The Best Gimbal For Nikon D3500 Cameras!

The Nikon d3500 is an entry-level DSLR camera from the Nikon range that has managed to build up a solid reputation and user base for itself over the years. It offers a number of improvements over the previous generations of entry-level DSLR cameras from Nikon to help ensure that users are getting the absolute best image quality possible for the lowest possible price points too. With a low price tag, solid build quality, and excellent performance, it is no surprise that the d3500 is as popular as it is.

That said though, as you would probably expect, we always see a large number of people reaching out with a number of questions about the d3500 and how they can add various camera accessories to their collection to help get the very best image quality possible out of the camera. For today’s article, we are going to be focusing on a question that we see asked on a regular basis from the videography and vlogging side of the d3500 users based around the best gimbal for Nikon d3500 cameras.

Adding some solid image stabilization to your camera accessories via a handheld gimbal stabilizer is a quick and easy way for you to improve you image quality and ensure that you are able to capture the best possible footage. Although the Feiyutech G6 Max may be able to support a small number of the lighter Nikon d3500 rigs in use, we feel that the Zhiyun Weebill S will definatley be the better option as it offers a much larger maximum load capacity allowing you to mount pretty much any Nikon d3500 rig to it that you can think of.

In our opinion, the Weebill S from Zhiyun is one of, if not the best handheld gimbal stabilizer ever made and it has managed to dominate the market since it was released a few months back. On top of this, it has managed to quickly earn itself one of the best reputations amongst videographers and vloggers and its reputation just keep on getting better and better with each passing month.

Due to this, we definatley feel that any of our readers who own the Nikon d3500 should be seriously considering the Weebill S as their primary gimbal of choice for their video recording needs. Due to the much lower and more restrictive maximum load capacity of the G6 Max, we feel that you should really be going with the Weebill S as its higher load capacity offers future-proofing for any future, heavy camera accessories that you may purchase too. Due to this, we will only be taking a more in-depth look at the Weebill S throughout the rest of the article and not touching on the G6 Max anymore.

Performance Of The Gimbal

Thankfully, your Nikon d3500 is an extremely lightweight DSLR camera that is actually lighter than many of the popular mirrorless cameras on the market right now too. Due to the very light camera body of your d3500 the Weebill S makes very easy work of it and the 6.61 maximum load capacity of the gimbal is easily able to support the vast majority of the popular d3500 rigs out there with ease.

This includes even the heaviest d3500 rigs with the longer and heavier camera lenses with heavy video lights and other camera accessories mounted to your camera when recording too. In fact, if you are planning to be using a longer and heavier lens with your Nikon d3500 then the Weebill S and its high torque motors are perfect. Unlike a surprising number of the compeating gimbals on the market right now, the Weebill S can easily maintain its excellent levels of image stabilization when being used with a heavier lens without having any issues with vibrations as some of the compeating lenses can.

Zhiyun has upgraded the battery cell in the Weebill S too with this new battery not only being smaller and lighter by up to a third but also offering a longer maximum battery life over the majority of the compeating gimbals on the market right now. The Weebill S can offer your Nikon d3500 up to fourteen hours of battery life for every full charge of the gimbal battery coming in at around four hours longer than the majority of the other gimbal batteries in the space right now.

We know that the vast majority of the niches that a Nikon d3500 user will likley be working in will easily be able to get all of the video footage you require within fourteen hours but there are a few outliers. Things like travel vlogging and other niches where you will be in remote locations without access to power at the end of each night may benefit from you adding a USB power bank to your collection of camera accessories too. This allows you to top up the power levels of most of your devices when out and about for long periods without having to worry about your battery running dry.

That said though, just like the majority of the other modern Zhiyun gimbals on the market right now, the Weebill S comes with the Zhiyun quick charge system. This lets you take the gimbal from totally empty back to totally full in less than four hours when charging your gimbal battery from a wall-based power outlet. This means you get between four and five hours of usable battery for every hour spent recharging offering the best charging ration available to the time of writing.

Although the Nikon d3500 is a very light DSLR meaning a large number of modern handheld gimbal stabilizers will likley be able to support its weight, the Zhiyun Weebill S has one of the best detection and correction systems to take it one step further. This ensures that you are able to get some of the smoothest image stabilization that looks as natural as possible without having to break the bank. Zhiyun has updated a number of the features on the Weebill S to ensure that it is able to perform flawlessly in pretty much every situation you may use it in.

The gimbal sensors on the Weebill S have been tweaked slightly when compared to the older versions of the gimbal sensors. They have been reduced in size and weight to make them around a quarter lighter and smaller while also having increased sensitivity too. This increases the accuracy of the sensors to ensure that they are able to detect even the slightest vibration in the gimbal head when being used with your Nikon d3500.

In our opinion, the Zhiyun balancing algorithm is the best system going right now and the information from the gimbal sensors is fed directly into this market-leading algorithms. Although the DJI algorithm did use to rival the Zhiyun algorithm, Zhiyun has definatley pulled away over the last few years to be the undisputed king with their lightning-fast, power-efficient system that performs flawlessly.

The final part of the Zhiyun detection and correction system is their next-generation, super high torque gimbal motors that blow everything else on the market right now out of the water with ease. Zhiyun has managed to make these new next-generation motors around a quarter smaller and lighter to help keep with the small, light, and compact design of the Weebill S while increasing the actual torque output by up to three times.

This is the main reason that the Weebill S is dominating the gimbal space at the time of writing as no matter what you mount to it, the gimbal easily stabilizes it and keeps your camera rig as smooth as possible during use. Although this will serve you well with your Nikon d3500, the Weebill S is also able to easily support the vast majority of potential camera bodies that you may upgrade to from your d3500. This ensures that if you do choose to upgrade your camera body, the Weebill S should be able to serve you well without having to be replaced unless you go for a super heavy DSLR rig.

All of this combined with the low price tag of the Zhiyun Weebill S has ensured that it is continuing to see exponential growth in its user base. Many of the videographers and vloggers who have added the Weebill S to their camera accessories have published their own independent reviews of the gimbal that you can skim over if you have the free time available. Those reviews offer some great insight into just how good the performance of the Weebill S is from third-party users sharing their opinions on it.

User Interface And Control System

Thankfully, Zhiyun has not tried to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the interface on the Weebill S. They have kept the standard joystick based system that aesthetically looks very similar to what videographers and vloggers will be used to if you have used gimbals previously but they have overhauled the technology under the hood. This ensures that the Weebill S has a very easy to learn and familiar interface that people are used to.

The balancing system on the Weebill S has been tweaked and updated ever so slightly to help ensure that it is as easy to balance as possible too. With the Nikon d3500 being an entry-level DSLR camera, this is a great thing as it is likley that many d3500 users may never have actually used a gimbal before. Time was, balancing a gimbal was a total nightmare that took a fair amount of time but the modern Zhiyun system is very straight forward and can be done in less than one minute after going over the process a few times.

As you would expect, the Weebill S has a quick release plate that follows the Manfrotto design allowing you to easily unmount your Nikon d3500 from your gimbal and then use it handheld or remounts it to another camera accessory such as a tripod without having to waste time. Although rare these days, some of the smaller gimbal brands still use a proprietary quick release plate system that means you are unable to mount it to the majority of tripods that use either the Manfrotto or Arca Swiss designs.

Build Quality And Design

Now, anyone who has been in the videography or vlogging space for any serious amount of time will likley have heard of the Crane range from Zhiyun already as it has dominated the market for the last decade. Although Zhiyun are still releasing new gimbals in their Crane range, they seem to be using it as their big, heavy lifting gimbals for the future. Their new Weebill range has been designed to be as small, light, and compact as possible making it the perfect travel gimbal while offering professional level gimbal performance too.

Zhiyun has made a few changes to the Weebill range of gimbals to achieve this when compared to their older Crane range of gimbals but in our opinion, all of the changes have been welcomed by the community. The reduced size and weight of the Weebill S is a godsend if you are planning to travel around with your Nikon d3500 often, especially if you are going to be traveling by air.

Zhiyun have also taken advantage of the latest plastic making techniques and developments for the construction of the Weebill S too. This has allowed Zhiyun to make the gimbal as tough and robust as needed to ensure that it won’t break when taking bumps or knocks but also light enough to easily fit in your videography accessory bag too. You can easily hold the Weebill S with your d3500 rig mounted to it for long sessions without it causing aches and pains in your arms, shoulders, or back.

The comfortable handle grip on the Weebill S is great too as so many of the fixed plastic grips on the older gimbals could cause your hand to cramp when holding it. The new gel set style handles on the Weebill range of gimbal are very comfortable and easy to hold without getting any cramps or aches with ease.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Nikon d3500 cameras to a close. In our opinion, the Zhiyun Weebill S is definatley the front runner when it comes to a handheld gimbal stabilizer for the d3500 and we doubt anyone will be knocking it off the top spot any time soon due to it having all of the latest technology. We are confident in recommending it to our readers as their latest camera accessory addition and feel that it will serve both you and your d3500 well when recording.

As we mentioned above, the Weebill S has one of the best reputations in the gimbal space and has managed to earn itself a ton of independent reviews from the community over the years. If you are yet to decide on the gimbal that you want to purchase for your Nikon d3500 then we would highly recommend that you check out those reviews as they offer some solid insight into just how great the Weebill S is and the performance that it offers.