The Best Gimbal For Nikon D3200 Cameras!

The Nikon d3200 has an absolutely huge user base of people from both the photography and videography communities due to the d3200 being an excellent little entry-level DSLR camera body. The low price tag, excellent build quality, and outstanding performance and functionality of the camera have ensured that the d3200 has seen constant growth in its customer base over the years since its release and it doesn’t look like it is going to be slowing down anytime soon either.

With the Nikon d3200 having so many people using it as their go-to camera body of choice, we see a large number of people reaching out with a number of questions with each passing month to try and get the very best performance out of the camera as possible. One of the more frequent questions that we have noticed asked more and more over the last three months or so is based around finding the best gimbal for Nikon d3200 cameras.

Due to this, we have decided to take a look at the gimbals that we feel are the best on the market right now for the d3200 as we see so many people thinking that the DJI Ronin S is the only suitable option due to it being a DSLR camera and this could not be further from the truth. The d3200 is a very lightweight camera and the much newer Zhiyun Weebill S or Moza Aircross 2 are much better, and cheaper options than the Ronin S.

Although both the Ronin S and Aircross 2 are solid options, our primary gimbal recommendation for any of our readers looking to add a handheld gimbal stabilizer to their collection of camera accessories is the Weebill S. Not only is it cheaper than its two closest competitors but it also offers better levels of image stabilization to provide a better image quality in our opinion.

Due to this, the Weebill S has gone from strength o strength since its release onto the market and managed to establish itself as the dominant gimbal in its weight class within about three months after release. The gimbal is seeing exponential growth in its customer base due to it being such an excellent bit of kit and it has also managed to earn itself a solid reputation amongst the videography and vlogging communities. This is why we would recommend that our readers add the Weebill S to their collection of Nikon D3200 camera accessories but we will not be taking a more in-depth look at some of the features that make it the best option.

Performance Of The Gimbal

With the Nikon d3200 coming in at around one pound of payload weight you can rest assured that the maximum 6.61 pound load capacity of the Weebill S more than has you covered and can support the vast majority if not all of the of the popular d3200 setups on the market right now. With your d3200 camera body mounted to the gimbal, you have around 5.61 pounds of free load capacity for your external microphone, camera lens, and video light as well as any other camera accessories that you may want to add to your d3200 when recording too.

The Weebill S also has another advantage over many of the competing 3 axis gimbal stabilizers on the market right now in that it is easily able to support longer camera lenses without having issues with its image stabilization suffering too. Even in this day and age, some of the competing gimbals can still end up having annoying vibrations in their gimbal head if you use a longer or heaven camera lens when recording but the high torque, next-generation gimbal motors on the Weebill S make light work of even super-long telephoto lenses if needed.

Zhiyun has also been developing its power system for their gimbals and their latest battery cell in the Weebill S is easily able to provide you with a maximum battery life of around fourteen hours. This should be more than enough for the vast majority of people out there as the majority of videography and vlogging niches will allow you to plug your gimbal into a power outlet after a hard day’s work and recharge it as required. Additionally, fourteen hours is around four hours longer than the average battery life for this weight class at the time of writing too helping ensure you are getting the best output possible.

If you are working in a niche where you may not be able to recharge all of your devices at the end of the day then adding a modern, high capacity USB power bank to your Nikon d3200 camera accessories can be a solid option. The high load power banks can recharge the majority of your devices while you are on your travels and help ensure that you always have the power required to constantly capture your video content too. Although recharge times via a power bank will depend on the load of the power bank, the Weebill S can be charged back to full in around three hours

As we mentioned back at the start of the article, the Moza Aircross 2 is a solid gimbal and although showing its age and overpriced in our opinion, the DJI Ronin S is also a solid gimbal for your Nikon d3200 but on of the main reasons that the Zhiyun Weebill S is our primary gimbal recommendation is its outstanding detection and correction system that is second to none. At the time of writing, no other 3 axis handheld gimbal stabilizer on the market can even come close to the system that Zhiyun has developed and is the main reason the community are flocking to it.

The basics of a gimbals detection and correction system is based around gimbal sensors, the balancing algorithm, and the gimbals motors and Zhiyun are now leading the way in all three aspects. Although DJI used to offer some solid competition, they have dropped off recently due to a lack of new releases to their range but Moza has done a great job of challenging Zhiyun but they fall short right now.

The Zhiyun gimbals sensors have been tweaked ever so slightly over their previous system to help increase the accuracy of the movement that they detect as well as their overall detection speed that allows the gimbal to provide its rapid image stabilization. The gimbal sensors on the Weebill S are the main reason that it is such a versatile handheld gimbal and able to support your Nikon d3200 in pretty much every niche you can think of.

Now, time was that DJI were leading the way when it came to the gimbal balancing algorithms but DJI seem to be focusing on their drone range right now and hasn’t released a new gimbal for a while. This has left Zhiyun and Moza to innovated away and push DJI into third place. Although the Moza algorithm is solid, we feel that the Zhiyun sneaks out ahead by the smallest margin as it has been programmed to always try to find the most power-efficient counter move to keep your battery life as efficient as possible.

The final part of the Zhiyun system is their next-generation gimbal motors that we touched on earlier. In our opinion, these new Zhiyun motors really are the best available at the time of writing and nothing the competition has even come close. Not only have Zhiyun managed to reduce the size, weight, and power requirement of the motors on the gimbal but they have also managed to increase the available torque output by just over three times. This is why the gimbal offers you an absolutely massive maximum load capacity for its small size and ensures that you can mount pretty much any setup of camera accessories to your Nikon d3200 without issue.

You also have to keep in mind that the Zhiyun Weebill S is also priced at a lower price point than both the Moza Aircross 2 and DJI Ronin S at the time of writing too while beating them when it comes to the performance the gimbal offers. It is not surprising that so many videographers and vloggers have chosen to leave their own independent reviews sharing their thoughts and opinions on just how good the Weebill S actually is.

User Interface And Control System

Zhiyun has done an excellent job of updating the technology under the hood of the control system without actually having to change the aesthetic look and actual operation of the system. This keeps the gimbal based around the standard joystick user interface system that so many gimbal users are used to while improving on the actual performance of the joystick.

The new omnidirectional joystick with its sixteen points of contact offer superior control over the gimbal with your Nikon d3200 mounted to it when using it in manual mode. This means that the niches where you will be using your gimbal in manual mode on a regular basis, you can get the best possible performance out of it while getting some smooth, natural-looking image stabilization. This is a massive update for motorized gimbals in general as it gets rid of that slightly robotic feel of the video footage from the older generations of gimbals.

The vast majority of the modern gimbals from Zhiyun, DJI, and Moza all have very simple and straight forward balancing systems and the Zhiyun Weebill S is no different. It is very easy to balance and the lightweight of the majority of the Nikon d3200 camera rigs makes the process even simpler. This means that once you are used to the balancing process, you will likely be able to get your gimbal and Nikon d3200 balanced in under a minute and be ready to record.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to the actual design of the gimbal, the newer Weebill range of gimbals from Zhiyun have a number of upgrades and tweaks over their older Crane range of gimbals. Zhiyun has decided to try and make their Weebill range of gimbals the perfect travel gimbals on the market to make them as small, lightweight, and compact as possible. This ensures that you can easily travel around with your gimbal and your other camera accessories without having to add much weight to your gear.

Zhiyun has done this by using the latest developments in plastic technology and they have decided to use the newest polymers that are as lightweight as possible while also being very tough too. This means that the Weebill S is as light as humanly possible but tough and robust too meaning that it can take a large amount of punishment without issue. As there is always inevitable bumps and knocks when using your gimbal, it is definitely nice to know that it’s not going to break on its first outing.

The Weebill range is also the first range of gimbals that come with axis locks to allow you to lock the independent axis of the gimbal in place and prevent them from moving when required. If you are going to be traveling around with your gimbal in your bag on a regular basis this can help to prevent accidental damage by locking the arms of your gimbal in place. Additionally, you can also lock them in place when you are walking between recording locations with your Nikon d3200 mounted to the gimbal to stop it randomly spinning.

Zhiyun has also added a new gel set comfortable handle to the Weebill S too ensuring that your hand is comfortable when gripping the gimbal. Not only is the handle easy to get a firm grip on but it also stops your hands from cramping or aching for those longer recording sessions. The lightweight of the Weebill S also means that you should be able to comfortably support the weight of the gimbal with your Nikon d3200 mounted without having pains in your back or arms too.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best gimbal for Nikon d3200 cameras to a close. As we have mentioned a few times throughout the article, there are a few contenders but in our opinion, the Zhiyun Weebill S is definitely the best option on the market and should be your primary consideration. We are confident that it will be able to meet your needs without you having to break the bank and spend a ton of money on your new gimbal.

As we touched on earlier, a large number of videographers and vloggers have chosen to share their own independent reviews of the Weebill S sharing their experiences with the gimbal. These can be worth reading if you have not made your mind up about the Weebill S yet as they offer some solid insight into the gimbal and the level of image stabilization it can provide you.