writing that has a low price tag while being certified organic, certified organic, and fully compostable to remove the cups footprint on the environment.

The massive flavor range that their SF Bay organic range is available in just score them more and more points over the compeating brands in the space and secure the top spot for them. Their customer base is absolutely massive and they have the most independent reviews online for any of the organic K cup ranges right now.

If you are yet to make your mind up or are still on the fence about trying the SF Bay organic coffee K cups then we would highly recommend that you spend a few minutes skimming over those third-party reviews. They offer some excellent insight into how good this coffee actually tastes from people who have been drinking it for many years.