The Best Gimbal For Canon G5X Cameras!

Although the Canon g5x is often overshadowed by the Canon g7x, the g5x is still a great little camera that has a large core user base of photographers, videographers, vloggers, and social media influencers who use the camera body as their camera of choice with great results. Due to having such a large customer base from such a diverse range of niches, it is not surprising that we often see a large number of people reaching out and asking for advice on various camera accessories to help further improve the already excellent image quality of the Canon g5x.

With many people using the Canon g5x as their go-to videography or vlogging camera of choice, we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking for advice on the best gimbal for Canon g5x cameras. Due to noticing the frequency of people reaching out about this increasing with each passing month, we have decided to make gimbals for the Canon g5x the main subject of today’s article.

With there being so many handheld gimbals on the market right now we hope that our article will help our readers avoid some of the lower quality gimbals and potentially help save our headers hundreds of dollars while getting the best image stabilization possible. Although some people will prefer to go with something like the Zhiyun Weebill S, we feel that the best gimbal for the Canon g5x is actually the cheaper, smaller, and lighter Feiyutech G6 Max.

With the Canon g5x being a small, light point and shoot camera, it seems only right to go with the undisputed king of point and shoot cameras, the Feiyutech G6 range. The G6 Max is the successor to the extremely successful Feiyutech G6 Plus and the G6 Max improves on the performance and image quality offered by the G6 Plus in every way. At the time of writing, the G6 Max has only been available on the market for a matter of months and comes with all of the latest gimbal technology.

Although it is relatively new to the market, the G6 Max has managed to quickly establish itself as the best gimbal in the point and shoot camera weight class and earn a great reputation amongst the videography and vlogging point and shoot camera owning communities. With few other brands even trying to compete in the point and shoot camera weight class due to the dominance of the Feiyutech G6 range, we doubt that anything is even going to come close to knocking the G6 Max of the top spot for the foreseeable future.

Performance Of The Gimbal

As we mentioned earlier, your Canon g5x is a very light camera body with a mounted lens coming in at only 0.89 pounds of total camera payload weight with its battery included. Due to having a permanently mounted lens you don’t have to worry about having to find a handheld gimbal stabilizer that is able to support the weight of long heavy lenses either making your job much easier.

The Feiyutech G6 Max offers a maximum load capacity of 2.65 pounds of total camera payload weight meaning that it can easily support your Canon g5x with plenty of available load capacity left over for any additional camera accessories that you require. That said though, many people who use the Canon g5x will rarely require additional camera accessories anyway due to the camera offering solid audio and image quality right out the box.

That said though if you are working in a niche where you will be in low light conditions on a regular basis, there is plenty of free load capacity for a video light or anything else that you may require. Additionally, due to your Canon g5x having a fitted lens, the Feiyutech G6 Max does not need big, heavy gimbal motors allowing Feiyutech to keep the gimbals size and weight as small as possible to make it an ideal travel gimbal too.

Due to this though, Feiyutech has opted to go with a smaller and lighter battery cell that can provide you with up to eight hours of battery with each full charge. That said though, there is a very high chance that eight hours of juice per charge of your gimbal battery will easily be enough for the majority of our readers anyway. For the vast majority of vlogging and videography niches, you will likley be able to recharge all of your devices at the end of the day anyway.

On the off chance that you are working in a niche such as travel vlogging where you may be away from your accommodation and power outlets for days at a time, you can add a high load USB power bank to your camera accessories too. This offers you a quick and easy way to recharge your gimbal, camera, and other devices while on the move without having a traditional power outlet at hand. This is becoming increasingly popular in these niches due to the price tags of these higher output load power banks coming down while the power they provide is going up.

When your Feiyutech G6 Max is finally out of battery, you will be able to recharge it back to full in around three hours from a power outlet. If you are using a USB power bank then this recharge time frame will depend on the output level of your power bank but the Feiyutech rapid recharging system on the gimbal definatley does help. This offers a charging ratio of just under three hours of usable battery for each hour charging and is the best ratio for a gimbal of this size and weight on the market right now by a long shot.

Although the Feiyutech G6 Plus is still an excellent gimbal that is probably the second-best gimbal for your Canon g5x on the market at the time of writing, Feiyutech have been innovating away to improve its performance with the G6 Max. The detection and correction system on the G6 Max is definatley the best we have ever seen for the point and shoot camera weight class and offers the smoothest and fastest image stabilization available.

Feiyutech has upgraded everything starting with the gimbal sensors on the G6 Max increasing both their sensitivity and processing speed while also making them smaller and lighter too. This offers some surprising advantages as it allows Feiyutech to make the gimbal as small and light as possible while also improving on the level of accuracy that the gimbals sensors are able to detect at the same time.

This overcomes the main historical weakness of the point and shoot camera weight class gimbals in that the G6 Max is able to easily detect those short, sharp movements and vibrations that the older gimbals in the weight class used to struggle with. This helps to ensure that the gimbal is able to stabilize your Canon g5x even with a tiny movement and ensure that your camera is kept steady without issue.

Unlike the Feiyutech AK range of gimbals, the Feiyutech G6 range use their own unique balancing algorithm that has been designed and optimized around use with smaller and lighter camera rigs like your Canon g5x. We are happy to see that they have kept to this philosophy with the G6 Max and stuck with the G6 range balancing algorithm as their AK range algorithm is having a ton of problems.

Feiyutech has made a few tweaks to the algorithm that they use on the G6 Max over the one that came on the G6 Plus helping to improve its speed as well as its power consumption to try and make it as efficient as possible. Just like the older stabilizers in the G6 range, the algorithm is lightning fast too and able to rapidly work out the best counter-movement for any motion that it does end up detecting in the gimbal head to keep your rig as smooth and stable as possible during use.

As we touched on earlier, one of the advantages of the G6 Max is that it is absolutely tiny and very lightweight when compared to some of the 3 axis gimbals on the market for mirrorless and DSLR camera bodies. Although the gimbal motors on the G6 range are smaller than the motors on the larger gimbals, they offer plenty of torque for a camera as small and light as the Canon g5x.

With its low price tag and its outstanding performance and functionality, it is easy to see why the G6 Max is dominating the weight class only a matter of months after having been released onto the market. Its customer base is growing at a very rapid pace and is showing no signs of slowing down at all right now and many of the videographers and vloggers who are using the G6 Max have left their own independent reviews for the gimbal that you can read.

The vast majority of those have been left by other photographers, videographers, vloggers, and social media influencers who also use light and small point and shoot cameras like your Canon g5x too. Skimming over them for a few seconds can offer some great insight into just how well they perform for other people and give you an independent view of how well the G6 Max can perform for you too.

User Interface And Control System

Thankfully, Feiyutech has decided to keep things as simple and straight forward as possible when it comes to the control system for their G6 Max. They are one of the few brands trying touchscreen technology with their AK range of gimbals but in our opinion, the technology just is not good enough for use in the gimbal space and the traditional system of a joystick offers much better control.

Feiyutech has also updated the joystick technology that they use on the G6 Max over the system that they offered on the G6 Plus to offering much better control when using your gimbal in manual mode. Considering that the G6 Max is a relatively cheap, very easy to use handheld gimbal stabilizer, it offers some of the best manual control of the gimbal head that we have ever seen to date.

Feiyutech has also made a few improvements to the balancing procedure for the G6 Max too ensuring that it is as easy to balance as possible. We see so many entry-level videographers and vloggers reaching out with questions based around how they should be balancing their gimbals but there is no need to worry about the process on the G6 Max. It is very user-friendly and straight forward and we doubt that you will end up running into any issues when trying to balance your gimbal even if you have never used a gimbal previously.

The quick-release plate system is the same design that Feiyutech have used on the older G6 gimbals but this is standard as it follows the same system as the majority of tripods on the market right now so there is no requirement to upgrade or change it anyway. This allows you to quickly mount or unmount your g5x to and from your G6 Max as required and then use it handheld or quickly mount it to your tripod or another camera accessory if required.

Build Quality And Design

Feiyutech have thankfully stuck to the normal handheld gimbal design with their G6 Max in a time when many brands are trying to innovate and improve on an already close to the perfect design. In our opinion, the only brand that has even come close to improving it is Zhiyun with their Weebill range of gimbals for mirrorless and lightweight DSLR rigs. So many other brands have tried and failed to improve on the design that in our opinion, it is just better to stick with the regular layout as Feiyutech has.

As we mentioned earlier, the gimbal is very travel-friendly and is surprisingly small and lightweight too. Feiyutech has pulled this off by taking advantage of newer plastic polymers that were not cheap enough to mass-produce back when the older gimbals were designed and made. This has allowed Feiyutech to keep the G6 Max small and lightweight while also being very tough and robust too making it one of the best travel gimbals going right now.

Feiyutech has also duplicated the axis locking system that Zhiyun has added to their latest ranges of gimbals too and we are so pleased that they have. Due to point and shoot cameras like the Canon g5x being so popular amongst the travel vlogging community, these simple, easy to use axis locks are a great addition. They allow you to easily lock each axis in place as required preventing them from unexpectedly rotating when in your bag and potentially breaking.

If you know that you are going to be traveling around on a regular basis with your G6 Max with you then this simple system can end up preventing a large amount of heartache. One of the leading causes of irreparable damage to gimbals is due to their axis taking damage but this locking system prevents this helping offer you peace of mind that your gimbal is going to last you many years to come.

Feiyutech has also followed the trend of the DSLR and mirrorless camera brands by upgrading their handle grip to a gel set mold rather than the solid plastic that older gimbals used. This not only makes it easy to quickly get a firm grip of your gimbal handle but it also increases the level of comfort of your gimbal too. So many people, even experienced videographers overlook the importance of a comfortable handle on their gimbal, especially if you will be recording for hours at a time as aches can quickly set in. These gel set grips help to prevent this though and keep you as comfortable as possible on those longer sessions.


That concludes our article going over our thoughts on what the best gimbal for Canon g5x camera owners. In reality, you will be hard-pressed to find a compeating gimbal for the g5x that is as good as the Feiyutech G6 Max even at the higher price points in the market. It is an excellent handheld gimbal stabilizer and can make a great addition to your g5x camera accessories and help to improve your image quality without having to spend too much money.

Although we mentioned it earlier in the article, if you have not made your mind up about the G6 max then checking out some of these reviews is probably well worth the time. They have all been published by third-party photographers, videographers, vloggers, or social media influencers who use the G6 Max as their gimbal of choice. They offer some great insight into how good the gimbal actually is as well as what you can expect in a number of niches and common situations when using your gimbal too.