The Best Flash For Sony A6000 Cameras!

At the time of writing, the Sony a6000 and the rest of the Sony Alpha range of mirrorless cameras have an absolutely huge share of the mirrorless camera market with huge user bases from the photography, videography, vlogging, and social media influencer communities. As the Sony a6000 is a budget-friendly, small, light mirrorless camera that offers some solid image quality, we only expect its user base to continue to grow even though the camera body is a few years old now.

That said though, due to the huge number of users the a6000 has, we are always seeing people reaching out with an absolute ton of questions about the various camera accessories that users can add to their collection to improve its image quality. Over the last few months, we have seen a number of photographers and social media influencers who use the a6000 as their go-to camera body of choice reaching out to ask about the best flash for Sony a6000 cameras.

With low light photography becoming more and more popular, we have decided to make this the subject of today’s article. We know that we have a number of regular readers who use the Sony a6000 so we feel that taking a look at what we feel is the best flash for the camera may help people. Due to there being so many flash units on the market, our hope is that we will be able to help our readers improve their flash photography with their a6000 without having to spend too much money or purchase a low-quality external flash.

That said, in our opinion, the best flash unit for the a6000 has to be the Godox tt350s and by a fair margin too. It offers some of the best performance going in the sub-one hundred dollar flash unit price point and actually offers some similar performance and image quality to the higher price point flashes on the market. The Godox tt350 series of camera flash units has an excellent reputation that just keeps on getting better and better too. The tt350 series has one of the largest user bases of photographers too and more and more people seem to be turning to it due to its excellent performance for its price.

Now, please ensure that you get the tt350s (not the s at the end) as there are variants of the flash unit for Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Panasonic camera bodies too. Although you can get TTL functionality for your Sony a6000 from any of the variants of the tt350, the tt350s does offer some increased functionality for the Sony camera range. We will now be taking a more in-depth look at the flash unit and why we feel that it is the best choice for the a6000 and why it should be your primary consideration to add to your camera accessories.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

We have absolutely no doubt in our mind that the Godox tt350s is going to be able to help improve the image quality that you are able to capture when using your a6000 for flash photography. It already has a rather sizable user base of a6000 users who use the tt350s as their go-to flash unit of choice and it has everything that you could ever need out of an external flash unit. Although the flash is priced at the higher end of the entry-level flash unit price range, it easily offers mid to high intermediate level performance.

The tt350s offers you full TTL auto flash functionality as well as the standard manual flash function too while also supporting wireless, and slave modes as standard too. It is very quick and easy to cycle through the various supported flash modes so you don’t have to waste your time when on location trying to capture your photographs. Some of the other compeating flash units in this price point on the market right now can be a pain to switch between the various flash modes but the tt350s is very user-friendly.

The Godox tt350s also supports HSS with up to 1/8000 second support for the first and second curtain too. On top of this, the guide number of 36 and the twenty-two steps of power output from 1/1 to 1/128 offer some solid versatility to meet the needs of the majority of flash photography situations that you may end up finding yourself involved in.

One of the main things that we like about the Godox tt350s is that it supports a variable flash recycle time from 0.1 seconds to 2.2 seconds depending on your requirements for your session. So many of the sub-one hundred dollar external flash units that are popular with Sony a6000 users have pretty slow, fixed recycle time. This is usually due to various overheating issues with the flash if the user is able to set a shorted recycle time but the overheating protection on the tt350s is great for its price tag.

This has enabled Godox to allow the user to set some extremely short flash recycle times while also having a short flash duration without ending up having any issues with overheating or anything like that. This really is a godsend for anyone doing any professional level paid flash photography work with their a6000 as it allows you to tweak the performance of the flash to meet the needs of your session without having to worry about the flash locking up if it overheats.

Although the Godox tt350s does support both manual and auto zooming from 24mm to 105mm the auto zooming feature can be a bit of a pain if you are used to the systems of the premium level flash units. That said though, if this is your first external camera flash for your a6000 that supports auto zooming then you should not have any issues. On top of this, even if you have used other flash units previously, the system should become second nature to you quickly with minimal need to practice. It does its job well, it is just a little slower than the flash units in the three hundred dollars or more price bracket but this is to be expected and just take a little time to get used to.

When it comes to the number of flash activations per set of batteries, the quality of your batteries will definatley come into play. We have seen a people report getting as low as only seventy flash activations from a fully charged set of batteries with the Godox tt350s but this is due to using cheap, low-quality batteries. As soon as they switched over to a decent set of batteries they were able to get around the two hundred flash activations per charge mark.

Considering just how cheap the Godox tt350s actually is and what you get for your money, it really is easy to see why it is such a popular external flash unit amongst the photography community. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, the tt350 flash range has a massive user base with the Sony variant being a very popular option. Many of the photographers who use the tt350s have also published their own individual reviews of the flash unit and its performance for them.

If you do have a little free time available, we would recommend that you check out a few of them even if you just spend a few seconds skimming over each one. They offer some great insight into just how well the Godox tt350s actually perform with some of the reviews having been published by other Sony a6000 users too. They cover pretty much every flash photography niche you can think of as well as the majority of situations that you may end up in when doing flash photography too.

User Interface And Control System

The Godox tt350s comes with a very user-friendly control interface too that really does make it simple to use. It shares many similar characteristics to the other popular flash units on the market right now but in our opinion, the Godox navigation menu is very simple to follow and easy to understand over some compeating brands. This ensures that even if this is your very first flash unit, you should easily be able to get to grips with how to use the camera flash within minutes of taking it out the box.

The tt350s is based around the standard LCD panel and rotary controller dial system that has been tried and tested on various flash units over the years and always proven popular. It offers great control over the flash unit and all of the buttons and dials are very responsive and sensitive to touch too. The actual LCD panel is backlit allowing you to see the information displayed on it in low light conditions that many flash photographers will likley be working in too.

One thing that we don’t actually like about the Godox tt350s is that it uses an actual power on/off button rather than a physical switch. If you are one of our regular readers then you will likley already know that we are not big fans of power buttons, especially the type on the tt350s due to you having to press the button for a few seconds before the flash unit actually turns off.

Although it is a personal preference and us being picky, a number of people have tried to turn their tt350s and not held the button long enough for the flash to power down only for their batteries to drain. With a physical on/off switch, you simply change it to off and you know instantly that the flash unit is off. We know that this is just a small thing but in all honesty, the Godox tt350s really is an excellent little flash unit for your Sony a6000 with very few flaws to report on.

Build Quality And Design

Unlike some of the compeating flash units on the market right now, the Godox tt350s only required two AA batteries to operate. This helps keep the flash unit as cool as possible during use with a short recycle time and flash duration as there is less heat generation than the flash units that use four batteries. On top of this, the batteries have to be housed in a one by two configurations allowing optimal heat dissipation too. Some of the compeating flash units that require four batteries house them in a two by two configuration leading to heat transference and can cause overheating issues but this is not a problem with the tt350s.

As you would expect from any modern external flash unit, the Godox tt350s also offers full tilting and panning of the actual flash head as required. This allows you to easily bounce the flash if required or adjust its aim to prevent direct exposure of the subject if needed too. This is not really an advantage over the competition as the majority of flash units on the market offer this now but we just wanted to confirm that the tt350s does offer panning and tilting.

The build quality of the flash is solid too so when adjusting the flash head as required for panning or tilting, it does not feel like the flash head joint that connects it to the flash body is going to come off in your hand. This is a common issue with some compeating flash units in this price bracket and although it rarely happens, the build quality of some of the competition can make the flash feel very flimsy.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best flash for Sony a6000 camera owners on the market to a close. Although there are a number of popular flash units going right now, we definatley feel that the Godox tt350s is the better option and that it will make a solid addition to your collection of Sony a6000 camera accessories. We have no doubt in our mind that it can improve your flash photography image quality and help you get the best possible photographs in low light conditions as possible.

Although we did mention this earlier in the article, we also just want to quickly say that there are a ton of dedicated third-party reviews of the Godox tt350s online that you can read if you wish. They have all been posted by independent photographers with some of them also owning the Sony a6000 and using the Godox tt350s with it. They offer some solid insight into the performance of the flash unit and just how well it is able to perform for you in the vast majority of situations too.