The Best Flash For Nikon D5100 Cameras!

The Nikon d5100 is one of the more popular entry-level DSLR camera bodies on the market from the Nikon range and has a solid customer base made up of photographers who use the d5100 as their camera body of choice in a number of different niches. We have lost count of the number of people we see reaching out with questions each month and as our regular readers will know, we have started to publish more and more content based on various camera accessories for the d5100 to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

One of the most commonly asked questions that we see asked right now is based around the best flash for Nikon d5100 camera users so we have decided to make this the focus of today’s article. We know that a flash is one of the more popular camera accessories but the entry-level external flash market is an absolute minefield right now after being flooded with a number of low-quality products a few years back. That said though, there are a few gems available with one flash unit, in particular, standing out.

In our opinion, the best camera flash on the market right now for anyone using a Nikon d5100 is definitely the Godox tt350n. the tt350 range from Godox is essentially the undisputed king of entry-level camera flashes in our opinion and it just keeps on dominating the price range with ease. The tt350n is the Nikon variant of the camera flash and offers some additional functionality for Nikon cameras, the flash also offers you some great performance for a low price tag and has a number of other d5100 users who use the tt350n as their flash unit of choice.

Since its release onto the market, the flash has gone from strength to strength within the flash photography community due to being able to help ensure that you always get solid image quality no matter what. The flash has managed to rightfully earn itself one of the best reputations going amongst the current units in the entry-level flash price bracket with more and more photographers purchasing it with each passing month.

We are confident that adding the Godox tt350n to your collection of camera accessories will be a good investment and that the flash unit will serve you well. We know that a large number of our readers like to know every little thing about any potential new camera accessory so we will not be taking a more in-depth look at what the tt350n has to offer you and your d5100 to show why we feel that it should be your primary flash unit consideration.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

One of the main reasons that we feel the Godox tt350n stands out amongst the absolute ton of entry-level flash units on the market right now is that it offers outstanding performance and functionality over the compeating flash units on the market right now. Although there are a number of decent options out there in the sub-one hundred dollar price point on the market, none offer you as much bang for your buck as the Godox tt350n.

The tt350n offers you full TTL functionality, fully supports HSS to a maximum of 1/8000 seconds, offers both front and rear curtain sync, full FEC control, multi-flash mode, manual flash mode, and multiple slave modes too. The flash unit also comes with the standards Godox 2.4g technology too offering you full wireless integration to allowing you to seemlesley integrate the tt350n into a multi-flash setup if needed too. The Godox tt350n also operates at GN36 as well as twenty-two steps of power output from 1/1 to 1/128 too with the tt350n dealing well with the higher output levels without having issues with overheating scoring it points over some of the compeating flash units on the market.

This is due to Godox adding some solid overheating protection to the tt350n that is rare for this price point and performs very well. The additional overheating protection on the flash unit also allows Godox to offer users a fully variable flash recycle time on the Godox tt350n to adding to its versatility. The tt350n offers you a recycled range of 0.1 seconds to 2.2 seconds allowing you to use the flash effectively in pretty much any flash photography sub-niche needed without issue. You can also use a fast flash recycle time with a high flash output level and the tt350n can still usually keep on activating without having problems with overheating too but this will have an effect on your battery life.

That said though, for regular use, the tt350n offers some excellent battery life and Godox has done a great job of ensuring that you are able to get every drop of power out of the battery during use. You can expect just over two hundred flash activations from a decent set of batteries that are fully charged coming in at almost double the activation over some of the compeating flash units. Like we said though, if you are using a quick recycle time and a higher output level then this can drop off due to the flash using more power in a shorter period of time but you can still expect the flash to perform for longer sessions with ease without having issues with overheating.

The Godox tt350n offers both automatic and manual zooming from 24mm to 105mm and although the manual zoom functionality on the flash unit is flawless, the automatic zoom can take a little getting used to. This is not a bad point on the Godox tt350n as a solid automatic zoom is hard to find at this price point on the market. That said though, once you get used to the automatic zoom on the Godox tt350n then it can be a valuable asset.

Considering that the sub-one hundred dollar flash unit market is full of low-quality products, it is not surprising that the Godox tt350n has gone from strength to strength and managed to earn itself a great reputation amongst the community since its release. Many of the people who use the Godox tt350n for their flash photography have also decided to publish their own dedicated reviews going over their experiences with it. Those reviews offer some great independent insight into the performance of the flash making them well worth reading if you have a few minutes spare.

User Interface And Control System

Godox are known for their ability to add a solid, very straight forward, user-friendly control system on their flash units that are so user friendly that anyone new to using an external flash unit with their Nikon d5100 should easily be able to get to grips with the flash and get the most out of it with ease. There is no need to spend hours reading through a user manual to learn the basics of the flash as you can pretty much use it right out of the box and use it to help improve your flash photography.

The LCD panel is very bright due to its backlight system and makes the information on the LCD panel very easy to see when using your flash unit in low light. As a large number of flash photography sub-niches will likely have you working in low light conditions, this can save you a bunch of time as you can quickly flick through your flash settings to make tweaks if needed without having to turn a main light source on to see the control system.

The actual rotary dial on the flash is solid and responsive allowing you to quickly and easily navigate your way through the menu on the Godox tt350n. The menu itself has been set out in an easy to follow way so that any settings that photographers are more likely to need to tweak during use are found at the top of the menu allowing you to save even more time if you need to make any changes to your settings.

All in all, in our opinion, we are very happy with Godox and the control system that they have managed to put on the tt350n that is actually easier to use than some of the more professional level flash units. If you are brand new to flash photography or using an external flash unit then the tt350n is the perfect unit and if you are an advanced flash user then you are likley to find everything you need on the advanced settings too.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to the actual design of the flash unit, Godox has pretty much stuck with the standard external flash unit design that the majority of other brands use too. That said though, one nice little change that they have made is to use one single line of batteries in the housing rather than two parallel lines that are side by side. Although this may not sound like much, it actually does a ton for heat transference between the batteries and is one of the main reasons that the Godox tt350n has so few issues with overheating.

On top of that, the internal ventilation on the flash unit is great to allowing the air to move freely to help dissipate any heat that is generated during use as quickly and as easily as possible too. This is why you are able to use a short recycle time with a high flash power output for long periods of time without running into the overheating issues that you might with compeating flash units at this price point in the market.

The actual build quality of the Godox tt350n is solid too and Godoxs have managed to keep the tt350n as small and light as possible to try and keep it travel friendly while also ensuring that it is as tough and robust as possible too. Although more and more flash units are moving over to these more modern plastic polymers that are not only tough but also lightweight, the tt350 range were one of the first flash unit ranges to bring the tech to the masses at such a low price point.

You can easily tilt or pan the head of the flash unit as required to bounce it as needed helping you in various niches to help reduce the harshness of your flash unit too. Although the usefulness of this will depend on exactly what you are doing with your flash and your Nikon d5100, it can be a solid little feature that scores the tt350n a few more points over some of the compeating flash units too.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best flash for Nikon d5100 cameras currently on the market to an end. In our opinion, the Godox tt350n is definitely the best option and we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon as so many of the compeating flash units have not even come close to challenging the tt350n. We are confident that the flash will be able to help improve your flash photography performance and make a valuable addition to your camera accessories.

We would like to also remind our readers that a large number of the photographers who have already added the Nikon d5100 to their collection of camera accessories have also published their own dedicated reviews of the flash that you can read if you wish. The offer some great independent insight and are well worth reading to see the type of image quality the flash is providing these external photographers who have decided to publish their thoughts on the flash.