The Ultimate Jura E6 Review!

There’s just something about an expertly brewed cup of coffee that can set the mood for any day. Awakening the senses and boosting energy levels, a premium cuppa can be the perfect introduction to a demanding day ahead. But time is of the essence, and lining up for hours just to get your hands on an artisan brew can be an impractical practice for a corporate worker on the go.

The solution? A premium automatic coffee machine like Jura E6. Unlike your run of the mill coffee maker, the E6 coffee machine can concoct decadent blends that mimic the quality and depth of flavor of a cup brewed by a seasoned barista. That said, you should know that these machines will typically come at a steeper cost than your average maker.

Jura has been around for close to seven decades, and their highly sophisticated machines push the envelope of what coffee makers can do, earning them a great reputation throughout the community of coffee lovers. Their leading mid-segment machine comes in the form of the E6 – a coffee maker that marries premium functionality with a reasonable price tag. Now, the question – is it all it’s chalked up to be? Find out with our Jura E6 review.

Performance and Functionality of the Coffee Maker

The Jura E6 is considered a premium automatic coffee machine, falling within the mid-segment of the Jura line-up. At half the price of more expensive machines like the Jura S8 and a fourth of the price of the Z8, the E6 is a cost-effective choice that appeals to buyers interested in high-quality coffee that’s still within budget.

What makes the Jura E6 better than the average everyday coffee machine is its Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) system. This is Jura’s main selling point and is brandished as the brand’s signature feature. The purpose of PEP is to guarantee maximum flavor extraction, enhancing the taste and aroma of your blend to elevate the brew’s quality. The result is an artisan blend that encapsulates the fragrance of full-bodied coffee all within the comfort of home.

But there’s more to the E6 than its PEP feature. This coffee machine can make six different brews, ranging from a creamy cappuccino to hot, aromatic espresso. Its onboard milk frother makes it possible to create an extensive variety of coffee blends, even opening up the opportunity for you to concoct your very own signature brew.

Other than the PEP system, the Jura E6 also uses an intelligent water system that detects the presence of a filter. This makes for safer operations that enable more efficient water filtration than any other coffee maker on the market. Filtered hot water can be set to various heat levels to produce single-serve coffee that’s perfect for your unique preferences.

Typical of the Jura series of automatic coffee machines, the E6 can also produce two separate cups of brew at the same time, making it a suitable addition to kitchen spaces that see moderate traffic and the occasional guests. Its 63.6-ounce water reservoir can produce as many as 7 to 8 cups of coffee on a single fill, so you’ll only have to replenish twice or thrice a week depending on your consumption.

Is it the perfect machine? To be honest, it comes pretty close. But it’s not without flaws. The first is that you can’t hook the machine up to a direct water line without voiding your warranty. Nonetheless, its water tank is more than enough to accommodate the needs of a medium-sized household, especially since it’s not intended for commercial use anyway. If you were hoping to hook up to your plumbing, consider a commercial coffee machine that’s built for high traffic kitchens and pantries.

Second, the Jura E6 can’t take the coffee powder. Unlike other Jura machines that have a coffee powder compartment towards the rear, the E6 only accepts whole beans. Even then, the G3 grinder takes no more than a few seconds to operate, and it can be calibrated to different coarseness levels to adjust the strength of your brew. So in the end, it does offer more versatility than coffee powder.

All things considered, the Jura E6 does deliver far better performance than any other coffee machine in its segment, earning it a rightful place as a premium coffee maker. With its Pulse Extraction Process, ultra-safe Intelligent Water System, and all the other performance features it brings to the table, there’s really no question why this machine has received a bunch of great independent reviews.

User Interface and Control System

Ease of use is yet another one of the Jura E6’s strong suits. The machine boasts an intuitive front panel, consisting of a large TFT color screen and six matte black buttons aligned on either side of the screen. Just above the nozzles is a round execute button decorated with the brand’s name.

Although it would have been nice to see an LCD touchscreen on the model, you ultimately get what you pay for. With the TFT color screen, you still enjoy a large enough display that showcases all the information without the need to squint. And besides, had the brand tossed in an LCD touchscreen, then it might have compounded the market value altogether.

The screen takes you through various menus that ask what type of brew you want, how coarse you want your coffee, the temperature level of your drink, and the amount you want to concoct. As you choose your preferences, the menu skips on to the next selection so you don’t have to fiddle through options on your own. The walk-through is simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t leave any aspect of the brew unaddressed.

The machine features a single milk spout just behind the right coffee nozzle. This dispenses hot milk foam for brews like cappuccino, letting you mix up your blend depending on your preferences. If there’s anything that could have been improved, it’s the thickness of the foam produced.

Unlike more expensive Jura models, the E6’s foam might be comparatively flat and fluid. Nonetheless, it isn’t entirely that bad without comparison and still comes out much better than the kind and consistency of foam produced by lower-end models from other brands.

Maintenance and cleaning are both especially easy. The removable drip tray and water tank come away effortlessly for routine cleaning, and the machine itself prompts the user when it’s time to perform a system rinse, clean, or decalcify. For some, however, it might be a little tedious to have to clean the machine as often as it recommends. But you can always decline the machine’s prompts by choosing to postpone cleaning on the screen.

Keep in mind though that the machine’s reminders help to maintain the coffee maker in proper working condition. By choosing to execute the cleaning process when the machine recommends, then you have better chances of extending its usable lifespan and keeping its warranty intact.

Finally, based on our Jura E6 coffee machine review, we found that the machine’s biggest flaw is its milk frother. Tedious to clean, the parts are prone to clogging and build-up. But even then, simply soaking them in hot water can get the accumulation to loosen up with greater ease. And if you’re not often adding hot milk froth or warm milk to your drink, then constant cleaning might not have to be an issue.

Build Quality and Design

When it comes to build quality, there’s really no beating the Jura brand. As a premier coffee machine manufacturer, Jura promises top-tier coffee makers that are best-in-class. That includes everything from their functionality to their killer good looks.

At a glance, the Jura E6 looks like a sleek, sophisticated kitchen countertop addition that’s not only functional but also exceedingly decorative. The modern machine uses clean lines and perfect symmetry to draw attention towards its gorgeous exterior, combining heavy-duty plastic panels in matte black and matte silver finish. Its removable drip tray features chrome-accented grills that add dimension to its overall look.

At 22 pounds in weight, the Jura E6 isn’t your average, everyday lightweight machine. Although compact relative to its more advanced Jura brothers, the machine is still pretty big when placed side by side with a typical coffee maker. Its large footprint can cover a foot and half of counter space, so you will have to make room to accommodate the behemoth machine.

But despite being cheaper than machines like the Z8 or E8, the Jura E6 shines in terms of ease of use. All of the various parts of the machine that require frequent access – like the water reservoir and the coffee bean hopper – are particularly easy to get a hold of, so you can say goodbye to all the awkward reaching and grabbing for cramped areas on your machine.

Lastly, the Jura E6’s design makes it so that the machine is easy to clean. The seamless exterior needs nothing more than a wipe here and there, allowing you to clean the machine’s casing entirely without having to worry about grime and moisture seeping into nooks and crannies across its surface.

Jura E6 FAQs

Can I use any cleaning agent to descale and clean my Jura E6?

Scan the market for coffee maker cleaning products, and you’ll find that there are a wealth of affordable options. In fact, lots of DIY specialists have come up with a range of at-home coffee machine cleaning solutions that use some of the basic ingredients you might have in your kitchen pantry.

While these might work on the Jura E6, it’s important to remember that when you buy a machine from Jura, you’re paying for its premier quality. And with that, there’s the responsibility to care for it the way the manufacturer intended which is different from how you might care for an average everyday coffee maker.

To keep your machine in top condition, Jura recommends using only Jura brand cleaning agents that are specifically formulated to care for the sensitive interior in the best way possible. Not only will this guarantee hitch-free operation down the line, but it also ensures that your warranty will remain intact.

Can the Jura E6 make an Americano?

Technically, an Americano is an espresso with added hot water for a more diluted blend. While the Jura E6 can make an espresso, it doesn’t have the option that makes an Americano automatically, but you can brew an espresso and then dispense hot water with the machine.

To put things plainly, the E6 can make long coffees, espressos, and it can stream hot milk for cappuccinos. While lattes aren’t in its pre-programmed list of brews, you do have the option to save specific brew settings to repeat a concoction later on.

How often do I need to replace the milk pipe?

That depends on how often you use it. Individuals who like to enjoy milk with their coffee daily might have to replace the milk pipe after around a month or two of frequent, regular use. But if you use the milk feature a little less, and if you’re strict about your routine cleaning schedule, then you might be able to extend that to three to four months.

Our Verdict

Compared to its Jura branded brothers and sisters, the Jura E6 is a relatively more affordable choice that sits right smack dab in the middle of Jura’s price range. With a few performances and build compromises, the Jura E6 achieves premier coffee machine performance without having to push your budget.

Certainly, it’s not going to perform like a Z8, or even like an E8, but its practical design and sublime performance make it a hot shot nonetheless. Its PEP system, Intelligent Water System, and seamless user interface all work together to elevate the coffee machine experience, and in the end you get what you pay for which is a premium coffee blend that exceeds the quality of an artisan brew by a seasoned barista.

Needless to say, all of these features have earned the Jura E6 a bunch of great independent reviews. All things considered, it really is a premier machine that outperforms many of the others in the market. And because it lets you enjoy all of these features and benefits from the comfort of home, it may very well be worth the price you pay.