The Ultimate Jura A1 Review!

Often considered the crème de la crème of coffee maker manufacturers, Jura brandishes a top-shelf reputation for producing some of the most advanced coffee machines on the market. Their automatic single or double-serve appliances have hit it big with discriminating coffee connoisseurs who want nothing short of the finest artisan blends.

By using the latest, state-of-the-art technology that maximizes the flavor of coffee through their intuitive machines, Jura offers a range of choices that can bring you blends that mimic and sometimes even exceed the output of a seasoned, veteran barista.

The Jura A1 is just one of many premium machines released by the brand. Compared to its bigger brothers, the A1 is what you might call a more basic coffee maker, but that doesn’t make it any less of a formidable pick. With just enough features and straightforward functionality, this single-serve coffee machine has earned a decent reputation throughout the coffee-drinking community.

But the question stands – is it the right machine for you? Find out with our complete Jura A1 review.

Performance and Functionality of the Coffee Maker

What sets Jura apart from every other coffee maker manufacturer is their Pulse Extraction Process. Their automatic coffee machines use a calibrated water pulse and temperature system that extracts as much flavor and aroma from the grounds. With this, Jura machines can maximize coffee strength and taste to bring you premium blends that fully encapsulate the natural flavor and fragrance of coffee.

The Jura A1, despite its more affordable price, comes equipped with the PEP system to guarantee the highest level of flavor extraction. This, in turn, works with the machine’s intelligent water system that automatically detects the presence of a filter for maximum safety. Its water reservoir can hold as much as 1.1 liters of water, giving you enough to brew 4 to 5 cups on a single full tank.

Despite being a budget machine in the Jura line up, the A1 offers an option for both coffee beans and coffee grounds. The bean hopper holds up to 125 grams of beans, while the coffee ground compartment holds up to 9 servings. All in all, the machine offers just enough capacity for a household that caters to one to two coffee drinkers.

The coffee machine can accommodate up to three different programmable specialties and coffee strength settings. Keep in mind though that it doesn’t have a built-in milk frother, so you’ll have to use a separate device to prepare the warm milk or froth needed for things like lattes and cappuccinos. Nonetheless, it can be a welcome relief for buyers who find the inclusion of a built-in frother a maintenance nightmare.

Speed-wise, there’s no way to beat the Jura brand. Their A1 promises ultra-fast single-serve coffee with its impressive system that minimizes the time spend on each part of the process. Hot water is prepared in seconds, and its conical burr grinder adjusts your coffee bean grind to the perfect coarseness with little time lost in between.

All things considered, the Jura A1 isn’t really quite as elaborate as its brothers, like the Z8 or even the E8, but its modest functionality makes it a darling kitchen appliance that can help you enjoy premium coffee minus all the fancy bells and whistles. Perfect for connoisseurs who simply want to max out the flavor, aroma, and quality of their beans, the A1 has received a bunch of great independent reviews for its intuitive performance and substantial functionality.

User Interface and Control System

The first thing you’ll notice about the Jura A1 is that it doesn’t showcase a control panel across its front side. That’s unlike many of the later Jura models that came after it which mostly come equipped with an LCD touchscreen or TFT color screen and buttons arranged along the front of the machine.

For the Jura A1, the controls are mostly on the top of the machine. The screen is mostly just a symbol display accompanied by a bunch of buttons that let you adjust your coffee settings. The interface guides you through everything from brew quantity to coffee strength. Certainly, the interface isn’t as sophisticated as the other Jura machines we’ve reviewed, but it gets the job done.

Every cup of coffee is perfected not only through the A1’s PEP system, but also by its internal workings that mesh together for premium performance. So to maintain the level of coffee quality, the machine prompts its user to perform cleaning after about 180 brews or 80 on and off cycles. You do have the option to postpone the cleaning, but Jura highly recommends executing the process when prompted to maintain the integrity of the machine’s internal parts.

One thing that the Jura A1 really has going for it is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Being a compact, superautomatic coffee machine, the A1 is sleeker, smaller, and lighter compared to its big brothers. For these reasons, the A1 comes out as one of Jura’s coffee makers that are easiest to clean. Its streamlined silhouette that’s virtually free of nooks and crannies means you can wipe down its surfaces and get it gleaming with little effort.

Its accessible bean hopper and water reservoir make the clean-up and maintenance process a breeze. And of course, the movable drip tray helps to guarantee that you can wash away any spills and splats that might result during the coffee-making process. In fact, many other Jura A1 review articles claim the model’s ease of maintenance makes it a formidable opponent even against Jura’s top of the line picks.

Build Quality and Design

Without comparison, the Jura A1 does look like a sleek, sophisticated machine that can add a touch of class to any kitchen space. The piano black exterior looks exceedingly clean and streamlined, incorporating harmonious outlines and perfect symmetry that makes the machine look like it’s front a not so distant future. For buyers who want something a little lighter, a white version is available for a few added bucks.

Upon touching the machine, it’s obvious that the brand had to cut corners to make the model match the budget range. Void of any metal parts, the only chrome piece that can be found across the exterior would be the nozzle from which the coffee spouts from. The drip tray also uses a chrome-plated material, but time will tell whether that coating will stay intact.

Another thing worth mentioning about the A1 is that it’s pretty compact. The small machine stands at a reasonably shorter height compared to other Jura makers, and that’s mostly because of its control panel that can be found on top of the design. Both the water reservoir and bean hopper can be easily accessed as well, thanks to the A1’s reasonable size that doesn’t completely consume your counter space.

No doubt, the A1 isn’t like its heavier, bigger, burlier, and bulkier Jura brothers. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Buyers interested in a compact machine that won’t take up too much space in the kitchen can find sound satisfaction in the A1. Plus, because its especially lightweight, it also turns out to be easy to clean.

Jura A1 FAQs

How do you make milk froth with the Jura A1?

Being a basic superautomatic coffee maker, the Jura A1 doesn’t incorporate a milk system. For the most part, that can be an upside for buyers who don’t want to deal with the cleaning of a milk system. But if you’re interested in incorporating milk into your coffee brew, the Jura brand does offer a separate milk frothing system. Together with your A1, the milk frother can expand your brewing horizons to include everything from cappuccinos to lattes.

Is the Jura A1 machine noisy?

Not quite. While the machine will produce a little noise as a result of the bean grinding, the sound should be relatively short-lived. Even then, it’s not entirely deafening or disruptive, letting you go about your day without interruption. If you’re using pre-ground coffee that’s loaded into the dedicated compartment, then that can curb the noise all together and give you a sound-free brewing that can be conducted even in the dead of night.

What products can I use to clean my Jura A1?

The Jura A1’s exterior can be cleaned with any mild soap or detergent. Dish soap can be more than enough to clear away any stains that form on the surfaces of your machine, but the insides might need special care. According to the brand, using any other brand of coffee machine cleaner or descaler can damage your machine and void your warranty.

For that reason, any internal cleaning should be conducted with the use of Jura brand cleaning agents. Of course, they will cost a little more than a DIY formulation or than an off-brand cleaning agent, but they will ultimately help to keep your coffee maker’s internal workings in check.

Can the Jura A1 be connected directly to a water line?

Unfortunately not. The Jura A1 is a premium superautomatic coffee maker that was designed for residential use. For that reason, the manufacturer strongly suggests against connecting the maker to your water line. In doing so, it’s likely that you’ll end up voiding your warranty. And because the machine wasn’t designed to be hooked to plumbing, it’s not impossible that your coffee maker might encounter performance hiccups not too far down the line.

The Jura A1 was designed for modest households that see minimal to moderate kitchen traffic. Its functions are intended to accommodate the needs of one to two coffee drinkers within a small, residential space. If you were hoping to cater to more people or to a commercial establishment with Jura brews, then it might be ideal to step up to a more robust machine with greater brewing capacity and a larger water reservoir.

Do note that there are kits out there that let you connect your machine to a plumbing line. While these may be compatible with your A1, that doesn’t mean that they won’t put your warranty coverage at risk.

Can you adjust the heat of your brew with the Jura A1?

According the Jura A1 manual, you can’t. The water temperature is optimized for the PEP system, so the coffee that comes out is always going to be the heat of the water required for the PEP. Nonetheless, the steaming hot brews are always hot enough for the average coffee drinker, giving you excellent flavor and fragrance that can reinvigorate your system with a hot drink, perfect for those chilly moments or for a morning wake up call.

Our Verdict – Should You Buy the Jura A1?

That ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. All in all, the Jura A1 boasts reasonable performance that can satisfy the needs of a coffee connoisseur who wants better bean extraction, flavor, and aroma. It’s also worth noting that because the A1 doesn’t have a built-in milk warmer or frother, the brews it produces caters more to coffee purists who like their blends void of any adulterants that might mask the flavor of the bean.

Simple and straightforward, the Jura A1’s controls aren’t quite as sophisticated as the other Jura machines out there. But it definitely gets the job done. Without all the fancy bells and whistles that might complicate the brewing process, getting your brew is as quick as a press here and there. And of course, thanks to the intuitive brewing and grinding system, each cup is made in record time.

Finally, what really makes the Jura A1 worth the purchase is its Pulse Extraction Process. As Jura’s crowing glory, the PEP system is what ultimately sets it apart from other machines on the market. With the capacity to extract the fullness of flavor and fragrance, the Jura A1 makes a wonderful investment if you’re interested in bumping up the quality of your brew. And for all of these reasons, it’s no wonder how the Jura A1 has earned a bunch of great independent reviews despite a few design limitations.