The Best Flash For Canon M50 Cameras!

It is not surprising that the Canon m50 has managed to get off to such a great start right from its launch as it essentially had a customer base ready and waiting for it. The Canon G7X has been one of the most popular vlogging cameras on the market for many years now but the lack of an external microphone input on its early models and the fitted lens can limit what the camera can be used for. Canon seem to have seen the gap in the market and chosen to capitalize on it with the release of their Canon m50 and in our opinion, it offers the perfect upgrade from the Canon G7X.

The m50 has been available for little over a year now and its great performance, excellent build quality, and the low price tag has made it a very popular camera body. It is definatley one of, if not the fastest-growing camera in the Canon range when it comes to its customer base amongst photographers, videographers, vloggers, and social media influencers and we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon.

Just like all of the popular camera bodies on the market right now, we constantly see large numbers of people asking various questions for different camera accessories to try and get the best image quality possible from their camera. For today’s article, we have decided to focus on what we feel is the best flash for Canon m50 camera owners as it is something that we have seen a number of people reaching out about over the last few months.

As the Canon m50 is a low price point mirrorless camera that can cover the higher end of the entry-level price bracket and the lower end of the intermediate price bracket we have decided to try and match it with a flash unit in a similar situation. In our opinion, our readers who own the Canon m-50 and are looking to improve their flash photography and add an external flash unit to their camera accessories would do well to check out the Neewer NW-670.

In our opinion, it is without a doubt one of the best and often underestimated flash units on the market right now that offers some excellent performance and functionality for its price tag. People often see the borderline price tag between the entry level and intermediate price ranges and instantly dismiss it but we feel that this is a mistake. There are multiple Canon m50 users who use the Neewer NW-670 as their go-to flash unit of choice as well as many more photographers who use other camera bodies with the flash unit and love it.

The NW-670 is one of the most versatile flash units at its price point and can be used in a massive number of common situations in flash photography to help ensure you get the best image quality possible. This is one of the reasons that Neewer have managed to take so much of the market share with their NW-670 and push most of the competition out while the flash just keeps growing its already outstanding reputation amongst the photography community.

Now, we know that many of our readers from the photography community love to know as much as possible about any new camera accessory before they purchase it so we have decided to take a more in-depth look at the flash unit throughout the rest of the article. We will be going into the various features of the Neewer NW-670 that we feel make it the obvious option for your Canon m50 as well as touching on some of the things that the NW-670 offers that some higher price point flash units are missing too.

Performance Of The Flash Unit

One of the main advantages that the Neewer NW-670 has over the compeating flash units on the market in its price point is that it offers such a wide range of features that allow you to use it in a large number of different flash photography situations while always getting great performance. This works to your advantage as no matter what you are getting up to with your Canon m50, the NW-670 can be a great addition to your camera accessories and help improve your image quality.

The flash supports TTL mode, manual mode, multi-flash mode, S1 mode, and S2 mode while the manual mode has the following eight variable levels output too 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128) with ±0.3EV micro regulation. This helps you quickly and easily tweak the NW-670 to get the flash exposure you require for your specific situation with your Canon m50.

The Neewer NW-670 offers the rare combination of a high guide number of 58 while being small and compact coming in at only 6cm x 19cm x 7.8cm. If you are into your travel and capturing your content with an m50 then the small size and weight of the flash unit is ideal while also packing a ton of power. Depending on what you are doing the front and back curtain synchronous support also helps to increase the functionality of the flash unit even further.

Now, one of the few drawbacks of the Neewer NW-670 is that it does have a fixed recycle time of three seconds that can be restricted in some niches. That said though if you are using a Canon m50, chances are, you won’t require a super-fast recycle time anyway. The flash unit also supports full wireless remote control functionality to allowing you to sync it to part of a multi-flash rig or use a wireless flash trigger with your setup if needed.

The flash unit also comes with a color temperature of 5600k meaning that you get accurate sunlight representation from your flash activations free from those blue hues that some of the compeating flash units can produce. When it comes to flash activations, you can expect around two hundred per set of fully charges batteries before having to switch out to a new set of batteries.

In our opinion, for optimal performance without having to break the bank, you should look to pick up a set of decent cheap, rechargeable ingredients. The Neewer NW-670 requires a set of four AA batteries so we would recommend that you pick up at least eight AA batteries as it ensures you will always have at least one spare set if needed.

When you take all of this into account relative to its price tag it is easy to see why the Neewer NW-670 is so popular amongst photographers. It offers some excellent features without you having to break the bank and dominates the price point by blowing what the compeating units offer out of the water. It has one of the largest customer bases with more excellent, independent customer reviews that any of the other flash units.

User Interface And Control System

The control system on the Neewer NW-670 is based around the LCD panel, a few buttons, and a directional pad allowing you to quickly and easily work your way through the various settings on the flash unit with ease. The LCD panel is also bright and easy to read when used in low light conditions too that can be common when taking part in flash photography.

The actual buttons and directional pad on the flash unit are also solid and very responsive. They register your touch straight away even if your fingers are wet or cold ensuring that no matter what conditions you are working in, you can always have optimal control over the external flash unit. Thankfully, Neewer has used one of the easiest navigation menus we have ever seen on the flash allowing you to learn it within minutes and allow you to get the most out of it without having to waste time.

We know that this may sound strange but one of our favorite things about the Neewer NW-670 is the power switch on the flash. So many of the other flash units on the market use those cheap power buttons that are a pain to turn off and you have to hold it for between three or five seconds and then the flash might not even turn off. With the NW-670, you simply flip the power switch and the flash unit is instantly turned off or on as required. In our opinion, it’s a much easier system than the button system and also helps ensure that your flash unit is actually turned off and won’t drain your batteries when in your photography bag.

Build Quality And Design

Although it is not directly related to the performance of the flash unit, one of the best things about the Neewer NW-670 is the overheating protection system that is excellent and beats what the other units on the market are using. The automatic temperature detection switches the flash unit into power-saving mode when needed to ensure that the NW-670 will last you as long as possible but in reality, it is very rated that this has to kick in.

The internal design of the flash unit maximizes the airflow ensuring that the NW-670 has optimal airflow to dissipate the heat generated from activating the flash unit is rapidly dissipated into the atmosphere. On top of this, the fixed three-second recycle time also ensures that you are not able to rapidly activate the flash unit to quickly build heat up faster than the flash unit can naturally dissipate it.

On top of this, Neewer has managed to find the space on the flash unit to use a one by four battery housing while still keeping the NW-670 as compact and small as possible. This battery configuration is much more efficient when it comes to dissipating the generated heat into the atmosphere than the two by two battery housing that most compeating cheaper flash units use. This allows the Neewer NW-670 to get rid of the heat from the batteries during use rather than transfer it between the batteries like a two by two configuration does. All of this builds up to being one of the best overheating protection systems that we have seen in such a low priced external flash.

The NW-670 also offers a great bounce range too with a tilt range of 0-90 degrees and a pan range of 0-270 degrees too. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the head of the flash to bounce it as required to adjust the actual flash exposure to soften its effects on your subject. Although the NW-670 is at a higher price point than the cheaper flashes that use a plastic hot shoe mount we just want to confirm that the NW-670 does use a metal hot shoe.

This means that the hot shoe will hold its shape and not warp when mounting or unmounting the Neewer NW-670 from your Canon m50. The super-cheap flash units with their plastic hot shoes can warp in shape and cause issues quickly but thankfully, the NW-670 uses metal that ensures a quick, easy, and smooth mount or unmounts from your m50.


That brings our article going over what we feel is the best external flash for Canon m50 cameras on the market right now to an end. We have no doubt in our mind that adding the Neewer NW-670 to your collection of camera accessories can help to improve your flash photography image quality. Not only is the flash unit cheap but it also offers some great performance for its price tag.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the NW-670 has tons of glowing independent reviews online too. If you are yet to make your mind up then these reviews are well worth reading in our opinion as they offer some great insight into the performance of the flash unit in a number of different flash photography situations.