How To Get Your Dog To Sleep With A Cone On!

One question that we are seeing asked more and more is for tips, tricks, and advice on how dog owners are able to increase the comfort levels of their dogs while they have a cone on after surgery. As the cone is a key part of your dog’s healing process to prevent your dog from licking and give its wound plenty of time to heal most dog owners feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Not only do they want to do what’s best for their dog’s health but some dogs can have issues sleeping while wearing a cone and the old school hard plastic cones that are also known as an Elizabethan collar can be very uncomfortable. We have seen some people suggesting that you try a spot of dog training to teach your dog to leave its wound alone but in reality, this is a waste of time as it takes so long to train many dogs that they will have their collar off before the training is complete.

Thankfully though, there are a few things that you can do to help increase the comfort level of your dog while it is recovered and has to wear its cone. Due to this, we have decided to focus on how to get your dog to sleep with a cone on in this article to try and help any of our readers who find themselves in this same situation. In our opinion, the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way is to simply replace the old school uncomfortable plastic collar with one of the more modern ones that are actually surprisingly cheap.

Both the Comfy Cone and the Benchmate Inflatable Collar have managed to earn an excellent reputation amongst dog owners over the year and are definatley worth considering. Now only can they help to increase your dog’s general levels of comfort while it has to wear its cone but they also have multiple third-party reviews from people specifically mentioning how they helped their dog sleep while having the collar on instead of the plastic one.

Depending on where your dog’s wound is, the Benchmate Inflatable Collar may not be suitable but the Comfy Cone offers the same levels of protection to your dogs wound as the traditional plastic style collars. This allows you to help keep your dogs wound protected during the healing process while increasing the general comfort of your dog while only costing $20-$30 depending on the retailer and the size you get.

For the rest of the article, we are going to be taking a more in-depth look at each of these collars to try and help any of our readers who have a dog that is having trouble sleeping due to its collar. We know that some of our readers will want to know every little thing about any potential purchase prior to ordering it so our in-depth look below can help. On the other hand, if you are short on time, you can check out the products and reviews linked above and go about the rest of your day as required.

The Comfy Cone

The Comfy Cone is definatley the most popular solution currently available on the market to help ensure that your dog is able to get comfortable and sleep while their wound has the protection of its collar. Not only has the Comfy Cone been specifically designed to be as comfortable and durable as possible but it is also large and covers a similar surface are to the traditional, hard plastic Elizabethan style collars offering optimal protection to most of your dog’s body.

The collar is based around a simple yet very secure velcro closing system that not only makes it quick and easy to secure or remove from your dog but also ensures that it holds in place firmly while being worn. Unlike some compeating comfortable dog collars, the velcro locking system on the Comfy Cone is fully adjustable too allowing you to tighten or loosen the collar as required throughout the day.

Although it is not essential by any means, we would recommend that you do slacken the collars velcro closing system by around an inch at night before going to bed. This helps to increase the comfort of your dog and allow it to adjust its own position when its bed for maximum comfort while still having the collar protect your dog’s wound to prevent licking or biting of stitches.

With dogs coming in all shapes and sizes, the Comfy Cone is available in the following sizes to ensure that no matter what dog breed you have, you can get a Comfy Cone to comfortably fit your dog and allow it to get some sleep to help speed up the healing process.

  • X Small 11 cm
  • Small 14 cm
  • Small Long 20cm
  • Medium 20 cm
  • Medium Extra Long 30cm
  • Large 25 cm
  • X large 30 cm
  • XX Large 36.5cm

The collar is fully water-resistant meaning that you can leave it fitted to your dog while out on walks if it is raining without having to worry about the structural integrity of the collar degrading. This also means that you are able to use the Comfy Cone as your dog’s regular daily collar so your dog can wander off to its bed and sleep whenever it likes without you having to swap its collars.

The water-resistant and repellant nature of the Comfy Cone also ensures that if the collar does get dirty then you can quickly and easily wipe it clean without issue. A regular cloth that has been dipped in some soap and warm water will be able to remove dirt, food, or anything else that your dog managed to get on its collar with ease.

The Comfy Cone has also been developed in direct partnership with various fully qualified veterinarians to ensure that it is fit for purpose while also being as comfortable as possible. The patented cone shape and e-collar system are made with some of the best foam and padding available to ensure the collar has the best possible build quality too.  A reflective binding has also been added to the edge of the collar to help increase the visibility of your dog when wearing the collar so it can easily be seen in low light when out for walks.

We feel that the Comfy Cone is an excellent bit of kit and we think that it is the obvious option for any of our readers whos dogs have to wear a protective collar for the foreseeable future. Additionally, since its release, it has quickly managed to build up one of the best reputations going amongst this style of dog collar too and dominates the niche. Literally thousands of independent dog owners have chosen to post their own independent, third-party reviews of the collar online that you can read for additional information on how the collar performs.

Benchmate Inflatable Collar

Next up, we have the Benchmate Inflatable Collar that has proven to be a very popular option for dog owners all over the world as an alternative to the traditional plastic Elizabethan collar. That said though, we would always recommend the Comfy Cone over the Benchmate Inflatable Collar as it offers better, full-body protection for any wounds on your dog.

The Benchmate Inflatable Collar is essentially a ballon collar that works by restricting the range of movement of your dog’s neck to prevent it from being able to lick or bite various areas of its body. Although this sounds like it may be uncomfortable it does not apply permanent pressure to your dogs next and simply limits the range of motion available to your dog if they try to move their neck too far left or right.

The Benchmate Inflatable Collar also has a number of third-party reviews from dog owners who specifically comment on how it helped their dog sleep comfortably while still having the protection of a dog collar for its wound. As you would expect, it is also available in a number of different sizes as listed below to ensure that it is able to fit your dog no matter its age, size, sex or breed.

  • X Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large

The Benchmate Inflatable Collar is fully scratch and bite resistant and is designed to be as robust and tough as possible while also being as comfortable for your dog when worn too. The soft outer material of the collar ensures that it is smooth against your dog’s skin or fur and does not cause irritation increasing comfort and although your dog’s range of motion is limited when it is worn, your dog will still be able to eat, drink or play as normal without issue.

The collar uses a more traditional strap based system and although it does work fine, we personally prefer the velcro based system of the Comfy Cone as it is much easier to adjust as required. That said, the strap system on the Benchmate Inflatable Collar is still adjustable to help ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible while wearing it. Once fitted to your dog, ensure that the strap is located at the rear of your dog’s neck to offer optimal comfort and protection when in use.

The collar is fully machine washable to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily wash the collar if it ends up getting dirty during use. It is also made from soft and delicate materials to ensure that it will not mark or scrape your furniture when worn by your dog too. A nice little design feature of the Benchmate Inflatable Collar that the Comfy Cone is missing is that you can actually loop your dog’s regular collar that you attach its leash to through the loops on the Benchmate Inflatable Collar to allow you to use both at the same time to keep your dog comfortable yet its wound protected while out for walks.


That brings our article covering how to get your dog to sleep with a cone on to a close. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, we know that some people try to use various training methods to stop their dog from licking or biting its wound but in our opinion, this is highly inefficient. Your dog’s wound will naturally get itchy and draw your dog’s attention to it as it heals so in our opinion a comfortable dog collar will always be the best option available.

In our opinion, the Comfy Cone is definatley the best option currently available and it performs so well that we doubt it is going to lose the top spot any time soon to a compeating product. It offers maximum comfort, great protection, and a fully adjustable velcro locking system for one low price tag making it the obvious option. Literally hundreds of thousands of dog owners have trusted the Comfy Cone to allow their dog to sleep while healing with many of them publishing some very detailed reviews online going over their experiences that you can read if you wish for additional infomation.