The Best Gimbal For Sony A6600 Cameras!

The recent release of the Sony a6600 has proven to be extremely successful and the mirrorless camera has managed to quickly expand its market share and grow a large core customer base in a short period of time. Just like the majority of other compeating camera bodies that have managed to have such a strong initial release, we have noticed a large number of people from both the photography and videographer side of things reaching out with various questions for the camera.

Today we are going to be focusing in on one of the most popular questions that we have seen from the videography side of things and that is what is the best gimbal for Sony a6600 camera owners on the market right now. We have noticed more and more videographers reaching out about this over the last few months and the number of people reaching out seems to be steadily increasing. Due to this, we have decided to focus today’s article on the subject to try and help any of our readers who own the a6600 and are also looking to add a handheld gimbal to their collection of camera accessories.

In our opinion, at the time of writing there is no better option for your a6600 than the Zhiyun Weebill S that we feel is one of, if not the best mirrorless camera gimbal stabilizer released to date. It offers everything you could ever want in a gimbal no matter your level of experience and its low price tag makes it the obvious option. It was released around the same time as the a6600 too and is currently the most recent addition to the Zhiyun gimbal range.

This means that it has all of the latest technology from Zhiyun to ensure that you are provided with the best image stabilization available to ensure you can capture the best image quality possible when recording with your Sony a6600. The excellent performance, robust build quality, and low price tag have made the Weebill S an instant hit with the videography and vlogging communities too with it rapidly earning an excellent reputation within both communities that is only getting stronger with every passing month.

Throughout the rest of our article, we are going to be taking a more in-depth look at the Weebill S and why we feel that it should be your gimbal of choice for your Sony a6600. At the time of writing, the only other gimbal stabilizer on the market that even comes close to it is the Moza Aircross 2 but the higher price tag and slightly lower levels of performance of the Aircross 2 just make the Weebill S the obvious option in our opinion.

Performance Of The Gimbal

Although the Sony a6600 is one of the latest releases to their Sony Alpha mirrorless camera range, it is actually a little bit heavier than their older cameras coming in with a payload of around 1.11 pounds of weight. This is the standard camera body with the camera’s battery inserted while being free from all other accessories so you will also have to factor in the total payload weight of your rig by working out what your lens and other gear weight too.

That said though, the Weebill S has one of the largest maximum load capacities of all mirrorless camera gimbals on the market right now offering just over 6.6 pounds of supported payload weight. This almost guarantees that no matter what setup you are using with your a6600, the Weebill S should easily be able to support its weight without issue. On top of this, it also offers a ton of future-proofing for in the future too as it can support a whole range of popular DSLR camera rigs too on the offchance you upgrade to a DSLR in the future.

Zhiyun has also ensured that the Weebill S does not have the same issues that some of their older 3 axis gimbals have had when it comes to being able to balance a camera with a longer lens too. They have tweaked the design of the Weebill S while also came up with some of the best gimbal motors that we have ever seen to ensure that you can mount any lens you want to your a6600 without running into issues.

In our opinion, the Zhiyun battery technology is way out ahead of the compeating gimbal brands on the market right now and is one of the main reasons that their latest gimbals are able to dominate the market. Not only are the new, next-generation gimbal batteries around a third smaller and up to half the weight of the other gimbal batteries on the market, they also offer four hours of additional power over the average gimbal maximum battery life at the time of writing.

This means that with each full charge of the gimbal you get around fourteen hours of power without issue. On top of this, the Zhiyun batteries are also pretty solid at load balancing due to the whole system having been designed to be as power-efficient as possible. This means that even if your Sony a6600 camera rig is close to the gimbals maximum load capacity and requiring more power to stabilize, you can still expect great battery life out of the Weebill S.

The modern Zhiyun power system also comes with their quick charge system too meaning that the Weebill S also offers just shy of five hours of usable battery life for each hour you spend charging your gimbal too. This means that you can take your Weebill S from totally empty to totally full in around three hours when using a wall-based power outlet to charge the gimbal.

We know that the Sony a6600 is a very popular camera body for a large number of travel vloggers who may be away on their adventures and away from a power outlet for long periods of time. If you are in this situation then you can extend the battery life of your a6600 as well as your gimbal by adding a decent, high output USB power bank to your camera accessories if needed.

Now, we mentioned the Zhiyun gimbal motors above briefly but we did not mention that they are just one part of the detection and correction system on the Zhiyun Weebill S that let it provide you with its excellent image stabilization. The first step is the great gimbal sensors that are extremely quick to detect even the slightest movement in the gimbal head with your a6600 mounted while also being extremely accurate with their movement predictions too.

This ensures that the correct data is then quickly fed into the Zhiyun balancing algorithm that then works its magic to calculate the optimal correction for the detected movement. Now, by optimal, we don’t just mean the best way to keep your a6600 camera body stable but how to do it as power-efficient as possible. This ensures that you can get every last drop of power out of the smaller battery on the Weebill S and does an excellent job of doing it too.

The Zhiyun balancing algorithm then sends its information to the gimbal motors that are also smaller and lighter than the older Zhiyun motors while also providing around three times the torque while also requiring less power to stabilize too. Although the Weebill S is a compact, lightweight gimbal, the Zhiyun gimbal motors ensure that it is easily able to provide you with all of the torque needed to stabilize even the heaviest of a6600 rigs and deliver professional levels of image stabilization too.

Although you may not need all of them, the Weebill S also comes with pan, follow, lock, manual, vortex, and track modes as standard too. Some of these can be surprisingly useful to allow you to quickly and easily get the footage style you want without having to do anything overly complicated either. On top of this, although DJI were previously the kings of the gimbal tracking mode space, we feel that Zhiyun has managed to take the title with the system used on the Weebill S too as it really is excellent and very user-friendly too.

Considering that the Weebill S is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the DJI Ronin S and just over a hundred dollars cheaper than the Moza Aircross 2 at the time of writing while offering better performance than both compeating gimbals, it is easy to see why it is so popular. On top of this, it would also seem like large amounts of both the videography and vlogging communities agree with us too as it has managed to earn a ton of glowing reviews from the community singing its praises.

User Interface And Control System

Although very similar to the system that the Moza Aircross 2 uses, the Weebill S essentially uses a jazzed up, a modernized variant of the traditional handheld gimbal stabilizer control system that has proven its self-time and time again over the years. This means that the system is based on the user interacting with a joystick, a couple of buttons and an LCD panel to capture the video footage they required from their a6600.

That said though, the Weebill S uses a modern omnidirectional joystick rather than the old school four way controllers offering users much better manual control over the gimbal head when used in manual mode. This means that the old school robotic panning feel that plagued the older motorized gimbals is gone and that you can pan your Sony a6600 while mounted to the Weebill S to get some very natural looking video footage.

Zhiyun managed to nail their balancing system a few years back and there is little need to change it for the Weebill S in all honesty. The process is very easy and easy to do, especially with a small mirrorless camera like the a6600. Although it may take a short while to initially balance the gimbal the first few times that you do it, you can usually get it done in under a minute after a little practice.

Zhiyun has also tweaked their navigation menu on the Weebill S over the system some of their older gimbals used to put the most commonly tweaked settings at the top of the various menus. This offers quick and easy navigation and saves you a bit of time when using the gimbal and makes everything easy to find for an advanced gimbal user looking to customize the gimbals settings. That said though, the control system on the Weebill S is very simple and straight forward and we are confident that anyone brand new to using a gimbal will be able to get used to it quickly without issue.

Smartphone App

If you are a professional level videographer and like to tweak your gimbals settings on a regular basis then the Zhiyun smartphone app is well worth downloading in our opinion. Although you can make changes within a couple of minutes using the physical control system covered above, the app lets you make the same changes within seconds.

Thankfully, Zhiyun has managed to correct the bugs that caused the app to be a nightmare around a year back and it now syncs quickly to your gimbal and does not suffer from random disconnects either. This makes your life much easier as it was so frustrating to finally get your gimbal synced only for it to randomly drop its connection within seconds.

If you are wanting to take advantage of the intelligent object tracking mode on the Weebill S then the smartphone app is well worth downloading too. It makes the system extremely easy to use and ensures that you can quickly and easily capture the video footage you require. You simply tap the area of your smartphone screen that has the subject you want to gimbal to focus in on and you are good to go and walk independently while the gimbal tracks its target.

Build Quality And Design

Zhiyun have totally redone the design for their Weebill range of gimbals after their older Crane range were deemed too large and heavy to be used as a travel gimbal. Thankfully, Zhiyun have exceeded all expectations with the design of their Weebill range and produced one of the most versatile compact gimbals available on the market right now.

They have also taken advantage of a number of developments in modern plastic polymers to keep the weight of the gimbal as low as possible while also ensuring that it is tough and robust too. This means that it is the perfect travel gimbal for a videographer while also being able to take advantage of its high torque gimbal motors to deliver professional-level image stabilization too.

Zhiyun was also the first gimbal brand to add individual axis locks to each of the three gimbal axis on their Weebill range although the compeating brands have now also added this great feature to their latest gimbals too. This essentially allows you to quickly and easily lock each of the gimbal axis in place when needed allowing you to travel without having to worry about the axis spinning and potentially breaking during transit.

Zhiyun has used the same gimbal handle grip that they have on their other modern gimbals too ensuring that it is as comfortable as possible to hold, even for long periods of time with a heavy a6600 rig. This ensures that you are able to work for those longer sessions without having your hand cramp up ensuring you can meet the needs of your clients with ease.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Sony a6600 cameras to a close. We feel that the Zhiyun Weebill S is one of the best gimbals ever made to date and is definatley the best option for a mirrorless camera such as the a6600. We are confident in recommending it to our readers as it can make an excellent addition to your camera accessories and provide you with professional-level image stabilization and deliver the best image quality going.

As we touched on earlier in the article, the Weebill S has proven to be a big hit with the wider videography and vlogging community too. Many independent people who use it as their go to gimbal of choice have published their own third-party review of the gimbal that you can read too. If you are yet to make your mind up then skimming over some of those reviews is well worth the time in our opinion as they offer some solid insight into the performance of the Weebill S and just how good the gimbal actually is.