The Best External Microphone For Canon G7X Cameras!

The Canon g7x camera range is one of the most popular point and shoot camera bodies in the world by a long shot with its only real competition being the Sony RX100 but both cameras tend to be used for slightly different things. With each new variant of the g7x that Canon has released, they have tried to improve on the weaknesses of the previous version while also improving on the camera’s strengths too. In our opinion, the only real drawback after the various improvements to the mark ii was the lack of an external microphone input but Canon has just released the g7x mark iii that comes with a mic input as standard.

Du to this, a large number of people have been going out and adding the new Canon g7x mark iii to their collection and then reaching out and asking about the best microphone for Canon g7x cameras. Due to this, we have decided to focus today’s article on what we feel is the best external microphone on the market right now for the Canon g7x iii. Now, please keep in mind that if you are using the mark i or the mark ii, you will not be able to use an external microphone with your camera, only the mark iii and presumable newer variants will support external microphones.

With so many people using the Canon g7x camera range for vlogging or travel videography or photographer we feel that the Rode Video Micro Compact is the best option on the market. Not only is it tiny, very lightweight, cheap, and offering excellent performance but it has also managed to earn itself an outstanding reputation since its release that just keeps on getting better.

The audio quality that the Rode Video Micro Compact is able to capture should be ideal for the vast majority of our readers who use the Canon g7x as their go-to camera body of choice and make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories. Although there are a number of cheap, entry-level microphones on the market, in our opinion, nothing comes close to the Rode Video Micro Compact and its audio track can easily compete with the quality of some higher price point microphones too.

Performance And Functionality

Although the on-camera microphone on the Canon g7x iii is solid if you are wanting to take your vlogging or videography seriously then investing in a solid cheap microphone like the Rode Video Micro Compact can drastically improve the audio quality that you can capture. With the quality of your content being such an important factor in converting a viewer into a subscriber or follower, it is a great way to help your channels grow.

The Rode Video Micro Compact uses a mono pickup pattern ensuring that it is great at capturing audio to both the left and the right of the microphone while also having a solid forward pickup pattern too. This is one of the main reasons that the Rode Video Micro Compact is able to be used in so many niches due to its pickup pattern being so versatile. It makes it ideal for capturing interviews, music gigs, sports, general vlogging, and the vast majority of other entry-level and intermediate niches.

If you are familiar with the Rode brand, you may already know that they include a Rycote Lyre Shock Mount as standard with your purchase as standard. The shock mounts are one of the main things that set the Rode microphone range aside from the compeating brands on the market right now, especially in the sub-one hundred dollar price point. This is one of the reasons the Rode Video Micro Compact has managed to grow such a large core user base allowing it to dominate the price point and earn the reputation that it has.

The mount itself is extremely effective at absorbing even the slightest vibration in the microphone that may potentially have lead to audio contamination. Depending on what you are planning to do with your g7x this can help to drastically improve your overall audio track by allowing you to move your camera freely without having to worry about sudden movements transferring to the microphone body.

Rode also manages to score points for the Video Micro Compact by including a Deluxe furry windshield with your microphone as standard too. Although the vast majority of compeating brands on the market, even in this entry-level price point do include a windshield of some form with your purchase, the majority are close to useless or actually have a negative effect on the audio quality that the microphone can detect.

The windshield that comes with the Rode Video Micro Compact offers some solid protection from both the wind as well as the natural plosive popping sound when saying words with the letter P in them. This ensures that your audio track for your video footage is as clean as possible while also allowing you to use the microphone outdoors in poor weather without having to worry about the wind causing issues with your videos audio.

Although it is very common for a microphone in the sub-one hundred dollar price range to rely on plug and play technology and draw its power from your Canon g7x’ battery supply, Rode has been innovating away as usual with the Rode Video Micro Compact. They have ensured that the microphone requires the least amount of power possible to capture the best audio quality meaning using the microphone with your g7x will have minimal effect on your camera’s maximum battery life.

Here are some of the key specifications for the Rode Video Micro Compact:-

  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Range: 100Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 140dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
  • Sensitivity: -33.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (22.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted): 20dB-A
  • Output: Minijack/3.5mm Output

When you factor in what the compeating microphones around this price point are offering, it is not surprising that the Video Micro Compact just steams of ahead when it comes to both user base and reputation leaving the majority of compeating microphones for dust. In fact, the community feels so highly about the mic that has one of the highest independent review counts going.

This is due to a massive number of videographers and vloggers publishing their own reviews for the microphone online sharing their experiences. If you do have a few minutes free then those reviews have all been published by third-party, independent videographers and vloggers who use the Rode Video Micro Compact as their microphone of choice and offer some solid insight into its performance.

User Interface And Control System

Even though the Rode Video Micro Compact offers intermediate-level performance it comes in at an entry-level price point. Due to this, Rode have made the microphone as user-friendly as possible as they are fully aware that a large number of Canon g7x users will be entry-level videographers and vloggers.

The default settings on the microphone are ideal for the vast majority of niches allowing you to take it out of the box, plug it into your Canon g7x iii via its 3.5mm jack socket and be good to go. On top of this, due to using the standard 3.5mm jack, the Rode Video Micro Compact also offers you some future-proofing as it is compatible with the vast majority of camera bodies on the market right now that support external microphones.

This allows you to upgrade to something like the Sony a6400 or the Canon m50 that are both popular intermediate level upgrades from the Canon g7x without having to fork out for a new microphone too. In fact, at the time of writing, the Rode Video Micro Compact is one of the most popular microphones on the market alongside its big brother the Rode Video Mic GO.

Build Quality And Design

The Rode brand has rightfully managed to build up a solid reputation for the build quality of their microphones as they always go that extra step to ensure that their microphones have been put together well and that they are built to last. Although many other brands can sometimes match or at least come close to the performance and functionality of the Rode microphone range, at the time of writing, none come close to offering the same level of build quality.

The Rode Video Micro Compact has been designed from the very start to be as small, light, and tough as possible making it the perfect travel microphone for anyone who travels with their Canon g7x and other camera accessories on a regular basis. This ensures that the mic is tough enough to take bumps and knocks, especially while in your bag during transit without breaking.

Everything from the main microphone element to the included wind mount to the Rycote Lyre Shock Mount has been made to the highest possible standards. In addition to this, the shock mount is made from one single piece of thermoplastic rather than multiple pieces as some compeating shock mounts are. This removes the potential for a single point of failure and can help to increase the robust nature of the mount as there is not a main weak point to wear down and break while also helping to improve performance.

Our Verdict

That brings our article going over what we feel is the best external microphone for Canon g7x cameras currently available on the market right now. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, you will have to use the Canon g7x mark iii or any newer model of the camera as the mark i and ii do not have an external microphone input jack. In our opinion though, the Rode Video Micro Compact is definatley the best option on the market and should be your primary microphone consideration for the best possible audio quality without breaking the bank.

Although we have touched on this earlier in the article, we just want to quickly remind any of our readers who are yet to make their minds up that there are a large number of reviews online that you can read for the Rode Video Micro Compact too. They are all totally independent and have been published by third-party, independent videographers, vloggers, and social media influencers. They offer some great external insight and opinions on just how good the microphone is and how well it performs.