The Best Gimbal For Nikon D5300 Cameras!

We have noticed more and more people reaching out with questions for the Nikon d5300 over the last few months as it is an excellent little entry-level DSLR camera body that offers some excellent image quality for its price tag. Due to this, it has a massive customer base of both photographers and videographers with a number of vloggers and social media influencers using it too. Over the last few weeks, we have lost count of the number of vloggers and videographers who own the d5300 who are reaching out asking for advice on the best gimbal for Nikon d5300 cameras.

Due to this, we have decided to focus in on this for today’s article to try and help as many of our readers who own the d5300 as possible and go over what we feel is the best gimbal for the camera. Now, we have lost count of the number of people who instantly default to something like the DJI Ronin S due to the d5300 being a DSLR camera body but in all honesty, we feel that the Zhiyun Weebill S is a much better option.

The Weebill S is much cheaper than the Ronin S and although the d5300 is a DSLR camera body, it is surprisingly lightweight and the gimbal motors on the Weebill S are easily able to support the majority of d5300 setups without issue. On top of this, the gimbal is also easily able to support the d5300 if you use a longer or heavy lens with it and at the time of writing, it is around half the price of the Ronin S too.

Due to the d5300 being an entry-level camera body, we would always recommend that our readers go with a more budget-friendly handheld gimbal stabilizer such as the Zhiyun Weebill S or the Moza Aircross 2 over the Ronin S any day of the week. Both of these gimbals can easily support the weight of your camera while being a much cheaper addition to your camera accessories than the Ronin S.

Although the Weebill S from Zhiyun has only been on the market for a matter of months, it is going from strength to strength amongst the videography and vlogging communities and earning an excellent reputation for itself. It has already established itself as the dominant gimbal in its weight class beating all of the competition on the market at the time of writing with ease. Due to this, we will be taking a more in-depth look at what the Weebill S has to offer your Nikon d5300 as well as why we feel it should be your gimbal of choice throughout the rest of the article.

Performance Of The Gimbal

As we touched on earlier in the article, the Nikon d5300 is extremely light compared to some of the other DSLR camera bodies on the market right now and comes in at only 1.06 pounds with its battery in its housing. Obviously this will increase once you start to mount other camera accessories to your d5300 but the Weebill S offers a massive load capacity of 6.61 pounds of payload weight meaning it can cover all of the popular Nikon d5300 rigs going right now with ease.

Zhiyun really has managed to push the boat out when it comes to the battery on the Weebill S too with the gimbal being able to provide you with up to fourteen hours of usable battery life with each full charge. At the time of writing, this is one of the longest battery life available, especially from the smaller, more compact gimbals like the Weebill S that are ideal for use as a travel gimbal as well as a general gimbal too.

In our opinion, fourteen hours of juice with each full charge of power should easily be able to meet the needs of the majority of our readers who own the d5300. It is around four hours longer than the average battery life of a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer on the market right now and should easily offer plenty of battery life to capture all the footage you want between charging opportunities. The gimbal also comes with the quick charge technology from Zhiyun that allows you to recharge the Weebill S in as little as three hours to get you back out and about capturing your video footage as quickly as possible.

We know that the d5300 is a popular camera option for many entry-level vloggers and videographers who work in niches such as travel. Depending on the type of footage you are going to be capturing in the travel niche, you may actually be out and about for days at a time without having the chance to plug into a mains power outlet. If you are working in one of these niches then investing in a modern high-capacity USB power bank can be a quick and easy workaround. Not only do the high output power banks have the ability to charge your d5300 but you can also use it to recharge your gimbal and other camera accessories too.

Although the Zhiyun Weebill S has a ton of things going for it, its main advantage over the other competing gimbals in the space is its next-generation detection and correction system that blows everything else out the water, especially at this price point in the market. The whole Zhiyun system has been specifically designed to be as small and light as possible while also being power-efficient while offering professional-level image stabilization.

Just like every other handheld gimbal stabilizer out there right now, the Zhiyun system starts with the gimbal sensors that are extremely sensitive and responsive. This ensures that the Weebill S is able to detect even the slightest movement of your Nikon d5300 when mounted and accurately process the data at lightning speeds. The Zhiyun balancing algorithm then works out how to best correct the movement as quickly as possible while also being as power-efficient as possible to let you get the most battery life possible.

The final part of the puzzle is the market-leading Zhiyun gimbals that put everything from the compeating brands currently available to shame. Not only are they smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient when providing you with professional-level image stabilization but they also offer three times the toque of similar gimbal motors on the market right now. This is why the Weebill S is able to make light work of your Nikon d5300 rig and help you improve your image quality.

Zhiyun has also included the lock, pan, manual, follow, track, and vortex gimbal modes as standard too helping to ensure that you can easily capture the video footage you want as easily as possible with your d5300. In our opinion, the tracking mode on the Weebill S is also the best out of all gimbals on the market right now too helping the gimbal score even more points for itself over the competition.

When you look at all of this little features that put the other gimbals on the market right now to shame, it is easy to see why the Weebill S is such a popular option amongst videographers and vloggers. It is also easy to see why the gimbal has managed to earn so many great reviews from third-party videographers in such a short period of time too. If you have the time, it is well worth skimming over those reviews to see how highly the wider community think of the Weebill S.

User Interface And Control System

With the Nikon d5300 being an entry-level DSLR camera we also want to stress how user-friendly the control system on the Weebill S is. Although it offers professional-level image stabilization as well as all the advanced customization that a professional level videographer will need, it also has one of the easiest control systems we have ever seen. If you are new to videography or vlogging and have never used a gimbal before then you should easily be able to get to grips with the stabilizer right out the box.

The system uses the regular joystick system with a supporting LCD panel with buttons too. The joystick on the gimbal is also fully omnidirectional too offering some of the best manual control of the gimbal head when in manual mode that you are going to get at this price point. This allows you to get some smooth, natural-looking control over the gimbal with your d5300 mounted to it that is totally free from that robotic feel that the older gimbals had.

Zhiyun has done a fair bit of innovating over the last few years when it comes to their balancing system too. This ensures that no matter what level of experience you have used a gimbal, you should easily be able to learn how to balance the Weebill S. Although your first few times may take a while, once you have gone through the process with your Nikon d5300 a few times, we are confident that you will be able to get it done in under a minute.

The final part of the control system on the Weebill S that we want to talk about is the quick release plate that is very easy to use. It lets you quickly and easily mount or unmount your d5300 as required during your session. It also makes it easy to switch your camera between other camera accessories such as a tripod or if you use multiple cameras in your setup to switch between the camera you have mounted to your gimbal.

All in all, Zhiyun has done an excellent job when it comes to the control system on their Weebill S and we love how simple it is yet how many advanced features it offers quick and easy access too. If you are an entry-level videographer or vlogger then the Zhiyun Weebill S should easily be able to offer everything that you need from a gimbal all the way through your career with ease.

Smartphone App

The Zhiyun app has come a long way over the last year or so as it used to be a total waste of time as it would rarely even sync with your gimbal but thankfully, it has had a number of updated released that has fixed all of its issues. The app will now seemlesley sync with your gimbal and stay connected allowing you to take advantage of the functionality that the smartphone offers.

Now, before going any further, we just want to point out that the Weebill S can perform almost perfectly without the smartphone app meaning that it is largely an optional gimbal accessory. The only area where we would argue the app is needed is if you plan to use the tracking mode with your Nikon d5300 as it will make the tracking mode much easier to use.

The two other main features of the Zhiyun smartphone app that may be useful for anyone using the Weebill S with their d5300 is the easy access to your gimbal settings as well as the wireless remote control feature. Now, the remote is probably going to be useless for an entry-level videographer as it is more for people doing paid work where they need to capture footage in an area where they can’t stand.

That said though, the access to the gimbal settings can be a great little feature and although the default config on the Weebill S is solid and should easily support the d5300 with ease, we know a ton of videographers and vloggers love to tinker. The app allows you to tweak settings on your gimbal within a couple of seconds that you would have to waste minutes doing via its physical interface.

Build Quality And Design

Zhiyun really has made an excellent little gimbal stabilizer in the Weebill S that is perfect for anyone who will be traveling around on a regular basis. Not only is it very lightweight but its design is also as compact as possible being almost a third smaller than most of the other professional level 3 axis gimbals on the market right now. If you are working in a niche where you have to move around by plane on a regular basis then this makes your life much easier as you can meet your luggage load capacity with ease without taking much space up in your bags.

Another area that Zhiyun has done a great job in is ensuring that the gimbal is also as robust as possible too. They have taken advantage of some of the most recent developments in modern polymers to ensure that the Weebill S is as light as possible while also being tough too, at the time of writing, Zhiyun are the only gimbal brand using these next-generation polymers but we do expect the compeating brands to follow suit with their next-generation releases.

This ensures that the Weebill S is easily able to take the knocks coming its way when recording with your Nikon d5300 while also being light enough for you to easily support the weight of your rig. With the older, larger, and heavier gimbals, long recording sessions can be a total pain as they can really take their toll on your arms. The lightweight of the Weebill S prevents this and prevents the aches and pains allowing you to work longer sessions without issue, even if you do use a heavier d5300 rig.

Another area that Zhiyun has tweaked to help keep you as comfortable as possible when recording is the handle grip on the Weebill S. The gel-based grip is not only easy to hold but also comfortable making it much easier to hold for hours if needed without getting cramps in your hands. All these small tweaks in build quality just help to make your life easier when using the gimbal with your d5300 and get you the best image quality possible.


That concludes our article going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Nikon d5300 cameras currently on the market. We really do feel that the Zhiyun Weebill S will make an excellent addition to your camera accessories and be the perfect handheld gimbal stabilizer for you. In our opinion, it will easily provide you with professional-level image stabilization and help you improve the image quality you can capture for your clients.

As we touched on earlier in our article, a large number of people from the vlogging and videography community who use the Weebill S as their gimbal of choice have posted their own third-party review of the gimbal online. If you are still undecided then we would highly recommend that you read some of those reviews as they offer some excellent independent insight on the performance of the gimbal and just how well it can perform.