The Ultimate Jura J6 Review!

As one of the leaders in the home appliance manufacturing industry, the multi-million dollar Swiss brand ‘Jura’ has earned an outstanding reputation within the community with its premium price point appliance models. Their line of coffee machine range is their bread and butter and one of their most popular and successful appliance ranges by far earning them a large share of the market among those who want to enjoy professional, cafe-grade coffee from the comfort of home.

In this review, we’re taking a deeper look into the Jura J6. Coming in with its premium price tag, the J6 is a top-of-the-line coffee maker that delivers premier coffee quality with minimal effort helping you make the best cup of coffee possible. The high-end model boasts patented technologies and a carefully engineered design that promises to turn you into a professional barista.

Since its release onto the market, the Jura J6 has gone from strength to strength too and has managed to earn itself a great reputation amongst the coffee-drinking community too. The main question that we see people reaching out and asking about is based around does the coffee that the machine produces justify its premium level price tag? Find out below with our ultimate Jura J6 review.

Performance and Functionality of the Coffee Maker

Much like many of the other automatic coffee machines from the Jura brand, the Jura J6 uses some pretty impressive tech to extract potent flavor from every grind. It all starts with the new and improved, fully integrated Aroma G3 Grinder. The G3 grinder has been designed to grind your coffee beans into the perfect coarseness or fineness within seconds and this specialized grinder lets you fine-tune the flavor and potency of your cup of coffee allowing a more customized coffee output to match your unique preferences.

The machine uses the same Pulse Extraction Process system touted by many of the other Jura machines as well as some of the leading compeating coffee machine brands on the market right now too. This tech aims to maximize the flavor potential of your ground coffee by pulsating hot water through the grind at carefully calculated intervals. In effect, you get excellent coffee strength, flavor, aroma, and a thick, luscious crema, if you’re concocting an espresso. It’s this main feature that has earned the Jura J6 a bunch of excellent independent reviews from the coffee-drinking community who already use the J6 as their machine of choice.

With the J6 being able to dispense other specialty coffees like cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes, the Jura J6 also comes equipped with the necessary milk frother to infuse your coffee with the lip-smacking creaminess of fluffy milk froth. An optional addition to the machine is the Milk Cooler that helps to achieve a more dynamic temperature experience to further enhance the quality of your brew but in our opinion, this is not needed to produce the optimal cup of coffee.

Versatile and efficient, the Jura J6 produces a wide range of single-serve coffee blends with reliable, consistent results. Performance-wise, the only real issue worth mentioning is its constant need for maintenance and cleaning but once you are used to the process, this can be completed surprisingly quickly. Being that the machine is top-shelf, it requires regular, routine cleaning cycles to maintain its performance and output quality but on the flipside of this, so does the cheaper coffee machines that produce an average cup of coffee.

Reminders for cleaning are displayed on the coffee machines LCD screen to remind users of the cleaning schedule so you can rest assured that you will not miss a schedules clean of the machine. Although officially, the Jura J6 should only be cleaned using the official Jura cleaning products, there are a number of third-party brands that have released their own cheaper coffee cleaning products onto the market to help reduce the cleaning costs.

In our opinion, the only real potential flaw of the machine is the inability to hook the water reservoir to a water in line to allow it to refill its water supply as required. Now, we know that there are a ton of reasons that domestic coffee machines do not come with a water input but with its premium price point, we would have liked to see one. That said though, we would imagine that the vast majority of our readers will be fine with the traditional water reservoir system as at the time of writing, this is definatley the most popular way to supply water to the premium price point coffee machines.

User Interface and Control System

Although the Jura J6 comes at a similar price when compared to the Jura S8, it doesn’t come with a modern touchscreen system. Sure, that doesn’t really impact performance, but at such a steep price, you would expect the appliance to come equipped with a more modern touchscreen-based interface. Nonetheless, the buttons on the interface are convenient and straightforward to use while also being very responsive to your touch to allowing you to quickly get the J6 knocking up your ideal cup of coffee.

Along the sides of the TFT screen are six buttons, arranged in lines of three on either side of the monitor. These correspond to options that show on the screen and let you choose the kind of blend you want as well as other specifics of the brewing process like brew temperature. A single button decorated with the Jura logo sits front and center and essentially lets you confirm and finalize your selection.

Two nozzles sit just underneath the main button, letting you brew a quick cup of coffee or two at a time. The milk frother can be found to the left of the machine and works to produce warm milk froth to top off your coffee concoction. Underneath the nozzles, the chrome-plated removable drip tray holds your cup and keeps everything nice and tidy as you brew.

What’s particularly satisfying about the Jura J6 is that it lets you customize your brew down to the most specific measurements. The machine lets you choose how much ground coffee you want to use for your brew – starting at 5 to 16 grams. It also lets you select your water level to fine-tune the strength of your coffee. All together, the machine offers 10 adjustable and programmable coffee strength levels.

Once you find the perfect measures for your daily cup, the machine lets you save, copy, and personalize your preferences. This way, you won’t have to go through the whole adjustment process through the interface, letting you go straight to selecting your preset specifics.

With a water tank capacity of 70.3 ounces, the Jura J6 can produce up to 8 cups of coffee before a well-deserved refill. Of course, many of us would prefer a larger capacity since refills can be a chore. But with its modest water reservoir size, the Jura J6 promises that any water in your tank will be used before it sits for too long.

If there’s anything that seems off with the whole user experience, it’s the lack of wider heat setting selection. Typical of Jura coffee makers, the J6 only lets you select from 3 preset water temperature settings. What’s more, it doesn’t even tell you what the exact temperature is. With that, the entire process of selection becomes something of a guessing game.

Any cup of coffee dispensed by the J6 will typically be warm enough to drink straight out of the machine. Even the hottest setting won’t scald your tongue. But since preferences do change, individuals who prefer a hot, steaming cup of coffee in the morning might not find satisfaction with the J6’s limited temperature settings.

Build Quality and Design

There’s no beating a Jura brand coffee maker when it comes to build quality. Designed to please the most discriminating of buyers, the Jura J6 touts a beautiful exterior with gorgeous symmetry and clean lines, making it not just a kitchen appliance, but a decorative addition to your countertop space as well.

Chrome accents cover the nozzles and milk frother, complimenting the matte silver body of the machine. The interface and the main selection button are all black, giving dimension and highlighting the area against the rest of the solid colored coffee maker. The drip tray boasts a sophisticated glass panel that borders around the grates, giving it a truly elegant aesthetic. And to make the experience feel even more world-class, a cup illumination light casts a spotlight on your coffee as it comes out of the nozzle.

In many ways, when you buy a Jura coffee maker, you’re paying mostly for its design. The seamless lines and symmetry make it incredibly easy to clean and maintain the exterior, on top of the routine cleaning that the machine prompts for its internal brewing system. All together, the machine feels stable and works efficiently, so flimsy parts and cheap plastic pieces shouldn’t be a problem.

But of course, it’s still not the perfect design. For one thing, the double nozzles might be a little too close together. If you were hoping to brew two cups at a time, you’d have to use thin glass mugs to make sure they fall perfectly below the double nozzles.

Another thing is the removable, dishwasher safe compartment that Jura incorporates. The compartment was intended for the interchangeable milk spout and milk pipe. While it might seem like an intuitive inclusion, the compartment compounds the design and simply adds another area that requires special cleaning.

Jura J6 FAQs

Can I clean my Jura J6 with any store-bought coffee machine cleaner tablets and descalers?

Yes and no. While any store-bought coffee maker cleaner or descaler will likely work on the Jura J6, the manufacturer discourages users from maintaining their Jura brand coffee makers with anything other than cleaning tablets and descalers from the manufacturer. That’s because the Jura J6 is a premium machine that requires specific care. By using cleaning products that aren’t specifically formulated and developed for the machine, damage might be inevitable. In effect, using such cleansers and products voids the warranty, making your machine ineligible for free service and repairs during the length of its coverage period.

Do I need to change my milk pipe if I clean my system regularly?

The milking apparatus that comes with the Jura J6 will require special care and consideration. That’s because parts that deal with dairy are likely to be more prone to bacterial growth, even with regular cleaning. If you prepare specialty drinks on a routine basis, then the manufacturer recommends that you replace the milk pipe at least once every 3 months. For those who use the milking apparatus more frequently, shortening the replacement period to 2 months should be ideal.

How often should I clean my Jura J6?

The Jura J6 will require routine cleaning at least once every 50 liters of coffee produced, but there’s no need for you to count. One of the benefits of the Jura system is that it will prompt you when its time to initiate the cleaning process. Of course, the coffee maker might notify of the need to clean way before the 50-liter mark, but you do have the option to decline the process until your soonest convenience.

What kind of water should I use in my Jura J6 coffee maker?

Most people use water straight from the tap to make their coffee. But if you taste your tap water and find that it leaves a metallic flavor in your mouth, then it might be better to choose a different type of water. Tap water that’s rich in minerals might be suitable for drinking, but the added components may speed up the scaling of the heating element inside your machine. Crystallized minerals that cling to the insides of your machine can dampen its functionality and make the need for routine descaling more frequent. If you don’t want to have to descale your coffee maker too often, consider using filtered or bottled water instead.

How do I connect to the Jura Operation Experience mobile application?

The Jura J6 can be used with the Jura Operation Experience mobile app, but not without the necessary additions. To connect your coffee machine to the app, you will have to purchase the Jura Smart Connect accessory. This added device lets you link your phone to your J6, thus letting you control operations from your handheld device.

The Jura J6 – Is It Worth It?

Now the big question – is the Jura J6 actually worth its premium level price tag? Ultimately, that depends on what you’re looking for. The premium machine delivers elegant, flavorful, professional-grade coffee blends that can easily match up to your favorite $10 artisan cup. The extensive selection, easy brewing process, and quick preparation time make it the ultimate on-the-go solution for busy bees who need that dose of caffeine in the morning – without having to sacrifice quality.

While it isn’t the perfect machine, any of the flaws that the Jura J6 has can hardly pass off as deal-breakers. At most, these minor issues can be inconvenient, but overall the machine makes up for it with performance, quality, and output. Based on our Jura J6 review, the biggest issue has to be its limited water reservoir capacity but at the time of writing, this same system is used in the flagship premium coffee machines from the compeating brands too. Nonetheless, the machine has gotten some solid third-party reviews that sing its praises and are well worth reading over.

If you’re looking for a budget coffee machine, then the Jura J6 definitely isn’t the answer to your search. Then again, anyone who wants a machine that doesn’t skimp out on coffee quality, with the ability to produce cafe-grade blends that can permanently keep you from having to line up at the nearest coffee shop to get your daily dose, then the Jura J6 makes a sound countertop addition.