The Best Flash For Sony A6500 Cameras!

The Sony a6500 is a very popular mirrorless camera body that has a large following from both the photography and videographer side of the house. The Sony Alpha mirrorless camera range is probably the most popular range of mirrorless camera bodies on the market and the a6500 offers a few updates, innovations, and tweaks over the older cameras in the range helping to improve its performance. With it being relatively low priced while also offering some solid image quality, it really is easy to see why it is such a popular camera.

With it having such a large number of users, we often see a large number of people reaching out each month and asking for advice on the best flash for Sony a6500 cameras. Now, there are a couple of options on the market right now that are solid contenders but in our opinion, the Godox tt350s is definitely the clear winner. It offers some excellent performance and since its release onto the market, the tt350 range has become the dominant camera flash in its price point.

That said, there are multiple variants of the tt350 as they have each been slightly tweaked to work with specific ranges of cameras. If you are looking to add a solid camera flash to your a6500 camera accessories then be sure to add the tt350s. Notice the S after the initial product code to denote that this is the variant for Sony camera bodies as it has optimal functionality for the various Sony cameras on the market.

With the Godox tt350 being such a popular external flash head, all of the variants probably make up the largest user base for any sub-one hundred dollar flash unit on the market right now by a long shot. The community loves it as the flash has an entry-level price tag while offering intermediate level performance and versatility offering a maximum bang for your buck. On top of this, the flash has also managed to rightfully earn itself a great reputation amongst the photography community as it can help improve your flash photography performance without having to spend too much cash.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

As we touched on above, the Godox tt350s offers your Sony a6500 intermediate level performance with an entry-level price tag ensuring that you get the very best performance possible and we feel that this is why the flash unit is such a popular option. It has all of the functionality that you would expect from a modern flash unit resulting in some solid versatility that really does help you get everything you need out of it for your flash photography.

The flash unit offers full TTL functionality as well as supporting a HSS maximum of 1/8000 second as well as both front and rear curtain sync too. It also comes with multi, manual, master, and slave modes all supported and the 2.4G wireless technology on the flash unit allows you to quickly and easily integrate it into a multi-flash set up if you are planning to use it in a photography studio.

The wireless technology on the Godox tt350s is the Godox X system that is one of the leading wireless flash unit systems available right now. It offers full wireless transmission for up to thirty meters both indoors and out while also having aftermarket extenders available to boost this range up to just under one hundred meters if required. Godox also offers the Godox X2T-S wireless flash trigger system that works seemlesley with the Godox tt350 range too if needed.

The Godox tt350s offers GN36 (m ISO 100,@105mm) too with twenty-two steps of flash power output ranging from 1/1 to 1/128 to ensure you are getting everything you require for your low light photography sessions too. The recycle time is fully variable too with a range from 0.1 seconds to 2.2 seconds as needed offering the tt350s an advantage over some of the competing flash units on the market in this price bracket.

Many other competing flash units will have a slow, fixed flash recycle time of around 1.5 seconds of more to help prevent overheating issues. Thankfully, Godox has put some solid overheating protection on the tt350s to ensure that the photography is able to use the flash with a very fast recycle time with a high flash power output and a short flash duration for long periods of time without issue. This alone is one of the main features that sets the Godox tt350s apart from the competing flash units and puts it in a league of its own for the sub-one hundred dollar price bracket.

Now, the maximum battery life of the flash unit is going to depend on the batteries that you put in it during use and your flash settings rather than the actual flash unit itself. We have seen a number of people complain that they were only getting around one hundred flash activations per set of batteries but this tends to be due to using low-quality batteries. The majority of people can expect over two hundred flash activations provided that you are using some decent cheap batteries to offer your flash unit some solid power during use.

The flash does offer both manual and auto zooming from 24mm to 105mm but the auto zooming can be a little off at times. That said though, for its price point in the market, we can’t expect it to compete with the features of flash units double or sometimes even treble its price though and once you get used to the auto zooming system on the tt350s, it can perform well enough. That said though, depending on the flash photography niche that you are planning to work in, you may never actually use the auto flash zooming functionality anyway.

When you look at all of this that the flash offers you and your Sony a6500 and the low price tag that it retails for, it is easy to see why it is such a popular unit with such a massive user base that is constantly growing. A large number of the photographers who use the Godox tt350s as their flash unit of choice have chosen to publish their own dedicated reviews of that flash unit that you can read.

If you are yet to make your mind up and you have a few minutes spare then we would highly recommend that our readers do check out those reviews as they offer some solid insight into its performance. All of the reviews have been published by third-party, independent photographers who have used the tt350s in pretty much every flash photography sub-niche and situation that you can think of.

User Interface And Control System

When designing the tt350s, Godox were fully aware that they were designing a flash unit that was going to be heavily used by entry-level to intermediate level photographers and that the tt350s may be their very first flash unit. Due to this, they have stressed the ease of use of the flash unit to ensure that it offers a very streamlined control system that is very straight forward and easy to learn. This means that pretty much anyone can take the tt350s out of the box, mount it to their Sony a6500 and be good to go, even if they are brand new to flash photography.

The LCD panel is very clear and easy to see and the backlight on the LCD panel ensures that it is very easy to see, even in the low light conditions that many flash photographers will likely be working in. This ensures that if you are working in low light, you can quickly and easily tweak the settings on your flash unit quickly without having to waste time. All of the buttons and the rotary dial on the Godox tt350s are solid and work very well and register your press without having any sticking issues that can be common at this price point on some flash units.

The actual navigation menu is so straight forward and easy to use that we are confident that you could give the tt350s to any photographer who has never used a flash unit before, ask them to change a specific setting and they will be able to work out what to do within minutes. The menu is seamless and very easy to quickly navigate through and get to the various settings on the flash that you may want to quickly tweak during a photography session.

One thing that we don’t like on the tt350s is its power button but this will just come down to your personal preference. We prefer the physical on/off power switch rather than the on/off power button as the press and hold system can be a pain in our opinion. Although this is a minor thing, if you don’t press and hold the off button for the three seconds needed to register the power down company then it can end up wasting battery life. Again though, this is a very small issue but we are struggling to find negative points for the tt350s external flash unit.

Build Quality And Design

The build quality of the Godox tt350s is excellent in all fairness and it is a surprisingly small, compact, and lightweight flash unit considering how cheap it is. Many competing flash units on the market use the cheaper, heavier plastics for the build as they can end up reducing costs for the manufacturers but Godox has used the lighter plastics that are still tough and robust.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the flash has some solid overheating protection with great airflow to allow the heat build-up to quickly dissipate rather than build up and result in the flash unit having to go into protection mode due to overheating. Another small thing that more flash brands are starting to use is that all of the batteries on the tt350s are housing a single line rather than two lines side by side. This prevents the heat from the batteries transferring to each other and encourages heat to dissipate away from the flash unit to help keep it as cool as possible during use.

The connecting joint between the flash head and the flash body is solid too allowing you to tilt or pan the flash head to bounce it as required without it feeling like it’s going to come off in your hand. All in all, Godox has done a great job of putting the flash together and we are surprised by the level of build quality that they offer for such a cheap flash unit.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best flash for Sony a6500 cameras to an end. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, a few competing flash brands do have solid options available but the Godox tt350s offers more bang for your buck in our opinion. We have no doubt in our mind that adding the tt350s to your camera accessories will help to improve your Sony a6500 flash photography and get ou the best image quality possible.

Although we touched on this earlier, we just want to remind our users that there are a large number of third-party reviews of the flash unit online that you can read. If you are still not sure about the flash you want to purchase then reading over some of those is well worth the time as they offer some valuable, independent insight into just how good the flash head is and the level of performance that you are able to expect from it during use.