The Ultimate Gobe Cpl Filter Review!

Although Cpl filters or circular polarizer filters are increasing in popularity in general, there are a number of photography and videography niches where a good Cpl filter is an essential camera accessory. Their ability to reduce the glare from reflected surfaces with ease offers a quick, easy, and cheap way to improve the image quality that you are able to capture in a number of different situations. With both photographers and videographers always wanting to best gear possible for the best possible price, we have seen more and more people reaching out about the Gobe lens filter range.

Over the last few months, we have seen more and more people specifically reaching out for a dedicated Gobe Cpl filter review so we have decided to make it the subject of today’s video. We are hoping that our review will be able to help any of our readers who are looking to add a decent little Cpl filter to their collection as in our opinion, Gobe offers quality just as good as the Hoya Cpl or Tiffen Cpl ranges while also being cheaper.

In our opinion, this is due to Gobe using modern production techniques while also taking advantage of various alloys and directly sourcing their high-quality glass from the manufacturers to save on costs. Although both Hoya and Tiffen do seem to be trying to lower their price tags of their Cpls ranges to be as competitive as the Gobe Cpl range we feel that it is simply too little, too late.

The Gobe range has already managed to rightfully earn itself a large portion of the market share that just keeps on getting bigger and bigger with each passing month. On top of this, the excellent performance and build quality of the Gobe range has allowed their Cpl range to earn a well deserved outstanding reputation amongst the community. We can definatley see why Hoya and Tiffen are trying to lower their prices to meet Gobe while maintaining the same quality as we feel that the Gobe range is just going to keep increasing in popularity as time goes on.

Performance And Functionality

The Gobe Cpl lens filter range comes in three variants denoted by their “peak” system. Their highest quality filters are their 3 peak filters and in our opinion, these are the ones that offer you the most bang for your buck. They rival the performance and functionality of the premium price point Hoya and Tiffen filters while coming in with a cheaper price tag at the same time.

Their middle price point filter range is their 2 peak filters and although they are meant to present a sort of in-between option between their 3 and 1 peak filters, in our opinion, the middle of the range product is always hard to price. We would recommend that our readers either just go with the 3 peak filters above or the 1 peak filters below. We just don’t really see a gap in the market for their 2 peak filters due to the quality of their 3 peak system being so good while their price point is not much more than their 2 peak filters.

Their entry-level Cpl filters is their 1 peak filters and in our opinion, the Gobe 1 peak Cpl filters are unrivaled in the entry-level price bracket with no real competition. This is why they have become so popular in such a short amount of time and just keep on going from strength to strength with no signs of their growth slowing down. If you are an advanced photographer or videographer then their 3 peak variant is the way to go but if you are an entry-level user or on a tight budget, we feel you may be surprised by the quality of the 1 peak filters.

At the time of writing, the Gobe Cpl lens filter range is available in the following thread sizes and we are unaware of any plans from Gobe to add any additional sizes in the future:-

  • 40.5mm
  • 43mm
  • 46mm
  • 49mm
  • 52mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 62mm
  • 67mm
  • 72mm
  • 77mm
  • 82mm
  • 86mm
  • 95mm

Just like all other Cpl lens filters on the market right now, the Gobe range helps to boost your color saturation and vibrancy to offer a more vivid image quality while also cutting out the polarized light reflecting off surfaces such as water. This offers a easy way to capture more dramatic images while also massively reducing any glare that could potentially ruin your image quality.

The part that is unique to the Gobe Cpl range is their coating technology. Their modern filter element coating system allows the Gobe range to reduce around 99.9% of polarised light without them having to hike the price tag of their filter range up. As you can imagine, this is one of the main reasons that the Gobe range has earned such a great reputation so quickly and managed to earn themselves a large reputation as they offer similar quality at a much lower price point.

Another solid advantage that the Gobe filters have over some of the compeating lens filter brands is that they have actively taken steps right from the start of the design process to minimize the effects of any vignetting when using their filters. This is done by extending the rims on the filters from Gobe while double-threading both sides of the filter frame to avoid vignetting. This means that the range also offers the same excellent performance on a high magnification telephoto lens as it does on the smaller zoom range lenses too.

In addition to all of the great performance and lower price point, the Gobe Cpl filters also come with a cleaning cloth and robust protective case included as standard to help protect your filter when not in use. When you take all of this into account, it really is easy to see why they have had so many photographers and videographers publish their own excellent reviews about the filter range.

If you have a few minutes spare, skimming over those reviews that have been published by independent photographers and videographers using the Gobe Cpl filters in a number of niches can offer great value. The publishers share their opinions on the performance of the filters in pretty much every situation that you are able to think of offering some excellent insight from people who have used the Gobe range for years.

Build Quality And Design

Just like Tiffen and Hoya, Gobe have also engineered their filters to be as tough and robust as possible while also being as lightweight as possible while also having a very small frame too. In fact, Gobe is so confident in the build quality of their lens filters that they offer a lifetime warranty for any purchase if your filter breaks during use or while packed away in your photography kit bag.

Even the Gobe 1 peak Cpl lens filters come with metal threads to reduce the chance of you accidentally cross-threading them while mounting or unmounting them from your lens too. Even in this day and age there are a number of smaller lens filter brands that still use the old school plastic threads that can be a total nightmare and often cross-thread with your lens threads. Thankfully though, this is not a problem with the Gobe range due to them always using metal mounting threads on all of their filters.

On top of this, most of the 2 and 3 peak Gobe filter range offer double-sided threads allowing you to mount your Gobe Cpl filter to your lens and then mount a Gobe UV filter to the outer threads on your Cpl filter to have that additional protection for your Cpl filter and your forward lens element.

The 3 peak variant of all of Gobes lens filters all come with the highest quality German Schott glass that is industry-leading at the time of writing and offers outstanding performance as usual. The 1 and 2 peak variants of the Gobe range all use the highest possible Japanese glass for their element but the Schott glass on their 1 peak filters really is a nice touch in our opinion.

Our Verdict

That brings our Gobe Cpl filter review to an end, we know that it is very short compared to our regular reviews but in reality, we are reviewing a small lens filter and there really is not much else to say about them. In our opinion, Gobe has done an outstanding job with their Cpl range and we are confident that they will help improve your image quality and make a solid addition to your camera accessories.

As we touched on earlier in the article, a ton of photographers and videographers have also published their own third-party reviews of the Gobe Cpl lens filters that we well worth skimming over in our opinion. They offer some great opinions on the performance of these great, cheap Cpl filters in pretty much every niche and situation that you may ever need to use them in and are well worth reading.