The Ultimate Krups EA8250 Review!

Whether it’s a hot cuppa joe to stimulate the senses or a sharp shot of espresso to help start your day like a rocket, the KRUPS EA8250 should definatley be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Combining the functions of a coffee machine and espresso machine, this coffee maker boasts premium-level performance at an equally eye-popping price point.

That said though, despite coming in at a relatively high price point, the KRUPS EA8250 delivers a flavorful, commercial-grade brew no matter your preferences that has managed to earn it a KRUPS EA8250 Fully Auto Espresso Machine, Espresso Maker, Burr Grinder, 60 Ounce, Black within the coffee-drinking community. Now, the only question is – is the EA8250 worth its price tag to you? Find out with our full, comprehensive KRUPS EA8250 review.

The KRUPS EA8250 Specifications

The KRUPS brand has been around since 1846, and has since risen through the ranks of the kitchen appliance market to become one of the leading producers of coffee machines around the world. The opulent name is often associated with some of the best countertop appliances that offer the best possible performance at the high-end price point.

Even with its relatively steep price, the EA8250 is one of the brand’s more affordable models, albeit touting a robust set of functions and features that make it an all-around caffeine hub to fully equip your kitchen.

  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Color: Black with chrome accents
  • Reservoir capacity: 1.8 liters
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • 1450-watts
  • Built-in burr grinder
  • LCD screen
  • Removable drip tray
  • Removable cake container
  • Thermoblock heating technology
  • Sealed bean hopper

Performance and Functionality of the Coffee Maker

Since its release onto the market, the KRUPS EA8250 has received a large number of great independent reviews from the coffee-drinking community. This is largely due to its outstanding functionality that makes brewing a great cup of coffee as easy as possible. Designed to produce professional-quality coffee, the EA8250 starts it off with an oversized bean hopper – sealed and air-tight to prevent your beans from losing flavor.

Underneath the hopper, a built-in burr grinder works to process your beans and grind them to perfection. Often considered better than a blade grinder, the burr grinder lets you fine-tune the process so that you can achieve a finer or coarser coffee ground texture to maximize the flavor of your beans and get the best cup of coffee possible.

Equipped with a 1.8-liter water reservoir, the EA8250 can produce as many as eleven cups of coffee in between refills. If you’re using it strictly for espresso, then you can produce around double this number due to the lower water requirement. For a standard cup of coffee, the machine will produce a maximum of roughly 5.3 ounces of output per grind. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer an option that delivers any more than that, so if you were hoping to get a larger cup of coffee, a double cycle might be in order.

Despite the brand’s quality and reputation, the machine does have a few hiccups that have held it back from becoming the dominant coffee machine in its price point that might hold it back for you and your needs. For starters, the coffee maker can only produce single-serve coffee. That means that each person in your household will have to wait the minute-long brewing process to get their share of caffeinated goodness, this can also hold it back when it comes to a coffee machine for an office making something like the Keurig k155 a better and cheaper option.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that it can only take whole beans. If you’re looking to save on the overhead expense by using pre-ground coffee beans, then you might not find the EA8250 to be the best option for your piggy bank’s well-being. All that said though, the KRUPS EA8250 does make an excellent cup of coffee so if you are in a smaller office or household then it could be the perfect option.

User Interface and Control System

The EA8250’s interface is pretty basic, offering a seamless user experience even for those who might not be too savvy with luxury coffee makers or maybe looking for their very first coffee machine. That said though, the weak areas in the machines user interface are just more reasons that the Keurig k155 has managed to grow to become the dominant machine in the price bracket rather than the KRUPS EA8250.

Although you would expect such an expensive machine to come with a touchscreen LCD, its basic button and knob combo are good enough to support the screen’s functions and manually control the machine with ease. The step-by-step interface lets you choose your type of coffee and the size that you want. All of this is done by the use of a turning knob that sits right on the front of the machine. A central button at the middle of the knob serves the purpose of choice confirmation. Once you scroll through your options with the knob, pressing the button confirms your selection and moves you to the next menu screen, or begins the process of brewing. All of the information you need to know about the status of your brew can be seen on the LCD screen slapped across the machine’s face.

While it’s definitely simple, the control system could use a few improvements here and there. The first thing we noticed is how the central button’s function changes depending on what step in the brewing process you’re in. For instance, once you okay your brew choice, amount, and brew temperature, and the machine start to grind the beans, you need to double press the button within 3 seconds to indicate that you want a double cup.

If you fail to press the button twice within that small time frame, the function of the button changes from a double cup of coffee to cancel. In effect, pressing the button at this time cancels your order all together and dunks the beans into the puck. This doesn’t just waste the water contained in your water tank, but also the beans that the machine tosses which can’t be reloaded into the hopper.

Another thing that might cause you some annoyance is the machine’s ultra high-maintenance programming. Every 3 to 4 brews, the machine’s LCD indicates the need to clean out the puck even if its size could easily accommodate 10 to 12 cycles. Similarly, the machine also commands when its time to initiate a maintenance cycle which might be a little too often than most of us would prefer.

Build Quality and Design

If there’s one thing about the EA8250, it’s that it’s a good looking kitchen addition. The premium built machine boasts a beautiful exterior, characteristic of the KRUPS brand. The streamlined body is both robust and sophisticated, exuding that luxury coffee maker looks that can definitely add decorative appeal to your countertop space.

The polished black plastic body is complemented by chrome accents, making the machine look particularly worthy of its steep cost. From its heightened bean hopper to its chrome-accented nozzles, the EA8250 won’t disappoint when it comes to aesthetics. The smooth exterior is relatively free of nooks and crannies, making the EA8250 easy to clean. The removable drip tray, water reservoir, and cake container were designed to ease the maintenance process, letting you get rid of any residue and brew by-products without the hassle. But for as beautiful as the machine looks, the eye-popping design definitely isn’t without flaws. The first thing you’ll notice is how the coffee cup stage limits the size of the cups you can use.

While height-wise, there shouldn’t be a problem, the nozzles are pressed into the wall of the machine, with a hollowed-out space to push your cup into. If your mug is too wide for the slot, then you might not be able to place it into the machine to catch the flow of coffee from the nozzles. The water reservoir is another point of concern. With its opening being particularly difficult to get to, the manufacturer goes as far as including a tool to help you fill-up the tank with water. Unfortunately, that can make refills a bit of a chore, especially if you drink enough coffee a day to use up the 1.8-liter reservoir.

Frequently Asked Questions About the KRUPS EA8250

What’s the best descaling process for the KRUPS EA8250?

The manufacturer recommends routine descaling to get rid of scale deposits that might form around your machine’s heating element. Each EA8250 comes with descaling tablets that you can use to help improve the result of the process. If you’re interested in using other products for descaling, citric acid or tartaric acid in 2 tablespoon amounts should suffice.

The machine will automatically let you know when you need to perform a descale. But if you feel that you want to perform the process even before the machine prompts you, you can find the option for descaling in the Service settings through the coffee maker’s menu.

If you use your coffee to make 4 or more cups of espresso or coffee a day with hard water, then it might be best to descale the machine every 3 months. Failure to remove the deposits may result to poor heating and thus poor flavor extraction.

What happens to the machine if I’m brewing when a power interruption occurs?

The machine is programmed to turn back on the moment that the power comes back after an interruption. If it was brewing a cup of coffee when the outage occurred, it’s programmed to dunk the coffee and water it used for the cycle, letting you start a brand new cycle with fresh beans and water.

Can I use the EA8250 in an office or waiting room?

No, the EA8250 was designed strictly for residential use. While it’s solo serving program and its versatile coffee selection might make it seem like a good choice for a small commercial space, using the machine in a setting other than your home will ultimately void your warranty. Make sure you read through the manual and the warranty specifics to be fully aware of how you can and can’t use your machine. As we touched on earlier, if you do want something for the office space, consider something like the Keurig k155 instead.

How can I make stronger, more flavorful coffee?

If your taste buds are looking for something a little stronger, then you may want to consider two things – the amount of water in each serving of coffee and the fineness of the grounds. You can adjust the water level during the brew setting selection. The coffee grounds’ texture can be adjusted with the dedicated knob while the machine is turned on. Choose the finest grind to extract the most flavor out of your beans.

If you’re still not getting the kind of strong coffee you want, you might want to try the strong espresso option. Applying stronger pressure on the grounds, this setting produces the strongest coffee flavor in the KRUPS available brew selection, extracting the most flavor out of your beans within the same, short amount of time.

Can I use the bean hopper as a stand-by bean storage?

The bean hopper installed into the EA8250 is designed to create an airtight seal, keeping your beans’ flavor intact for maximum coffee taste. But keep in mind that a room temperature bean hopper isn’t the best way to store your beans. While adding enough beans to the hopper to satisfy 2 days of brewing might not be a big issue, the manufacturer recommends keeping your beans in a separate container and storing them in your fridge until you need to brew.

Final Thoughts – Is the EA8250 Worth It?

At its price point, the KRUPS EA8250 brings you a dual-purpose machine that’s equipped with its very own burr bean grinder – a definite plus. The easy interface and excellent brewing output make it a major investment for caffeine connoisseurs who don’t want to skimp out on coffee quality even if they’re just brewing at home.

But even then, the design isn’t without its fair share of flaws. For the most part, everything else can be forgivable design hiccups with viable workarounds. But what really sets it a few steps back is the buggy user interface that can be a chore to deal with. And if you were hoping to maximize the versatility of the machine, the added cost of the milk frother may be a necessary expense helping push the Keurig k155 further ahead of the EA8250.

All things considered, however, the KRUPS EA8250 still received some solid third party reviews, thanks to its excellent coffee output quality. Plus, because it brings a coffee maker, an espresso machine, and a grinder all in one, it’s cost becomes a reasonable price to pay. With that, our KRUPS EA8250 review crowns the machine as a worthy kitchen addition. Just make sure to protect your purchase with an extended warranty, and you should be able to steer clear of those user interface issues.