The Best Microphone For Canon 70D Cameras!

Although the Canon 70d is a one of the older DSLR camera bodies from the Canon range, it still has an absolutely massive core customer base and with the recent release of the new Canon 90d the 70d has had a price reduction from Canon seeing a new surge in photographers and videographers purchasing it too. Due to this, we have seen a sudden spike in the number of people reaching out and asking for advice on different camera accessories for the Canon 70d and asking for help and assistance on what they can do to get the most out of the camera.

With a large number of entry-level vloggers, streamers, and videographers having added the 70d to their collection of camera accessories, we have noticed more and more people asking for a dedicated article on the best microphone for Canon 70d cameras. Improving the audio quality that your content has is a quick, easy, and cheap way to help improve the overall quality of your content and help to keep your client or viewer/subscriber happy with what you are producing.

One of the main reasons that we see so many people reaching out and asking for advice on a suitable microphone for the 70d is due to the fact that the external microphone space is a total minefield right now with a ton of low-quality products out there. Thankfully though, there are a number of solid options with some absolute gems in the rough offering you a great bargain.

In our opinion, the Rode Video Mic Go is going to be your best option for the Canon 70d. It is an excellent little external microphone that comes with a very budget-friendly price tag and although it is at the higher end of the entry-level microphone price bracket, the Rode Video Mic Go definitely offers you some solid intermediate performance and functionality. Since its release, the mic has managed to keep on going from strength to strength growing itself a massive user base as well as earning itself a solid reputation amongst the community that just keeps on getting better with each month that passes.

If you are on more of a budget but still want some solid audio quality when recording with your Canon 70d then the little brother of the Rode Video Mic Go, the Rode Video Micro Compact can be a solid option and if you are on the strictest of budgets then even something like the Takstar SGC-598 may meet your needs. That said though, the Takstar can have some issues with a hiss so we would always recommend either of the Rode microphones for any videographer doing paid work or for an established vlogger or streamer.

That said though, the Rode Video Mic Go is definitely our primary microphone recommendation for the Canon 70d and we would highly recommend that our readers consider adding it to their collection of camera accessories. It offers some excellent audio quality and does not break the bank either so we will now be taking a more in-depth look at the mic and what it is able to offer you.

Performance And Functionality Of The Microphone

Rode has been a dominant force in the microphone niche for over two decades now and one of the things that they are constantly known for is delivering microphones that offer their users some of the best performance possible with the lowest possible price point and the Rode Video Mic Go is no different. It blows the vast majority of the competition, especially in the sub-one hundred dollar price range out of the water and can compete with microphones that are double its price tag with ease.

The Rode Video Mic Go is able to provide you with a learn, clean, crisp audio track even if you are brand new to using an external microphone with your Canon 70d due to its excellent preset configuration helping it perform well in a large number of niches. This level of versatility is rare at this price point in the market and is one of the reasons that the microphone has managed to grow itself the massive user base that it enjoys while also performing consistently well no matter what you are using it for.

The tight cardioid pickup pattern on the microphone offers some excellent audio quality when your sound source is directly in front of your microphone. If you are using your microphone for vlogging or for interview work then this is ideal but unlike some of the compeating microphones on the market right now, the Rode Video Mic Go also offers solid left and right pickup allowing you to use it for sports or music events or anything where you want solid ambient audio quality too.

A great thing about the Rode microphone range is that they include their high-quality Rycote Lyre shock mount in with your purchase as standard too. Although you are able to purchase aftermarket shock mounts, the included mount with the Rode Video Mic Go is often better than many of the third-party aftermarket mounts and offers you much better performance. It flawlessly absorbs and shock or vibration from your camera body that would otherwise transfer to your microphone and potentially contaminate your audio track.

Although this may not sound like much of an issue, it can be a surprising and easy to fix problem that can occur in a large number of niches. This ensures that you are able to move your Canon 70d camera body around as required when capturing your content without the movement resulting in vibrations that contaminate your audio track. We would highly recommend that any of our readers who do choose to go with the Rode Video Mic Go use the included shock mount when using the microphone as it is a solid little accessory that definitely improves your audio quality.

Rode also includes a windshield with their microphones to help increase the number of situations that you are able to use your Rode Video Mic Go in too. The windshield does an excellent job of protecting your microphone from wind and other possible contaminants when using your camera outside to help prevent the wind from having an effect on your microphone element and spoiling your audio track. If you are planning on recording content when outside then we would highly recommend that you use the included windshield at all times as it performs very well and does not have any negative effects when mounted to your microphone either.

Here are some of the other technical specifications of the Rode Video Mic Go but fear not if they mean nothing to you, the pre-programmed configuration of the microphone is excellent:-

  • Capsule: 0.50″
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Frequency Range: 100Hz – 16kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 120dBSPL
  • Sensitivity: -35.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (17.80mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted): 34dBA

When you realize that the Rode Video Mic Go offers you all of this for less than one hundred dollars it is easy to see why the microphone is so popular amongst the videography, vlogging, and streaming communities. A large number of the people who are using the microphone for their content have also chosen to publish their own independent reviews going over their experiences with it.

If you do have a few spare minutes then those reviews are definitely worth skimming over as they offer some solid insight into just how good the Rode Video Mic Go performs. Additionally, some of those reviews have been published by other Canon 70d owners as well as some people who own the 80d and 90d variants of the Canon range too. People have also published their own reviews going over the performance of the microphone in pretty much every niche you may ever work in too helping give you an idea of the performance that you can expect.

User Interface And Control System

Just like all of the other Rode external microphones on the market right now, they have designed the Video Mic Go to be a very user-friendly plug and play microphone that is as easy and straight forward to use as possible. This is excellent as many of the people that we see reaching out for advice on an external microphone for the Canon 70d have not used a microphone with their camera previously so a user-friendly system can help to reduce the amount of time you have to spend getting used to your new microphone.

You simply mount the Rode Video Mic Go to the hot shoe mount on your Canon 70d, plug the 3.5mm jack cable into the external mic input socket on your camera body and you are good to go recording your video footage as required. As we touched on earlier in the article, the default configuration that comes shipped on the Rode Video Mic Go is ideal for the vast majority of videography, vlogging, and streaming niches and will not need to be tweaked or optimal performance.

Build Quality And Design

Rode are known for manufacturing some of the best quality microphones available on the market relative to their price point and in our opinion, they have absolutely smashed it out of the park when it comes to the Rode Video Mic Go. Not only have they been sure to use the lightest possible plastics in the build of the microphone but they have also chosen to use plastics that are tough and robust in nature too.

If you are going to be traveling around on a regular basis with all of your camera accessories for your Canon 70d in your backpack then this is ideal. The small size and lightweight of the Rode Video Mic Go make it ideal for not going over your weight limitations on your airline baggage allowance while also only need the smallest amount of size possible while offering excellent image quality.

Although the hot shoe mount on the Rode Video Mic Go is plastic, it is made from heat treat plastic that has an excellent record of holding its shape even after years of use. This is a great as many of the entry-level, cheaper microphones on the market with plastic hot shoe mounts end up having issues with the shape of the mount changing after years of use and potentially ending up getting stuck on your Canon 70d. Thankfully though, this is not a problem with the Rode Video Mic Go due to the specific heat treatments that Rode put the plastics through.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best microphone for Canon 70d camera users currently available on the market right now. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, if you are on a tighter budget then the Rode Video Micro Compact can be a solid microphone for your Canon 70d but in our opinion, you should definitely be going with its big brother, the Rode Video Mic Go. In our opinion, it is a much better microphone making a much better addition to your camera accessories delivering the best possible audio quality for the price.

As we mentioned above, there are a large number of third-party reviews online for the Rode Video Mic Go that you can read if you wish. They have all been published by independent videographers, vloggers, and streamers who have picked up the external microphone and chosen to share their thoughts on it. You can see how good the microphone is and how highly the community think of it making those reviews well worth reading in our opinion.