The Ultimate Breville BES920SL Review!

The Breville BES920XL is a dual boiler espresso machine that has been designed for home use to ensure you can get a great premium level cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. It can easily fit most countertops with ease so you can have additional kitchen appliances on your countertop without the space looking cluttered. The coffee machine allows you to bring that premium coffee shop feel into your home and although the price tag is high, the machine has an excellent reputation amongst the coffee-loving community due to its excellent performance.

In fact, at the time of writing, the Breville BES920XL is definatley one of the most popular coffee machines on the market in its price bracket with a large user base. Many of the coffee lovers who use the BES920XL have also published their own independent reviews that are well work skimming over. All of those reviews have been published by independent coffee lovers sharing their own opinions on just how well the BES920XL performs and just how great the taste of the coffee is can produce is.

In our opinion, this is one of the best espresso machines on the market right now by a long shot for its price range and it can easily make a variety of great-tasting coffees for you at the push of a button. Adding the Breville BES920XL to your kitchen appliance collection can also save you a surprising amount of money even over the course of a single year due to the high prices of actual coffee shop cups of coffee. This is also a great machine to use for entertaining some guests if you like to entertain people to your home and multiple people report having their guests compliment them on just how good the coffee actually is.

The BES920XL allows you to get the rich and full flavor of coffee that matches your taste perfectly by being able to use it with a variety of coffee beans. This not only provides you with the best flavor and aroma of the coffee but also ensures that you get the perfect taste every time. You can achieve the perfect blend by having the right temperature of extracting the coffee bean with ease and the BES920XL will give you the right consistency and achieve flavorful coffee anytime.

This product can help you to develop your barista skills since it is not a fully automatic espresso machine. It can steam milk in a traditional way that you can taste the difference from the blend you can make from this. Although it comes with a lot of great features so you can explore and make the best tasting espresso blends that will suit your taste.

Performance And Functionality

Let us see the performance and functionality of this product for you to get to know more about the dual boiler espresso machine. This way, you can familiarize yourself to know what are the features that you are going to love from this product. This Breville BES920XL review will make you aware of its performance. It’s a small but mean coffee machine that can make you wonder how they were able to fit all these great features in one coffee machine.

Dual Boiler

It’s made of stainless steel which allows you to steam and brew at the same time. That matters especially if you want to save time and make the perfect cup. It also traditionally makes steam so you can make sure that you will have a creamy and velvety texture on your coffee.

Temperature Control

You can program it to get the right water temperature for your coffee all the time. It’s a critical factor and can affect your coffee blend so make sure to set it just right. The best thing is you can just program it so you can always get the right temperature every time you will make some coffee from this machine.

Low-Pressure Preinfusion

You will get the perfect extraction of the coffee grinds with this feature. This way, you can always make a great espresso every time. This will make your coffee taste bold and smooth which is perfect for making other coffee blends.

LCD Display

It comes with a backlit LCD that will display the current temperature of the espresso shot. This can help you get the right temperature next time you have to make another one.

Instant Hot Water

You can get your instant hot water for other hot drinks that you prefer to have. It is a helpful feature that you can always use.

Steam Wand

This can swivel around 360 degrees so that you can easily use it in any position. The 3 hole tip can make a silky milk foam to your coffee.

Automatic Start

You can set it up to make coffee for you at a specific time. That way, you don’t have to wake up early just to make coffee every morning.

Easy to Program Functions

Every function can be set up so that you don’t have to worry about remembering every feature. It will automatically do anything you have it set up for.

User Interface And Control System

The Breville BES920XL is quite bulky with about 30 lbs in weight, 16.25” wide and 15” height. It can take a little bit more of space on your countertop but it’s worth it. This is one of the kitchen appliances that you will be proud to have in your kitchen anyway.

The dual boiler is made of stainless steel. You can easily control the brew and steam temperature to make a perfect cup of coffee. The boiler can hold 10oz while the steam boiler has a 32oz capacity. It only takes 20 seconds to warm up about 8 minutes for the steaming time.

You don’t have to worry about refilling the water all the time since it has an 84oz water capacity reservoir. It will allow you to make several cups already which is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Although is on the bulky side, you can simply roll to move it when you need to. It has a drop-down swivel foot instead of just a metal stand.

The LED-backlit display will show the current settings and you can easily program it depending on your preferences. It has three modes which are the shot temperature, shot clock, and the clock. The two displays will stay for 10 seconds before returning to its default which is the shot temperature.

You will also see the hot water dial, hot water outlet, espresso pressure gauge, the menu button, steam lever, tool storage tray and also the removable drip tray. You can see these and more features from the Setup and Operation. It will guide you on how you can get started making a perfect cup of an espresso cup.

The PID pre-infusion is programmable as well as the shot time so that you can try to make different combinations when creating a drink. It has an automatic on and off function to lessen manual operation for the user’s convenience. You can program almost every function so you can make the same combination if you want to stick with it in the meantime.

This espresso machine is made in the USA with 120v with 1600W. You can make sure that it will be compatible with your power outlet. This can operate smoothly without the need for any power transformers.

Build Quality And Design

It’s primarily designed for home use so you can bring this espresso maker right into your home. This is made of stainless steel and it looks great in every kitchen theme since it can blend in perfectly. The dual boiler and dual Italian pumps can make simultaneous espresso extraction and steaming to save you more time from waiting. You can surely enjoy every cup of coffee while admiring this beauty.

Its the barista choice since it looks like a professional espresso machine. The only difference is the size since this one is just a perfect fit for your home. It has the same great functionality that every coffee machine should have. This one has more though since it can traditionally make the steamed milk so that you can always have a velvety and silky drink anytime.

The Breville BES920XL comes with commercial features s if you are using a coffee machine from a coffee shop. The best part is, you can enjoy making coffee at home since it’s designed for home use. The double boiler is what they called the heart of this product which makes it unique when it comes to an espresso machine. The silver color is also a very appealing color for a kitchen appliance since it can look good in any kitchen type.

It’s a little bulky so you may need to have a larger countertop to place it. But when it comes to functionality, you will never mind how much space it can get from your countertop since it deserves it anyway. You can make it as your kitchen main piece since it looks great and looks luxurious. It will make your friends and other relatives jealous and wish they also have this espresso machine in their own home.

Our Verdict

This Breville BES920XL review is a guide for you to know exactly what you will be getting should you decide to purchase this product. With all of the functions are programmable, it’s worth considering when you are planning to buy an espresso machine. The best feature it offers is the double boiler since you can save time and you don’t have to wait long for your premium coffee to be ready for you to enjoy.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the BES920XL has an absolute ton of independent reviews online published by third-party, independent coffee lovers going over their experiences with the coffee machine. In our opinion, they are definatley worth reading over to get an external opinion on just how great the coffee from the BES920XL tastes and why it is one of the truly dominant coffee machines in its price bracket.

Its a reliable coffee machine as well that can provide you consistent brewing and steaming all the time. If you are a coffee fanatic, it’s the best way to treat yourself every time you need to have a quick java fix. Its also a good coffee machine to start with practicing with your barista skills since you don’t have to do it manually in most parts.

We highly recommend the Breville Double Boiler for those coffee aficionados out there who are looking for a good quality coffee machine for their homes. It’s a great addition to your kitchen so that you can always have a coffee shop styled coffee at any time of the day. Not only it can make perfect espressos but it can also make cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and many more.