The Best Mic For Sony RX100 Cameras!

In our opinion, the Sony rx100 is the best point and shoot camera body on the market by far and its only real competition is the Canon g7x but the rx100 still beats it by a fair margin in our opinion. Due to this, we always see people reaching out and asking a number of various questions about the rx100 and different camera accessories to try and improve its performance to get the best performance possible out of the camera body.

One of the only weaknesses of the rx100 was its lack of an external microphone input socket but the new Sony rx100 vii variant of the camera body comes with external microphone input as standard. Due to this, we have seen a large number of people who use the rx100 vii reaching out and asking for advice on the best mic for Sony rx100 camera users. Thankfully, there are some solid little external microphones that can definatley help to improve the audio quality that you can expect from the rx100 so we have decided to focus on this for today’s article.

Our hope is that our article is going to be able to help any of our readers who own the new Sony rx100 vii and are looking to add a new external microphone to their camera accessories. With the camera being such a popular option amongst the vlogging and entry-level to intermediate videography communities, we have decided to settle on the Rode Video Micro Compact as our microphone of choice.

Not only is it small, light, cheap, and offering outstanding performance, the Rode Video Micro has also managed to build up one of the best reputations going while also having earned an absolutely massive core user base over the years. On top of this, it has also managed to see off all of the compeating products from the other microphone brands in its price point while also offering similar performance to some higher price point microphones that are almost double its price too.

On top of this, the Rode Video Micro Compact is one of the few products in its price bracket that has consistently managed to keep its great reputation amongst the community. The sub-one hundred dollar external mic range is a minefield these days unfortunately with a ton of low quality, overpriced products that are essentially a total waste of time but as usual, the Rode brand shines through with their high standards and excellent products for the lowest quality price tags.

Performance And Functionality

With the Sony rx100 being such a popular camera choice with vloggers we feel that the Rode Video Micro really is the perfect option due to it offering everything that a vlogger could ever need in a mic. On top of this, it is also an ideal option for the vast majority of entry-level videography niches as well as a large number of the popular intermediate videography niches too ensuring you get the best audio track possible without breaking the bank.

The mono pickup pattern offers excellent audio detection for sound sources both left and right of the microphone while also offering great forward-facing detection too. This means that no matter what you are actually planning on getting up to with your rx100 or the type of audio you are expecting to have to record, the Rode Video Micro will perform well and meet your needs. This ensures that the mic is ideal for vlogging, interviews, sports videographer, recording music gigs, and a ton of other popular niches too.

Another thing that Rode includes with the Video Micro as standard that offering it another advantage of most of the compeating microphones in its price range is the Delux furry windshield too. The high-quality windshields protect the microphone element from the effects of wind when recording outdoors as the Rycote Lyre mount is unable to offer you any protection from the wind. The windshield thankfully performs very well and we are surprised that Rode includes it as standard with the microphone as there are third-party windshields available at around the same price as the microphone that does not perform as well as the standard included windshield.

As you would expect from a modern Rode microphone, the Video Micro comes with the Rycote Lyre Shock Mount as standard to further improve the audio quality that you are able to capture for your Sony rx100. The Rycote Lyre mount can easily absorb vibrations that would otherwise contaminate your audio track and many compeating microphones on the market right now in this price range do not offer a mount as standard either helping to score the Rode Video Micro additional points.

Although the Rode Video Micro does not have its own dedicated battery, the Rode phantom power system to pull power from your Sony rx100 is excellent and offers a great power supply to ensure that the mic captures content very well. The draw of the microphone is so low that it has a minimal effect on the maximum battery life of your rx100 ensuring that you can still get out and capture all of the content you require without running out of battery quicker.

Here are some of the key specifications for the Rode Video Micro:-

  • Frequency Response: 100Hz – 20kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Maximum SPL: 140dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
  • Sensitivity: -33.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (22.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
  • Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted): 20dB-A

It is easy to see why the Rode Video Micro is the undisputed king of the sub-one hundred dollar external microphones on the market these days. There is little to no real competition in its price range that even come close to the performance, functionality, and specifications of the microphone and we can see why so many videographers and vloggers choose it as their microphone of choice.

Literally thousands of the independent videographers and vloggers who opt to use the Rode Video Micro as their microphone of choice have opted to publish their own third-party reviews that you can read if you wish. They offer some excellent, truly independent insight into just how highly the community regards the Rode Video Micro and how it can help to drastically improve the audio quality that you are able to capture with your Sony rx100.

User Interface And Control System

Rode have always tried to ensure that their whole microphone range is as user-friendly and simple to use as possible. This can definatley work to your favor as although the Sony rx100 vii is an expensive camera body, many of the vloggers and videographers using it are entry-level to intermediate level and may never have used an external microphone before. The simple system that Rode has developed over the years ensures that an entry-level or advanced level user can easily get exactly what they need out of the microphone with ease.

The Rode Video Micro also uses the standard 3.5mm jack socket that inputs directly into your Sony rx100 vii external mic socket too. With the 3.5mm jack socket being the industry standard this offers you some future-proofing if you do choose to add the Rode Video Micro Compact to your camera accessories as it will work with any camera body that you may upgrade to from the rx100. This allows you to upgrade your camera body to something like the Canon m50 or the Sony a6400 in the future that are both popular upgrades from the rx100 without having to purchase a new microphone too.

The Rode Video Micro also uses the standard hot shoe connector too allowing you to mount it to any camera body that offers a standard hot shoe mount. With many vloggers and a large number of videographers opting to use a camera cage with their Sony rx100, you can also mount your microphone to the cage via a hot shoe mount to always get the best audio quality possible with ease.

Build Quality And Design

Over the years, Rode have managed to rightfully earn themselves a great reputation for producing some of the most lightweight, small, and robust microphones available on the market for the lowest possible price point. We are happy to report that the Rode Video Micro is no different and it is absolutely tiny for the audio quality that it is able to capture for your rx100. On top of this, even though it is very small and light, the Rode Video Micro is also just as tough and robust as you would expect from any modern Rode microphone.

The compact design of the microphone also ensures that if you are a travel vlogger and have to move around with your Sony rx100 and your camera accessories in your luggage on a regular basis, the microphone requires the smallest possible space too. The lightweight also means that it has a minimal effect on your overall luggage weight too meaning that you shouldn’t accidentally go over your luggage weight allowance by adding the microphone to your camera accessories either.

Although we have already touched on the benefits of the included Rycote Lyre Shock Mount, we did not mention its excellent build quality. The whole-mount has been made from a single piece of thermoplastic with no joints or initial weak spots to not only help increase the performance of the mount but also increase its durability and toughness.

Our Verdict

That concludes our thoughts on the best external microphone for Sony rx100 camera users and we really do feel that the Rode Video Micro Compact is leading the pack by a large margin. In our opinion, nothing else on the market right now even comes close to what the Video Micro can offer in terms of performance, audio quality, build quality, and price making it the perfect addition to your Sony rx100 camera accessories.

We mentioned this previously in the article but due to the Rode Video Micro having a huge user base, there are a large amount of independent reviews online that you can read if you have the time. Even taking a few minutes to skim over some of those reviews can still provide massive value as they offer great opinions from third-party videographers and vloggers who use the microphone in a large number of popular niches.