The Ultimate Jura Z6 Review!

Jura is perhaps the paragon of coffee makers, brandishing a glorious collection of premium automatic coffee machines designed to cater to every kind of caffeine lover. The Jura Z6 is among their premier line-up, touting a range of features that encapsulate the Swiss brand’s undeniable sophistication. Boasting harmonious symmetry, beautiful clean lines, and a wealth of functions that create artisan coffees with the press of a button, the Jura Z6 is a top-of-the-line machine that works hard to earn its price tag.

That said, the appliance does come at a hefty cost, making it a little more ideal for those who want nothing short of the best cup of coffee possible. That’s said though, even with its price, the Z6 has found strong patronage, earning itself an excellent reputation throughout the community. If you are interested in copping this premium coffee maker for your home then we are confident that our Jura Z6 review will be able to help you find out if its the right coffee machine for you.

Performance and Functionality of the Coffee Maker

The Jura brand frequently claims that its coffee makers are a cut above the rest, able to outperform others in its price point without there being any real competition. In many ways, that is actually true, and the brand owes that largely to its Pulse Extraction Process technology. This intuitive feature pushes jets of water at just the right pressure, temperature, and interval through your ground coffee, helping to achieve the perfect extraction resulting in one of the best cups of coffee that money can buy.

This often results in a blossom of aromas that you’re unlikely to achieve with any other automatic coffee maker on the market at the time of writing. The machine can produce a variety of specialty coffees, spanning from the short, sharp ristretto to the mellow, milky flat white. Allowing various temperature and coffee strength settings, the machine was built to cater to your specific needs, with the ability to make adjustments and changes to the overall product with the precision of a seasoned barista.

Another thing that has earned the Jura Z6 a bunch of great independent reviews since its release is its intuitive milk and fully integrated milk frothing system. The system is a definite upgrade when compared to the coffee makers that Zura has released prior to the Z6. The Z6’s milk system uses a precision nozzle that produces dense clouds of milk froth that can be set at your desired temperature. The fully automatic feature lets you switch between milk and milk foam instantly – no need for manual adjustments.

Of course, on top of all of that, the Jura Z6 touts impressive build quality and convenience. Its large 81 ounce water reservoir means that you won’t have to refill the tank too soon between uses, letting you concoct an average of 10 cups for every full tank of water. On the downside, the machine can’t be hooked up to a plumbing system.

Given the Z6’s price tag, you would hope that you should be able to connect the coffee machine directly to your waterline. That said though Jura state that the Z6 can’t be linked to a plumbing system without voiding your warranty, especially since the machine was designed strictly for residential use. This is commonplace with residential coffee machines due to so many people trying to plumb their machines into their household water supply and causing damage only to ask for a refund.

User Interface and Control System

One of the things that make the Jura Z6 particularly dreamy to use is its smart tag, modern, intelligent user interface. The self-explanatory system is fronted by a premium TFT color screen with three chrome-plated buttons lining each side, for a total of six. Along the top of the machine, a dial lets you scan through the options displayed on the screen. Personally, this seemed a bit counterintuitive, calling for users to keep moving the dial and then make selections with the buttons on the front of the machine.

We also noticed that the appliance isn’t fitted with touchscreen technology but again, this is commonplace even with the newer coffee machines. This is due to the fact that the old school physical buttons on coffee machines tend to perform better due to the heat, water, and steam involved with these premium level coffee machines. Touchscreen technology just is not there yet and integrating it onto a solid coffee machine can cause problems so we prefer the old school control interfaces anyway.

The screen showcases all the information you need to get around to brewing and even shows prompt to help you maintain your machine more accurately. These include prompts to refill the water tank, rinse the system, or perform a complete descale. On the downside, maintenance notifications might seem a little frequent, but chances are, if you are spending this much on a coffee machine then you are going to be taking the best possible care of it anyway. You are able to turn off the notifications for less essential maintenance if you wish but this is totally down to you.

What we did notice about the Jura Z6 is that setting controls are a bit fickle. For one thing, coffee and milk temperatures are designated on a scale of 1 to 10. The machine doesn’t tell you the exact temperature for each level, so you’re just going to have to guess based on your preferences. That said though, a quick flick through the user manual fully explains the relative temperatures in both Celcius and Fahrenheit.

Finally, it’s important to note that the machine doesn’t use the Pulse Extraction Process for recipes other than the espresso or ristretto. So while short shots are incredibly flavorful and aromatic, the same can’t be achieved automatically with a cappuccino or a latte. Nonetheless, you could make one manually by brewing an espresso and then adding in the milk later on. But that would defeat the whole purpose of having an automatic machine.

Build Quality and Design

If there’s anything that deserves a commendation when it comes to the Z6 – or any other Jura coffee machine for that matter – it’s the building design. The Z6 boasts beautiful symmetry and harmonious outlines that exude premium sophistication that deserves its price. The machine combines stainless steel, ABS plastic panels, and chrome accents to produce an elegant appliance that’s easy on the eyes.

Needless to say, the Jura Z6 coffee maker makes a wonderful countertop addition on top of being a versatile machine. Easy to use and easy to clean, the machine is fully automatic, requiring nothing more from you than the addition of cleaning agents for the rinsing, cleaning, and descaling process.

While you might be able to use a variety of cleaning products – both branded and household – to maintain your Jura Z6, there is a trade-off. According to the manufacturer, using cleaning materials that don’t come from the Jura brand will invalidate your warranty. Being a sophisticated machine, the Z6 requires specific care and may be damaged with the use of unprescribed cleaning agents.

If there’s anything that might need improvement, it’s the Z6’s anatomy. The power button – located towards the rear of the machine – may require that you reach back quite a bit to bring the coffee maker to life. The bean container also sits towards the back of the coffee machine’s head, which may create troubles with refilling if you’ve got limited countertop space.

Lastly, the milk and milk frother system may also require a few more upgrades. While the Z6’s milk system is definitely a step up from the previous Jura machines, it’s not entirely flawless. Aside from being poor with temperatures, the milk system also tends to clog, requiring frequent, routine cleaning and rinsing to get rid of accumulated build-up.

Jura Z6 FAQs

How often should you clean a Jura Z6? It’s recommended that you clean your Jura Z6 as often as the system prompts you to. Proper maintenance and routine cleaning are both components of coffee machine care, and they promise to keep your warranty intact. However, if you find that the prompts might be a little too frequent, then you may defer the schedule to a more convenient time. For the most part, however, your Z6 should see a well-deserved cleaning after every 180 ounces of brewing.

Can I install the Jura Z6 in a commercial place? Offices, doctor’s clinics, and waiting areas are all great places to have a coffee machine, but the Z6 was not designed for these high demand areas. Specifically engineered for residential use, the Jura Z6 was intended for households only, featuring functions and build-quality that’s designed for just a handful of brews in a day. High-demand commercial spaces that require more than 15 cups a day may cause wear and tear that the machine wasn’t intended for.

What happens if I don’t descale my Z6? Descaling is the process of removing mineral deposits that accumulate on the coffee maker’s heating element. This happens as a result of the water that you use. Water that has more minerals will produce more accumulating, clinging to the heating element and creating a barrier between the heater and the water in the system.

Without routine descaling, a Jura Z6 coffee maker could suffer from uneven heating. In effect, any coffee produced would be of a lower quality, especially because insufficient heat can make it difficult to extract the maximum flavor from the coffee grounds.

When should I change my milk pipe? The accessories used for the milk frothing system are most prone to bacterial build up because of the nature of dairy. Fortunately, the brand offers a range of replacement parts that can help you maintain the integrity of your machine and the quality of your brews. The milk pipe is of particular interest, requiring routine replacement after around 3 months of regular use. If you always use the milking system, then you may need to replace it sooner, calling for a brand new milk pipe within just 2 months’ time.

Can you use any kind of milk in the milk frothing system? Yes, you can. The Jura can accept all sorts of milk including fresh cow’s milk and even almond milk. However, it’s important to consider the consistency of the milk you’re using before tossing it into the machine. Thicker milk blends that might be too heavy and creamy can clog the system. Milk products with watery consistency should be most ideal to maintain the integrity of your machine.

The Pros of the Jura Z6

  • Pulse Extraction Process maximizes the flavor of coffee grounds to fine-tune the strength of your brew and bring out the aromas of your coffee
  • Intelligent water system automatically detects the presence of a water filter
  • Easy, intuitive user interface streamlines the user experience
  • Versatile conical bean burr can be precisely set to your desired coarseness or fineness to help improve coffee flavor
  • Upgraded milk and milk frothing system allows more compact froth and better milk temperatures
  • Sophisticated, beautiful, symmetrical design makes the machine a premium countertop addition
  • Fully automatic functionality lets you brew, clean, and descale with the press of a button
  • Additional Smart Connect feature connects your phone to your Jura Z6 for even easier, effortless use
  • Ten different heat settings for both coffee and milk is a definite upgrade from previous models with just six temperature settings

The Cons of the Jura Z6

  • Power button placement could be made more accessible
  • Turn dial location might be slightly counterintuitive relative to the selection buttons along the sides of the screen
  • Temperature levels don’t tell you the precise temperature of the coffee or milk
  • Frequent cleaning prompts may require you to clean the machine more often than you prefer
  • Can’t be directly hooked to a plumbing system
  • Lots of nooks and crannies that may be difficult to clean
  • Can only be cleaned with Jura brand cleaners

The Verdict – Is the Jura Z6 Worth It?

Is the Jura Z6 worth it? In a lot of ways, it can be as it produces some of the best coffee that money can buy from the comfort of your own home. When it all boils down to it, the Jura Z6 produces nothing short of premium quality coffee that competes with high-end cafes. The extensive selection of choices in combination with the Pulse Extraction Process promise to elevate the taste and aroma of your brew, letting you enjoy artisan coffee blends in the comfort of home.

If you are yet to make your mind up then you can check out some of that have been published by independent owners of the Jura Z6. They are well worth reading in our opinion as they offer some solid insight into how well the coffee machine performs and just how good of a cup of coffee it can produce.