The Best Flash For Fuji XT20 Cameras!

We have covered a few camera accessories for the Fuji xt20 now as it is such a popular mirrorless camera body with massive followings in both the photography and videography communities and its users base is constantly seeing strong growth. Due to this, we are always seeing more and more questions being asked about various aspects of the Fuji xt20 and the various camera accessories that you can use with the camera to help get the best image quality possible.

One of the more frequent questions that we have seen asked more and moreover the last month or so is based around the best flash for Fuji xt20 camera owners so we have decided to focus on this for today’s article. Although there are a ton of suitable camera flashes on the market right now, we have noticed that many are either overpriced or low quality so we are hoping that our article will help to ensure that our readers are able to get a solid flash unit for their Fuji xt20 to get the best image quality possible.

In our opinion, at the time of writing, the Godox tt350f is definitely one of the best options on the market right now for the Fuji xt20 and we feel that it should be your primary consideration. The tt350 range from Godox is one of the most popular flash ranges around right now and the tt350f variant has been specifically optimized for use with the Fuji range of cameras including the xt20.

The Godox tt350f has proven to be a very popular camera flash and has a huge customer base of Fuji camera owners who use it as their go-to flash unit of choice. Its budget-friendly price tag, excellent performance, and great build quality has ensured that the Godox tt350f has managed to quickly earn, and maintain an excellent reputation amongst Fuji owning photographers too. This is why we feel that it should be your primary recommendation and why the Godox tt350f will likely make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories and help you get the best flash photography image quality possible.

We know that a large number of our readers will likely want to know as much as possible about the Godox tt350f so we have a full, in-depth break down of the flash unit, its features, and the functionality that it can provide you below. We feel that setting our article out like this will likely help to show why the Godox tt350f is the best flash unit for the Fuji xt20 and help our readers get a great flash rather than one of the low quality or overpriced competing flash units.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

One of the main reasons that the Godox tt350 range of flash units have been able to dominate their price point is due to their absolutely excellent performance and functionality. Although they come with an entry-level price tag, they offer photographers intermediate level performance with all the customization required to be as versatile as required. This allows you to use your Godox tt350f in pretty much every flash photography situation that you might fight yourself in without having issues.

The versatility and customizability of the Godox tt350f allows you to capture great image quality in pretty much every flash photography sub-niche and situation that you can think of or may find yourself in. The tt350 offers full TTL functionality including GGS to a maximum of 1/8000 seconds, front and rear curtain synchronization, and FEC. The flash unit also supports manual mode, multi-mode, slave one, and slave two.

The flash offers 22 steps of output power from 1/1 to 1/128  as well as a fully adjustable flash recycle time too. This ensures that the Godox tt350f is able to allow you to fully adjust your flash activations as required for your Fuji xt20 and the type of flash photography that you are doing. The fully adjustable recycle time is also a unique feature this price point in the market as many brands have a slow, fixed recycle time on their flash units to help prevent overheating.

Thankfully, Godox has put some solid overheating protection on the tt350 series of flash units without having to hike the price point of the flash unit up. In our opinion, this is one of the main advantages of the flash over the competition as you can use a very fast flash recycle time with a high power flash output for long periods of time without having issues with heat build-up. This is rare at this price point in the market and helps to ensure that you are able to use the Godox tt350f for paid photography work without having issues that compeating flash units at this price point may end up having with heat.

Godox has also done a solid job of ensuring that the tt350f is as power-efficient as possible too with one full set of decent batteries getting you over two hundred flash activations with ease even with pretty power-hungry flash settings too. Keep in mind though, if you do use low-quality batteries, this can result in drastically fewer flash activations per charge but is due to issues with the batteries rather than the actual flash unit itself.

The Godox tt350f offers both fully manual and automatic zooming from 24mm up to 105mm and although the manual zooming feature works flawlessly, the automatic zooming can take a little getting used to. It’s not that the automatic zoom feature is bad in any way, it just works a little different than some of the automatics zooms on the higher price point flash units but that is to be expected for its price point.

The Godox tt350f also fully supports 2.4g wireless technology so you are able to seemlesley integrate the flash into a multiflash setup with ease if needed too. On top of this, there are a number of wireless flash triggers available that are fully compatible with the tt350 series of flash units to ensure that it performs perfectly in any wireless setup that you require too.

Considering that you get all of this for less than one hundred dollars you can see why the Godox tt350f has proven to be such a popular camera flash with a rapidly growing user base. Many of the photographers who use the Godox tt350f have decided to publish their own independent reviews of the flash unit sharing their experiences with it too with some reviews having been published by other Fuji xt20 owners too.

User Interface And Control System

If you have been in the flash photography niche for any length of time then you may be aware of the reputation that Godox have built up over the years for having some of the most user-friendly flash units on the market and the tt350 is no different. It offers one of the most straight forward and easy to use control systems available right now meaning that even if you are looking to purchase your very first external flash, the Godox tt350f is a solid option.

The LCD panel on the flash unit is backlit and easy to read even in low light making it ideal as a large number of the flash photography sub-niches will be in low light conditions. This scores the tt350 some points over some of the other entry-level price bracket flashes that can be a total pain to read in low light conditions. Although it sounds basic, quickly and easily be able to make tweaks to your flash head during a photography session as require no matter the conditions can save you a ton of time.

The actual directional pad on the flash unit is also very responsive and easy to use too allowing you to easily flick through the various settings on the flash and make any adjustments as required. The actual navigation menu is very easy to follow and is set out in a nice way so that the settings that most people will likely need quick access to are at the start of the navigation menu too.

Although it is a little nit-picky thing that comes down to personal preference, we do with that the Godox tt350f has a power switch rather than a power button but this is not really a big deal. We just prefer the traditional power switch option as you know that your flash unit is definitely switched off but some of the power buttons can stick and end up with your flash staying on and draining your batteries even when you think that it is off.

Build Quality And Design

Although Godox always priorities offering their customers the absolute best performance possible with the lowest possible price tag, their more recent products such as the Godox tt350f also offer a great build quality relative to the price too. As we touched on earlier in the article, the Godox tt350f offers you some great ver heating protection that is rare in a sub-one hundred dollar price point and is part of the Godox strategy to expand their market share even further.

They have added a number of features to ensure that the tt350 range has optimal airflow to allow heat to naturally dissipate away from the flash. The single line battery housing also helps to prevent heat transference over the side by side housing that some brands use too. This is the reason that the Godox tt350f is able to have a fully adjustable flash recycle time without you running into issues with overheating when using the shorter recycle time periods.

Godox has also added a robust and tough hinge joint to the Godox tt350f allowing you to pan and tilt the flash head as needed if you need to bounce your flash during your flash photography sessions too. Although this is a common feature in this price point, some of the other entry-level flash units are a little flimsy and almost feel as if you may accidentally rip the flash head off the flash body.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best flash for Fuji xt20 cameras to a close and as we have tried to point out throughout our article, there really are not many options that are better than the Godox TT350F available at the time of writing. It is an excellent little flash unit that has proven to be a big hit with the Fuji owning camera community and is just becoming more and more popular as time goes on. In addition to this, a large number of the compeating brands are way off being able to offer anything even close to this at this price point at the time of writing so we doubt that it is going to lost the top spot anytime soon.

Although we have covered the flash unit as well as we can, there are also a large number of dedicated independent reviews of the flash online that you can read if you wish. If you have yet to make your mind up then they can definitely be worth reading as they offer a great insight into the image quality of the Godox tt350f and how it has helped improve the flash photography of other people who have added it to their collection of camera accessories too.