The Ultimate Godox SK400ii Review!

We have noticed a sudden increase in the number of our photography readers who are reaching out each week asking for advice on the various popular strobe flash units for flash photography currently available on the market. In addition to this, we have also noticed more and more people reaching out and specifically asking questions about the Godox SK400ii so we have decided to kill two birds with one stone with today’s article.

We feel that the Godox SK400ii is one of the best general-purpose flash strobes currently available, especially for its low price tag and judging by the outstanding reputation the strobe has amongst the community, it would appear that many independent photographers also agree with us on this. Since its launch, the Godox SK400ii has just kept on going from strength to strength and shows no signs of the growth of its core customer base slowing down anytime soon either.

After seeing so many people reaching out about the flash strobe we have decided to publish our own dedicated Godox SK400ii review. The great versatility of the SK400ii also means that you can use it in pretty much any flash photography niche too so we hope that this article will also help any of our readers who are just looking to add a decent flash strobe to their collection of camera accessories too.

As we touched on earlier, the Godox SK400ii has a low price tag that initially caused many professional-level photographers to instantly dismiss it as a potential addition to their camera accessories. Thankfully though, Godox has managed to build up an excellent reputation for themselves amongst the community over the years of being able to produce products with intermediate-level performance with an entry-level price tag.

If you are an entry-level or intermediate level photographer then we are confident that the Godox SK400ii can make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories. On top of this, the flash strobe is also suitable for use in a number of professional-level photography sessions too with many professional photographers seeing the Godox SK400ii as a more budget-friendly unit that is almost a quarter of the price of the professional level lighting units while offering excellent levels of performance.

Performance And Functionality

As we touched on above, the SK400ii is an excellent flash strobe for its price point and one of the main reasons that it has proven to be such a popular hit with the photography community is its excellent performance and functionality. The large feature list of the unit ensures that it is as versatile as possible and can be used in the vast majority of flash photography niches with ease.

The SK400ii supports up to sixteen groups spread across thirty-two different channels allowing you to customize the configuration of the flash unit as needed as well as seemlesley integrate it into an existing multi-flash setup if needed. As the Godox SK400ii fully supports the Godox 2.4g wireless technology too allowing you to use the SK400ii with the X1, X2, and XPro, TTL wireless flash trigger too.

Another advantage of the SK400ii over the compeating flash strobes at this price point in the market is that almost every single feature that it offers is fully adjustable if needed. So many of these cheaper, more budget-friendly flash units lock you in or limit your adjustment range that really restricts the number of things that you can actually do with the flash but this is not a problem for the SK400ii.

The flashes power level is fully adjustable as well as the modeling lamp to allow you to set your flash output to exactly what you require for your photograph if five percent steps. The recycle time on the SK400ii is also fully adjustable with a lightning-fast 0.1-second setting available that is rare at this price point in the market due to the additional heat dissipation required to prevent overheating issues with the unit.

Another thing that Godox have totally nailed in their SK400ii is their output stability. Although some of their older flash strobes have definatley had issues with large shifts in their light output during use, their new SK range has an output balancer to ensure that you have no more than a two percent light shift in your output during your session to keep your photographs as balanced as possible.

The Godox SK400ii comes with a standard color temperature of 5600k that matches standard sunlight and does not have that blue look of some of the other lights. This is usually preferred for most flash photography niches in our opinion but personal preference and the needs of your clients will also come into play on this.

Although we will cover this in more detail under the build quality section below, the Godox SK400ii really does have some of the best overheating protection going. Not only does its heat dissipation beat the majority of compeating flash strobes at this price point but it is also better than many of the intermediate flash strobes on the market right now too

This allows you to take full advantage of the 1/2000 second to 1/800 second flash duration range while also setting the flash units recycle time as required. The SK400ii can easily dissipate the heat generated by a short flash duration with a fast recycle time and prevent any overheating issues during your photography session. This makes the whole shoot flow smoothly and prevents you having to take breaks and waste time due to having overheating issues with your flash strobes.

In our opinion, this excellent heat dissipation system alone puts it well out ahead of the compeating flash units at this price point in the market with ease. A large number of the other entry-level, budget-friendly flash strobes on the market right now struggle with overheating issues without offering the performance of functionality to rival that of the Godox SK400ii anyway.

This all factors into how the Godox SK400ii has managed to become the dominant cheap flash strobe on the market right now with very few competing strobes posing much of a threat to its dominance of the price point at the time of writing. Additionally, it is also easy to see why so many independent photographers have chosen to publish their own third-party reviews of the Godox SK400ii singing the flash strobe its praises.

User Interface And Control System

In our opinion, one of the main advantages of the SK400ii over the flash strobes in the higher price brackets is that its user interface is so much easier to use while also offering quick and easy access to the same core features. On the flip side of this, its control interface is also one of its main advantages over the compeating entry-level flash units as it is so easy to learn right out the box that any photographer, even if you have never used a flash strobe before, should easily be able to work out how to use the unit.

The LCD panel on the SK400ii’s control interface is great too. Not only is it clear making it easy to read but its backlight is subtle allowing you to easily read the displayed information even in low light conditions. The adjustable buttons and rotary dial are also responsive and easy to locate too allowing you to quickly and easily make any tweaks to the configuration of your flash strobe during use too without having to waste time.

Thee Godox SK400ii also uses the standard universal Bowens mount to allow you to mount the unit to pretty much any camera accessory and lighting stand as required too. This ensures that you can quickly and easily secure the flash strobe to pretty much any light stand in your studio while also having plenty of third-party mounting accessories available to mount it as required if needed too.

Although this may sound basic, we are actually massive fans of having an actual on/off power switch like the one on the SK400ii rather than the press and hold style button systems that unfortunately seem to be becoming more and more popular on modern flash strobes. Although personal preference will come into play with this, the on/off switch actually gives you a quick and easy way to know that the strobe is definatley off at the end of a session and prevents you from accidentally leaving it powered on and wasting power overnight and hiking your power bill up.

All in all, we feel that Godox has done a great job of coming us with a simple user interface system that is very easy to learn for anyone new to using flash strobes while also offering the advanced features and customization an advanced user will require too. Offering this best of both worlds control interface is one of the reasons that the flash strobe has managed to become so popular and earn itself such a large customer base within the photography community.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to the design of the SK400ii, Godox really hasn’t changed much on the external design of the flash strobe to set it apart from the compeating units. That said though, in this day and age at least, this is the norm as the external design has been refined to what we currently have that performs so well for what the majority of photographers require. That said though, Godox has changed up a few little things inside the case of the sk400ii to increase airflow and to help prevent any problems with overheating too.

As we touched on earlier, the SK400ii has some excellent heat dissipation for its price point in the market and we are pleased to see that Godox has achieved this while still keeping the unit small coming in at only 17.2 x 10.7 x 8.5 inches while also being lightweight too. As we just mentioned, a few tweaks to the internals of the flash strobe have been made to help improve airflow but the built-in cooling fan does an excellent job too.

Unlike many of the other compeating flash strobes on the market right now, even ones that are almost double the price of the SK400ii, the cooling fan in the flash strobe not only does a great job of keeping the internals cool but is also quiet enough to not cause any problems with any audio equipment in your studio when working too. This ensures that if needed, you can use your SK400ii with a fast 0.1-second flash recycle time and a quick flash duration for those longer sessions without it overheating.

The majority of the body of the flash unit is also made from high-quality metal too meaning that it is tougher than the plastic compeating flash units on the market right now too. If you are working in a flash photography niche where you will have to travel around on a regular basis with your camera accessories packed away then the robust build helps to ensure that the SK400ii can take any bumps while in your photography gear bag too.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our Godox SK400ii review and as you can probably tell, we are huge fans of the SK400ii and are confident in saying that it can make a great addition to anyone’s camera accessories who are in the market for a cheap flash strobe. We have no doubt that it is able to help improve the image quality of your flash photography sessions while offering excellent performance without breaking the bank too.

As we mentioned above, the Godox SK400ii has also managed to earn a number of excellent independent reviews from the photography community too. They have all been published by third-party photographers and are well worth reading as they go over how well the SK400ii performs in a large number of different flash photography situations too.