The Best Gimbal For Nikon D3300 Cameras!

The Nikon d3300 is one of the most popular entry-level DSLR camera bodies on the market right now and is a popular option in both the videography and photography communities having an absolutely massive core customer base that is still steadily growing. Due to this, we see a decent-sized number of people reaching out each month and asking for advice on a number of camera accessories for the d3300 that can potentially help to increase the image quality that you as a photography or videographer are able to capture.

Although it is a sizable investment in your camera accessories, one question that we have noticed more and more people reaching out about is based around the best gimbal for Nikon d3300 cameras. Adding a decent handheld gimbal stabilizer to your collection of d3300 is one of the easiest ways to get some often much-needed image stabilization for any videographers who are using the camera. Due to this, we have decided to focus on this subject for our article today to try and help our readers who own the d3300 and are looking to purchase a gimbal.

Now, due to the price point of the Nikon d3300 in the market, some people may want to go with the Crane Plus as it tends to be a cheaper option due to being a few years old now and should still easily support your d3300 with ease. That said though, our primary gimbal recommendation that is not too much more is the Zhiyun Weebill S that is only a few months old at the time of writing and comes with all of the latest features to ensure that you get the best image quality possible when recording your footage.

The Weebill S is actually a spin-off from the Crane Plus with Zhiyun opting to focus on a more compact gimbal design that is also lighter as well as much easier to travel with if needed. Although we are confident that the Crane Plus will be able to meet the needs of any of our readers who own the Nikon d3300, our primary gimbal recommendation is the Weebill S. Due to this, we will be focusing on the Weebill S throughout the rest of the article, if you would link to know more about the Crane Plus then you can check our these independent reviews that have been published for the Crane Plus since its release.

Performance Of The Gimbal

One of the biggest things that the Nikon d3300 has going for it is that even though it is a DSLR camera body, it is actually very light coming in at around one pound of payload weight with its battery and no other camera accessories. At the time of writing, this actually makes the d3300 lighter than some of the heavier mirrorless cameras available meaning that you can often get away with much smaller, lighter, and cheaper gimbals that its heavier DSLR camera cousins.

We just wanted to make a point of this as we know that many people on social media, YouTube, and forums often instantly recommend the DJI Ronin S for any DSLR camera body by default. Although the Ronin is a few years old now, it is a solid option but is very expensive compared to the Weebill S. On top of this, with the Weebill S having all the latest technology including some of the best motors we have seen to date in a gimbal, it makes light work of the vast majority of d3300 setups on the market right now.

The Weebill S offers a maximum usable load capacity of 6.61 pounds of camera payload weight meaning that after the one-pound payload of your d3300 camera body is deducted, you still have over five and a half pounds of spare load capacity for your camera accessories. This should easily be able to cover the weight of the rest of your d3300 set up while still leaving a large amount of the load capacity free too.

Zhiyun has also slightly tweaked the design of the Weebill S over their previous gimbals too making it able to support larger camera bodies like the d3300 a little easier without restricting its range of motion. This allows you to get some great, super smooth video footage for your videographer or vlogging with ease.

Another great thing the gimbal has going for it is the new Zhiyun battery system that pretty much blows everything on the compeating gimbals other than maybe the Moza Aircross 2 out the water at the time of writing. It offers around fourteen hours of power per charge and even if you load the gimbal up with a really heavy Nikon d3300 set up, you can still usually expect around fourteen hours of power out of the battery. The Zhiyun cell also only takes three hours to be charged from empty to full too allowing you to quickly turn your kit around and get back out the door if needed.

Like we mentioned earlier in the article, the Nikon d3300 is a very lightweight camera body for a DSLR camera and the Zhiyun Weebill S can easily support the majority of d3300 rigs with ease. That said though, as the d3300 is more of a budget-friendly, entry-level camera, investing in the Weebill S also offers you some great future-proofing for any potential camera or camera accessory upgrades in the future too. The Weebill S has some excellent technology that allows it to support a large number of popular DSLR camera bodies as well as the vast majority if not all mirrorless camera bodies on the market right now allowing you to upgrade in the future as you wish without having to buy a new gimbal.

One of the main things that has pushed the Weebill S way out ahead of the majority of the competition is the detection and correction system that Zhiyun has developed over the years and comes with the gimbal as standard. Everything from the gimbal sensors, to the Zhiyun balancing algorithm to the gimbal motors, are all outstanding making it very hard for the compeating brands to catch up at this stage.

The gimbal sensors are very accurate at detecting even the slightest bit of movement in the head of the gimbal with your d3300 mounted to it. The Zhiyun balancing algorithm is lightning fast too and is able to take any data from the sensors and process it instantly before pushing the required correction data to the gimbal motors to keep your camera stable.

The gimbal motors on the Weebill S are probably the best that we have seen on any gimbal at the time of writing and they earn this title by a long shot too. Not only are they smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient than what most of the compeating gimbal brands are using but they also come in with three times the power of most gimbal motors from other brands too.

This is why the Zhiyun Weebill S is able to easily stabilize the weight of most Nikon d3300 camera rigs on the market right now with ease. Although the actual d3300 camera body itself is lighter than most other DSLR camera bodies, it is still pretty bulky and many of its camera accessories are heavy but the Zhiyun motors deal with it with ease.

On top of this, if you need to mount a long and/or heavy camera lens to your d3300 then the Weebill S also handles with flawlessly too. Even some of the more modern gimbals from compeating brands that were released less than a year ago can still have problems if the user mounts a long lens to their camera rig but the Weebill S takes it all in its stride.

The vast majority of vloggers and videographers all the way from entry-level up to professional level will likley be able to take advantage of the various gimbal modes on the Weebill S too. Not only are these all very simple to use but they can quickly and easily allow you to use your gimbal in a way to instantly get a better angle on your subject or improve your image quality too. The Weebill S supports manual, lock, pan, follow, vortex, and track mode and although some may not be needed for the niche you work in, the basics such as manual, and pan are almost always useful.

When you look at the price tag of the gimbal as well as the amount of bang that you get for your buck, it really is easy to see why the Weebill S is as popular with the videography and vlogging communities as it is. The gimbal has only been available for a few months at the time of writing but it has already established itself as the dominant handheld gimbal stabilizer and earn a ton of excellent reviews due to its outstanding performance.

User Interface And Control System

As we have been mentioning throughout the article, the Nikon d3300 is an entry-level DSLR camera body so there is a large chance that the majority of our readers who are reading this may have never used or even seen a gimbal before. Thankfully though, the control system on the Weebill S is extremely user-friendly ensuring that you should easily be able to get the basics within minutes of getting your hands on the gimbal.

Unlike some of the other more user-friendly gimbal stabilizers on the market, the control system on the Weebill S also offers a ton of advanced functionality too. This ensures that it can help you as you advance through your career or if you are already an advanced level videographer then the Weebill S offers everything you could ever want. You can customize the config as needed or quickly navigate to important settings to adjust them as required.

One criticism that we have seen for the Weebill S is that it still uses a system with a joystick and an LCD panel rather than a touchscreen. In our opinion, this is not a fair criticism as at the time of writing, no compeating gimbal brand has managed to successfully release a control system that works well with a touchscreen. Although a fair few have tried, nothing comes close to the functionality the joystick and LCD panel-based systems provide to date.

The final point that we want to make regarding the interface system on the Weebill S is that the balancing system has been streamlined and is now much easier than the systems on the older Zhiyun gimbal stabilizers. Although the Nikon d3300 is a light camera making the process even easier, the balancing system on the Weebill S should easily lt you get your setup balanced in less than sixty seconds once you have gone through the process a few times.

Build Quality And Design

We mentioned the Crane Plus back at the start of the article as a more budget-friendly gimbal option for your d3300. As the name suggests, it is a part of the older Crane range of Zhiyun gimbals that were larger and heavier than the Weebill range. Zhiyun have totally redesigned their technology and systems for the Weebill Range to keep the strengths of the Crane range while also improving on its weaknesses.

The new design of the Zhiyun Weebill range of gimbals ensures that they are as small, compact, and lightweight as possible making them much easier to use as a travel gimbal. The high torque Zhiyun motors that we covered earlier also ensure that this smaller and lighter gimbal still offers the same excellent professional levels of image stabilization that you get from the larger and heavier gimbals too.

Zhiyun has also done a solid job of ensuring that they have only used the best materials possible to keep the weight of the gimbal low while keeping it as robust and tough as possible. If you are working in a niche where you have to travel around on a regular basis then this really can help to protect your gimbal against the punishment coming its way during use and while in your baggage when traveling between locations.

The final change that Zhiyun has made to the Weebill range of gimbals is that they have independent locks on each of its three rotating axis. This allows you to activate the locks when required to keep them in place and to prevent them from rotating when stored. If you do travel around often then this helps to keep the axis on your gimbal flat and minimizes the chance of them changing position and potentially breaking.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Nikon d3300 cameras to an end. As we mentioned back at the start, the Crane Plus can be a solid cheap gimbal option but we would highly recommend that our readers go with the Zhiyun Weebill S if possible. It is a much better gimbal that only costs a small amount more with superior performance and functionality.

As far as handheld gimbal stabilizers go, the Weebill S is one of, if not the best that we have ever seen and delivers some of the best image quality going even for heavier d3300 rigs. This helps to ensure that you are able to get super smooth video that offers excellent image quality for your videos making the gimbal a great addition to your camera accessories. As we mentioned above, the Weebill S has some great reviews that you can read too if you want to see what third-party, independent videographers and vloggers think of it.